Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying I will not hide anything now. Rags asks what are you hiding. Suhani says come with me to Yuvraaj. She takes them and asks Sharad to break door. Sharad says call him out, he will open door. Dadi says he will not open door, just break the door. Sharad asks why, okay fine, I will break door. Sharad breaks the door. They don’t find Yuvraaj and call him out. Dadi says he has run away. Bhavna asks what do you mean. Suhani says he is not Yuvraaj. They ask what. Suhani says Pratima said right, the one staying as Yuvraaj was not Yuvraaj. Pratima says how, he answered all answers right. Suhani says one who answered was Yuvraaj but… Bhavna asks did you go mad. Sharad asks her to say clearly.

Dadi says I m afraid Suhani, don’t tell them. Suhani says

don’t worry, we have to tell them. Dadi says if he does wrong with Yuvraaj. Suhani says he won’t do anything, I will not get scared of anyone’s threatening. Sharad asks who is he. Suhani says I ruined the mask, I thought police will arrest him, but he has run away. Pratima asks how did he run. Suhani says one who can cheat death can do anything. Bhavna asks who. Dadi says that devil because of whom our Yuvraaj was in jail all these years. They get shocked and ask Sambhav? Rags says how did he get saved. Suhani says he has come back. Dadi says I have seen him. Suhani says Dadi tried to win his trust so that he does not do anything to Yuvraaj, Rags I hope you support us for saving Yuvraaj.

Pratima cries and asks where is Yuvraaj. Suhani says he is hidden at home, don’t know where, Sambhav will come back with new plan. Bhavna asks are you fine. Suhani says yes, I have saved courage to save Yuvraaj. Rags says I m with you and Dadi, we will not leave that Sambhav this time, don’t worry mummy ji, we will get Yuvraaj back, we will not let Sambhav use our personal equations, it does not mean anyone breaks us. All join hands. Suhani says we will fight and win.

Yuvani goes to check who is at door. Yuvaan asks her whats the drama to open the door. She asks him to tell his wife, but Baby makes you do all the work. She opens the door. They see Baby getting someone home. Dadi asks who is he. Baby says she is my caretaker Kunju maa, she is mute, she is illiterate, I got her here from ashram. Sambhav is in disguise. Yuvani says move this ghunghat. Sambhav gets away. Baby says no, she does not move her ghunghat. Yuvani argues. Baby asks her not to make fun of her. Yuvaan says enough of arguments now, Baby she is your guest, you manage her. Dadi asks Rags to tell them to stop this drama.

Rags says Yuvaan is right, Baby show her the room. Baby agrees. Suhani stops Baby. Baby asks what happened. Suhani asks what name did you say. Baby says Kunjumaa. Suhani welcomes kunjumaa at home. Sambhav smiles.

Suhani talks to Pratima and Bhavna. She says Dadi has beat a lot, Dadi took risk alone. Yuvraaj sees them. Bhavna says it means Dadi’s rashes were….. Suhani says Sambhav did not change till now. Pratima says it means he tortured Dadi. Dadi and Sharad come. Pratima apologizes to Dadi and says we did not know you were acting. Dadi says I did not tell anyone. Sharad says we have to find Sambhav, then we can reach Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj hears them and smiles. Bhavna says we will file FIR. Suhani says no use, he is dead according to police records. Dadi says I will kill him when I get him. Suhani says children should not know this, we will find him.

Sambhav comes there as kunjumaa. Suhani asks kunjumaa to go and rest. She sees hands and says why are your hands like this. Dadi says she is villager, there will be no parlors. Sambhav thinks I will see you mean old woman. Suhani asks kunjumaa to go and thanks her. Sambhav goes to Baby. He threatens her. Baby says I did as you said, why do you have this knife. He says to remind you that don’t think of cheating me. She says why would I help you, I want to kick out Suhani and Krishna, but what’s your problem, what do you want. He says you just do what I say, you will get your gifts, its time for next plan, you know what to do. She says yes.

Suhani talks to Pratima. Krishna comes to help. Baby says you are guest here, no need, bahus will do the work. She calls everyone and says I will cook food for everyone. Suhani says Baby can manage alone. Yuvaan thanks Baby. Bhavna asks shall we help you. Baby says yes. Bhavna says fine, but we will cook together, Rags will judge the dish. Yuvani says I will not cook food. Baby says fine, you make the drinks. Bhavna asks Dadi to make salads. Suhani says I will not cook anything, as I m not Birla family member. Sharad says I will go.

