Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Doctor telling Yuvani about the treatment to give light voltage shocks to Dadi. Baby hears him. He goes. Yuvani sits with Dadi and holds her hand. She asks Dadi not to worry, nothing will happen to you, you have to get fine. Baby sees the machine. Vase falls down. Yuvani asks who’s there and checks. Baby hides. Dadi coughs. Yuvani goes to call doctor. Baby goes and changes the machine settings to high voltage. She goes.

Suhani thinks the shocks are not good for Dadi. Yuvraaj says doctor is ready, come. She asks him to go. She says I will come later, its imp to match handwritings. Everyone is with Dadi. Pratima asks doctor to let Yuvraaj and Suhani come. Yuvraaj comes and says Suhani won’t come. Suhani runs away with the papers. Suhani asks him to stop. Doctor

asks them to go out. Everyone go out. Yuvraaj stays with Dadi.

Tiger drops the papers. Suhani picks it. Tiger takes Dadi’s photo frame. Suhani follows him. He makes diya fall on pic and burns pic. Suhani puts water on pic. Tiger barks. Suhani asks tiger to stop. Doctor says we are ready. Krishna asks how is Dadi. Tiger comes there and barks. Krishna gets scared. Tiger barks at Baby. Saiyyam asks what happened. Suhani comes and says tiger is angry and barking a lot, he burnt Dadi’s pic. Saiyyam asks what happened tiger. He says Tiger is trying to say something, there is something wrong, we shall go inside and see.

Suhani and everyone enter room. Suhani stops doctor. Yuvraaj asks what happened. Tiger jumps and throws the head gear. It gets short circuit and even machine explodes. They all get shocked. Suhani scolds doctor. He says I don’t know what happened. Yuvani says he is saying right. Pratima and Suhani say its not right for Dadi. Yuvraaj says fine, we won’t do this doctor. Baby gets angry.

Krishna gets scared seeing Tiger. She shouts for help. Saiyyam comes and says stop it Krishna, he won’t eat it. She says he is scary. He says you are scary, he wants to play with you. She says he should be deserving of love. He says he is, you should learn to love him if you want to be with him, once you try to love him, then you will realize he is deserving. He asks Tiger to come and goes. Krishna thinks why did I feel Saiyyam said his heart out, by telling about Tiger.

Yuvraaj apologizes to Suhani. She says Tiger saved Dadi, I miss Snoopi, he saved me. She hugs him. She says Tiger knew something wrong was going to happen. He says we will make it fine, let’s match the handwriting. Baby looks on. She thinks they fooled me, now they will know I did this. They see a paper and says Yuvani….. Baby gets relieved. Suhani says Yuvani is my daughter, it does not mean we doubt on her, even Baby can’t do this, she has problem with me, not Yuvani, both of them are in doubt. He says there is one way to find truth.

Suhani goes to talk to Yuvani. Yuvani asks are you angry for shock treatment idea. Suhani says no, you said that for Dadi’s good. Yuvani says yes, you maybe upset as I told about sending Dadi to old age home. Suhani says I felt bad. Yuvani says I don’t want to send her away, the place is like five star hotel, I will show pics. She opens the door and a skeleton falls. Yuvani does not react much. Baby screams seeing skeleton and shouts for help. Yuvraaj looks on. Baby thinks I knew this was your plan, so I did acting.

Yuvani asks Suhani to see Yuvaan’s childhood acts. Suhani asks did you not get scared. Yuvani says no, I know Yuvaan. Suhani asks why did you do this with Dadi, why are you blackmailing Dadi. Yuvani asks what. Yuvraaj comes. Yuvani argue with Suhani for blaming her and blames Suhani. She goes. Yuvraaj says real culprit will be alert by this. She asks Baby’s reaction He says she got scared. Yuvaan comes and says Doctor is calling. They go to Dadi. Suhani stands at door. Dadi holds Yuvraaj’s hand. Pratima smiles and asks did you identify him. Dadi leaves his hand and says Suresh, how dare you sit beside me. She scolds him. She asks Pratima about Suhani. Pratima asks her to recall more. Dadi asks who is Suhani. Pratima asks her to take rest. They all get sad.

