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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna giving tea to Saurabh and Sharad. Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that Gauri is fine today, its good we got to know about infection. Saurabh says I don’t understand, why did she hide this. Dadi talks to Aditya and they sit by Gauri’s side. Aditya apologizes to Dadi for stealing the necklace. Dadi says my everything is of my children, Suhani is not part of my life, Gauri is bearing all this because of her. Yuvraaj says Gauri is bearing all this and I could not do anything, I m not a good brother.

Saurabh says I know you suffered a lot, its tough for you. Yuvraaj says yes, but we can’t forget out duties, we are her brothers, we should find that culprit who made all of us suffer. Sharad says yes, we have to get justice for Gauri. Yuvraaj says yes. Saurabh says

its so confusing, how to find that man, I don’t know how did Gauri bear pain for so many days, why did she not tell us about her wound. Rags asks him to see time, does he not have to sleep. Saurabh says I will come, and asks her are you sure that was Gauri’s nail. Rags says ofcourse, I m sure.

Gauri wakes up. Dadi asks are you fine, how did you get hurt. Gauri says some time before. Dadi says doctor said its old. Gauri says no, its 2 days old. Dadi says fine, if you get hurt again, tell us. Aditya asks her to rest.

Yuvraaj calls Suhani. She says I was sleeping, is everything fine. He asks her to come tomorrow, I have to discuss lots of things. She says me too, its all complicated, I don’t understand. He says I feel I could not do anything for Gauri, I need your help, bye. She sees the chart she made.

Lata meets Pankaj and cries. She says Suhani does not tell me anything, and asks him not to do such thing again. She takes his promise. He says I promise, forgive me, don’t worry. She says since Suhani married in Birla family, her life got ruined, she has been bearing a lot in one year. Soumya says I want to meet uncle Suhani, did you find about real culprit. Suhani says no, I don’t know how to lesson dad’s pain. Krishna says I understand, when I was told police was coming to arrest me, I was scared and ran away, I thought I can’t bear all that happening with Pankaj. Suhani asks who told you. Krishna says I got a message that your family doubts on me and police is coming to arrest me, so I ran away. Suhani says there was nothing like that, someone lied to you, do you have that number. Krishna says message got deleted but I got call too. He shows the number. Soumya says we will call on these numbers and check. They try to call, and Suhani says this third number is the one by which Krishna got call, I feel strange, I think this matter will result bad.

Someone throws a mobile in the bin in Birla house. Suhani meets Yuvraaj, Bhavna and Sharad. Yuvraaj says Lata has rights to know truth. Suhani says I know, I wish this would have not happened, how is Gauri. Yuvraaj says she is fine, resting now, don’t meet her, I don’t want her to get hyper. Suhani says I understand, I don’t want to trouble her. He thanks her. She says why did she not tell anyone about her wound, she does not bear pain. He says she told Dadi that she got hurt 2 days before. She says why will Gauri hurt herself. He asks what.
Suhani says doctor said its her nail in her wound. Bhavna says why will she do this. Yuvraaj says we know she is hyper, maybe she did this panicking. Suhani says I will leave, if Rags sees me, she will make issue. Menka talks to Ramesh and another guy about mobile. Ramesh says maybe someone gifted him. Menka scolds the guy and asks him to show phone. Suhani says let it be, maybe he got. Menka asks don’t I have any value, you are taking this garbage taker guy, I will ask everyone and get this man arrested. The man says its not my phone, I got this phone from garbage. Yuvraaj asks why will anyone throw phone in garbage. Menka says he has stolen it.

Saurabh says Yuvraaj, we have meeting and they leave. Suhani asks the man about phone. The man says got this in garbage and I have thrown sim there, don’t know where it is. She says fine, don’t say this to anyone. Suhani checks phone and looks for the sim. Saurabh and Yuvraaj come there. Yuvraaj asks what happened. She says I was finding my ring. He says ask Ramesh, don’t be silly. She says I will find it. Saurabh says come, we are getting late for conference. Yuvraaj and Saurabh leave. Suhani sees the sim. She says it means that man did not lie, someone has really throwing the phone in bin. She checks the sim by calling on her number, and gets shocked seeing the same number, which Krishna gave her. She says it means someone from Birla house called Krishna. She says if Krishna was innocent, why will anyone try to save him, it means real culprit got chance to get away by making doubt on Krishna, Saurabh and Anuj won’t help culprit, did Aditya do this. I have to talk to Yuvraaj. She leaves voice message asking him to come home, she has to talk about Gauri’s case, the phone is of someone of this family, its related to Gauri’s case, come home, I will explain. She turns and sees Pratima.

Suhani asks Gauri to sit, her wound will hurt. Gauri says wound is not of puja day, its 2 day old wound. Suhani says I did not tell anything about it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. dragging too much

  2. Nice episode…the phone which suhani got was in gauri’s you remember guys,one day a phone fall from gauri’s hands and when suhani tried to take it,she panics and snatch it from suhani….and now she hides about the wound,in precap also she acts weird..

    1. I think its her plan yaar….

  3. lata says right

  4. Good ..I firstly saved my30 mins time by stopping watching this serial and just reading updates for 2 to 3 mins..nw m savin muxh more time by just reading precap for just 2 to 3 seconds.. We can clearly make out just by precap that the episode was just dragged and has not at all moved forward…thanks again for the superb updates ameena

  5. I think the chip belong to gauri because she had a phone

  6. Same here. I stopped watching this useless a long time before. Full of Bakwass: no story line. Except abuse Suhani and parents no other story! Tags and crack head Menka don’t have parents?

  7. Idont know why suhani is afraid of rags hwy don’t she repliy to her she replijs only to dadi

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