Suhani asks him to come along, she has charity work. She signs Dadi and goes. Baby looks on. Bhavna decides dishes. Baby asks Krishna to make sweets. Yuvaan says I love kheer. Baby says I will not make anything, I will supervise everyone. Sambhav gets angry and signs her. Baby says we will go market and get things. Sambhav goes and meets the man. The man says there is risk of life here. Sambhav says I have failed death. The man says I have dangerous snake. Sambhav asks him to give a small snake that can fit in the bag. The man gives the snake and says its impossible to remove its poison, the person will die if this snake bites him. Sambhav buys the snake.

Sambhav goes to kitchen. Saiyyam asks for kheer. Sambhav worries as kheer has poison.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boo ooooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggg

  2. Sambhav is grt actor…. His positive n negative side good n I like todays dialogue…. Budhi, tuje tera beauty tips….

  3. Baby character is too funny…. Like menka…

    Suhani is reason for ssel … Rest all taking leaves n enjoying… Sometimes yuvraj , rags, dadi, yuvan, pratima….

    Many were saying there is no kriyam scenes but they too were in leave…
    Ssel ….. Break toh banta hai… Rajshri too must take leave for 1 month n enjoy… Poor lady

    1. Yup,,,,Rajashree too shud take leave for sometime,,,,always she has to handle the show alone when one or other takes leave

  4. oh god!!! what is this ya? why this new drama now? whom is sambhav going to kill now? y cant they show some happy moments? when will they finish tis sambhav drama? for 5 days epis were interesting n nw again some irritating drama… that too with baby… i think nly aftr sahil returns he will get his mask n act like yuvaraj.

  5. Mystery

    Saiyyam ask only for kheer bcz his wife make it….wow….but guys it has poison…shit now saiyyam can’t eat Krishna’s kheer….

  6. Dragging, so boring. Suhani reminds me of someone that I know.

    Suhani such a drama queen. I am glad that I didn’t watch this. I would have throw my shoes at the TV. Screaming, It get to the point. I hate people that like to drama to the situation.
    It the person, that he spent time in jail for. :O I hate that!

    1. So do I, my sister does that a lot.

      If suhani was in front of me, a big slap a cross her face.
      I would have told her to get the point.
      Then this cheap dialog.

  7. So these flop plans continues till sahil’s return….y these fools r waiting for him…they can continue their story with saiyyam suhani sambhav by showing some extraordinary scenes b/w saisu…literally therz asusual no logic in this show..i wonder howcome sambhav knows every inch of birla house other than its d birlas themselves…heights of stupidity…instead of making flop plans they should start searching d house…rajshri is d major reason for this show to air still on tv

    1. I have said that yesterday. But Isn’t funny, it is your own house. You would think of starting to look at every room.
      Even people that live in a mansion, know each and every room.
      It like that fish story, finding Nemo.
      The birla house is a big ocean. They should call it finding Yuvraj Birla, Lost at the Birla house.

      1. Ha ha ha!.

        The Birla House is a ocean.
        I saw that flim, finding Nemo.
        Now it call finding Yuvraj Birla.

  8. sarita sharma

    I want yuvaani yuvaani young ho ya old wo to show m ho bs yhi kafi h pz cvs reunite them 9months se wait kar rhe ham fans ke wait ko ab to end kar do pz pz pz

  9. sarita sharma

    yuvraj suhani show ki jaan h dono ke scéně nhi aate to epis boring lagta h dono ki nok jhok ko bhut miss kar rhe yuvaani to saath m milke kaam karte h to acche lagta h bhut din ho gaye dono ki jasoosi nhi dekhi

    1. Miss good old days,,,,when show had some logical story line

  10. Kunjumma,,,,,what kinda name is that…sounds like a malayalee

  11. sarita sharma

    ssel change ho gya h lekin yuvaani nhi yuvaani ke liye m kuch v dekh sakti hu jab doměsíc violence even rape tak dekh liya isme to fir v positivity h so chill &enjoy kunjamaa

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