Suhani says we have to make Dadi recall. Bhavna says we will play some game, I will act like Suhani in dumbcharades.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. More than Kriyam (for the first time) i LOVED tiger’s scenes…he was too adorable…his connection with Sayyam is on another level…also did you guys notice that Krishna was the ONLY one who got scared when Tiger came barking…not even Baby flinched and she was the one being barked at…Krishna’s character has still has got some self-development to undergo…
    It was too cute to watch Sayyam talking to Tiger like he was his best friend (which he is)

    Suhani: Sayyam! Pata nahi tiger ko kya hogaya; woh gusse mein…

    Sayyam: Yeh kuch kehne ki koshish kar rahe hai

    Me: Don’t worry Suhani, Sayyam YOUR SON speaks ‘dog’…and HIS dog is gonna save dadi…who has done nothing but hurt you…The dog HE BROUGHT into this messed up house…but you know what…don’t take the trouble to thank him- i mean, who is he for you…just the guy who send to the market when you need to and pretend you want his valuable additions to the family shopping list so you can get a sample of his handwriting to prove him GUILTY….yeah…the guy who could take a bullet for you….

    1. sorry for that rant at the end…hehe…I’m just irritated with the cv’s for portraying Suhani’s character like this…

  2. Karan nd srishti are very talented…i want to see them together in another new serial too as d only lead pair…

    1. Even I started imagining how good it would be if dey worked 4 another show …. A logical show. Where d makers knew der importance

    2. Aarti32

      Let’s hv a spin-off of SSEL too..Jst like Ishqbaaaz..

  3. Hi…I’m new to this… Love kriyam so much…

  4. There are three types of people in this world:
    1)People who get scared for no reason sometimes
    2)People who will only occasionally get scared if they are playing “Resident Evil” at 1 a.m.
    3)People who will not get scared if death looks them in the face

    How do Yuvraaj and Suhani know that Yuvaani does not belong to category 2? Maybe Yuvani does not get scared of falling skeletons while baby ‘does’…you can’t label someone as guilty cause they didn’t get scared of somehting…dumb idea from Yuvraaj today…if people were proved guilty in courts like this…we’d have multiple criminals running around beserk everywhere…

  5. Zai pls could u send us d link??????

  6. I have no regret in saying by the way, that Baby is one of the smartest villan’s I have seen in SSEL so far…and that is saying something…cause there have been waaaayyyy too many villans in SSEL…she even beats Sambhav…cause Sambhav was more hot-headed, impulsive, played way too many games, and took too many risks…Baby thinks rationally (most of the time), knows what to do when…somehow knows everyone’s plans ahead of time and stays one step ahead…and confuses everyone who’s onto her…I think the only one who can beat her at her own game is either Sayyam (cause he’s known her for longer) or Yuvaan (if he actually uses his BRAIN)

  7. Krishna…I’m with ya girl…I totally thought that sayyam and Krishna were talking about both of their impressions of Sayyam himself…because Krishna DOES think that Sayyam is a bit loud (at first) and aggressive…and also it’s hard too love him because of that…and that also means that Sayyam DOES love Krishna, but shows his love in a different way (which he does) and he also asked for a chance and told her to try to see and accept the love….hmm…what do you guys think?

  8. P.S. Can I just mention how much I loved it when Sayyam subtly held Yuvani protectively when the equipment caught fire…lovin’ them

  9. Syedul

    U guys saw the spoiler video. Dadi thinks Yuvraaj is sayyam , Krishna is suhani , and tht baby is soumya.

  10. Saiyyam should think why tiger was barking at baby if he knows tiger so well. Wish this track would end soon. Baby needs to be caught soon.

  11. OMG, Yuvaan should know Baby is the only one who could do this because she even had him trying to kill his mother. He knows all she wants in that family is money. She doesn’t care for no one there and will easily get rid of them if she can. But he is too stupid and trying to run after a married woman. Even the others are pretty dumb so far to not figure it out. Though I think they are using their brain if it’s just Suhani and Yuvani fake fight to flush out the real villian…I can’t wait to see Baby face when she is caught but have a feeling it’s not going to be anytime soon

  12. Arshi123

    I agree with u frndz …… CVS not showing suhani’s character in a good way.Already they hv proved themselves to be illogical but at least they should maintain a standard.How can they shoe the main female lead of the show in such a way !!
    And also,Yuvani is a good character but she is not getting much screenspace.But why ?????
    Most importantly,Kriyam track always seems like starting but never starting properly ??

  13. Now i wish dat in childhood sambhav should have killed yuvaan yaar…i mean sambhav was atleast trying to prevent this situation in yuvaan’s childhood only..god damn i must say he is an antaryami

  14. I think even sambhav like kriyam pair

  15. Can anybody pls send d link of the spoiler video it will be very grateful

  16. Nobody’s welcoming me….?

    Coming to episode… Suhani now act like a dumb…Even though she knew baby married yuvaan for only money…N still she has no doubt on baby …

    1. Arshi123

      Ow..SORRY sorry….Welcome??
      Actually ur comment was quite late and small one,maybe we skipped it.But of course,thanx 4 joining us.
      Comment as much as u can ??

  17. Nobody’s welcoming me….? I was a silent reader but these late updates force me to join here…

    Coming to episode… Suhani now act like a fool…Even though she knew baby married yuvaan for only money…N still she has no doubt on baby … This is too much..

    1. Oh gosh…sorry fidato…you commented really late, I guess thats why not many people responded…welcome!!! Comment regularly.. sorry if u felt bad??

    2. Aarti32

      Sorry dear.. Welcome to SSEL FC.. Comment more n more..Help us reach 100 comments everyday..N enjoy yourselves..

  18. Welcome fidato sorry if u felt bad…u r welcome to ssel grp just keep commenting regularly

  19. ittu sa kriyyam scene

  20. hi friends muje exam main 3 days ka leap mila hain isliye main comment kar rahi hu i miss you lots

    1. Aarti32

      Hey, we missed u so much..

  21. maine ssel dekha itna sa kriyam scene tha

    1. Aarti32

      But wo itta sa scene bhi bohot cute tha

  22. wow aane bale dino main dadi ki memory lout ayegi i think jab kriyam ke scene jyada dikhaye

    1. Aarti32

      I too wish ki Dadi ki memory wapas aane ke Baad humein bhar bhar k Kriyyam scenes mile

  23. maine notice kiya ki ssel bale krishna ke cloth repeat karte rehte the ab akhir kar krishna ke cloth purane bale nahi hain she is very beautiful this cloth

    1. Aarti32

      Ya!! Krishna ki suits bohot sundar sundar hoti h aajkal

  24. my last comment please tell me kiya aane bale dino main saiyyam apni feeling share karega that is true

  25. Syedul

    There isn’t going to b any Kriyam tmw I think .

  26. Aarti32

    Guys, do u think I’m wrong of I’m telling Suhani wrong in d upbringing matter?? Plzz tell me honestly..

  27. Aarti32

    Y is nobody commenting?? U want fast updates or not??

  28. Khushi1707

    Hope so today we will get a fast update

  29. Khushi1707

    I had commented 2 more times but dont know where they went..

  30. Khushi1707

    I hope today we will have good kriyam scene..

  31. Khushi1707

    this baby-dadi drama should end anywat

  32. Thank you so much…Guys…
    I agree with u Aarti32…. Seriously…She has doubt on Sayyam ,yuvani and her own sister but no doubt on baby…

  33. Arshi123

    Where is updates today?
    More than 100 comments still late updates isn’t fair ??

  34. thanks aarti mere comments ka jawab dene ke liye i miss you to friend muje ssel dekhna bahaut Acha lagta hain only kriyam ke liye main dekhti ho ssel

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