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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka asking tantric baba to cure Suhani, so that she can get house keys. The tantric says there is spirit haunting Suhani. She asks whose. Bhavna asks whats happening. Tantric says I want to meet Suhani. Menka says she is upstairs there. Bhavna says this is superstition. Tantric asks Bhavna to move. Yuvraaj comes and pushes tantric. He scolds the man. Menka says Suhani is haunted by spirit. He asks her to stop her nonsense, no one will go in Suhani’s room. Rags says enough, you can’t shout on us everytime, I also worry for Suhani. He asks really, whats tantric doing here. Rags says Menka is trying to make Suhani fine, so that you don’t doubt on us. They hear the machine beep and rush there to see Suhani.

Yuvraaj calls doctor. Suhani cries in her state.

Bhavna and Pratima cry seeing her. Doctor checks Suhani and asks what injection was given to Suhani. Dadi says Rags knows it, she was talking to nurse. Rags says I was helping Suhani as nurse went out for work. Doctor says you gave her wrong injection. Yuvraaj scolds Rags. Saurabh asks him to listen to Rags once. Rags says I gave injection but… Doctor asks did you give this injection. She checks and says yes, but… Yuvraaj blames Rags to do this to kill Suhani. She says I did not do anything. He says you are after Suhani since she came here. She asks him to shut up. Yuvraaj says I will not leave you today, I will send you to jail. He calls police. Saurabh angrily slaps Yuvraaj and throws his phone. Everyone get shocked.

Dadi and Sambhav smile. Saurabh asks did you not get shame before thinking to send Rags to jail Bhavna says Rags gave wrong injection to Suhani. Doctor says anything could happen to Suhani. Rags says trust me, I did not do anything. Saurabh says its not necessary to call police, elders can manage this. Yuvraaj says I had doubt that Rags did this, if I don’t listen to you, will you beat me. She says Saurabh has slapped you as you got mad for Suhani, if you love her so much, why did you leave her in mandap. Bhavna asks her not to repeat that. Rags says enough, I did not do anything. Yuvraaj says I have proof. Saurabh asks Dadi to explain Yuvraaj. She says what shall I do, he has proof. Police comes. Yuvraaj asks inspector to arrest Rags.

Saurabh says Yuvraaj you can’t do this. Yuvraaj says you promised me, you will help me in catching Suhani’s culprit. Saurabh says even then, you can’t make Rags arrested. He asks Rags to say if she did anything. Rags says believe me Saurabh, I did not do anything. Inspector says we have proof against you.Rags cries. Dadi tells Sambhav that they broke relations. Lawyer comes and says you can’t arrest Rags, I have her bail papers. Saurabh asks who told you about all this. Menka says I did, I won’t let Rags go to jail, I know she did not do anything, I won’t let wrong happen with her.

Pratima calms Yuvraaj. She asks Bhavna to explain Yuvraaj, we are one family. Yuvraaj says Rags gave wrong injecion to Suhani. Rags says I did not give wrong injection, how can I kill her, I can’t even kill a mosquito. Saurabh says I know you did not do anything, but how did this happen, who did this. Dadi says till Suhani gets conscious, this family will break, you tell Suhani that you are going with Yuvaan, tell her what will Yuvaan learn from these fights, this is just the start. Sambhav likes the plan. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to think can Rags kill anyone. He says donlt know, I have proof. Pratima says it was proved that fingerprints were yours, shall we all get you arrested. Bhavna says she is right, we can’t believe what we are seeing, its something else. Rags says I won’t let Yuvraaj do this, you won’t come in between this Saurabh. Dadi hears them and thinks to focus on other things now.

Pratima cries seeing Suhani and says I wish I could go in past, I would change a lot of things that would make you smile, I could not keep you happy, maybe that’s why Lord did not give me a daughter, knowing I don’t deserve to become a daughter’s mother. Yuvraaj holds her and says you are world’s best mum, there can’t be anyone better. He hugs Pratima. Yuvaan wakes up and hugs them. Suhani’s finger moves.

Its morning, Soumya asks Pratima shall I help you, Suhani is my friend, I will do anything to make her fine. Pratima says fine, wwe kept jaap and puja for Suhani’s recovery, you make Prasad. Soumya goes. Pratima tells Bhavna that we have to make house atmosphere good, so that Suhani can get fine soon. Bhavna says doctor said Suhani was recovering and that allergy injection made her unwell, I m sure Soumya did this. Pratima says we can’t blame anyone like that. Pandit comes home. Pratima asks Menka to go and call everyone for the puja. Sharad says I m ready to do tough puja for Suhani. Saurabh says we will sit in puja. Rags comes and says I don’t think I should think in this puja, as I m blamed for attempting to kill Suhani. Yuvraaj looks on.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to get up. Suhani gets conscious, while puja goes on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hahaha joke of the day soumya telling that she is suhani friend.iam unable to forgive her please punish her at any cost

  2. Showing sambhav as evil doesn’t mean that soumya Will be forgiven

  3. suhani plz expose dadi fast..and yuvraj sambhav

  4. sowmya has no shame..she occupied suhanis place and inreturn she is blaming suhani that she came to take her one should have such a friend..

  5. Why are writers showing stupid stuff, ie house members blaming each other. No one, not even kids are hearing or watching what sambhav or dadi are saying or doing. How much longer this going to continue, when is someone going to suss something about sambhav and dadi?

  6. At the end soumya hasn’t punished. I think rags ka portion dikhakar,soumya ka suhani ke liya concern dikha kar soumya ko maaf karne ki sazish hai writers ki….Today’s episode I didn’t like.saurabh jaise neutral bande ko gussa bhi aata hai ,kya mazak hai ghar mein itne bade bade kaand ho gaye ,yuvi kidnap ho gaya, suhani ke sath sazish karke sambhav se shaadi karwa di , sabse badi baat daadi badal gai lekin birla boys kokabhi koi fark nahi pada,rags jo hamesha sazishe karti hai yuvi ne ilzam lagaya to bhai ko chata maar diya……..kamal hai……bakwas episode ….achchhi baat ye rahi yuvi ka suhani ke liye pyar,fikr dikha ………

  7. Stop it yaar.. show some thing interesting on Childern related and family related instead of drama…. Boring.. fights and nothing interesting

  8. I think yuvraj will help bring out the culprit which is fake dadi n evil bastard sambhav

  9. God..whats happening….Suhani got married, still she is at birla house citing one or the other reason…
    Yuvraaj-what to say of him..He never trusted suhani to this extent before leap nor when they were married.. But now his sadness, care …OMG…why do u do this much for Sambhav’s wife..
    Suhani is bed ridden , but i never saw sambhav sitting near her.. Where are suhani’s parents…
    Sambhav – You have your own house or not..Why you didnt take suhani there after marriage,

    WE know writers will finally unite suhani and yuvraaj,after exposing fake dadi and sambhav ..Again Suhani will marry Yuvraaj and have to deal with so called Dadi(Real Dadi)..
    Means story will start from day1 again.
    Pratima madam, show some sense madam…..Till end of serial you will be like dis i think….
    Bhavna too-She was sweet and sensible. Now even made her look like idiot..unnecessary angry and doubts..

    Soumya – I’m sure ,mahaan suhani will forgive her.
    Even during raksha bandhan brothers dont remember their so called loving sister Gauri..
    Even pratima never talks of her now…

    However we know suhani have to find dadi and will marry yuvraj..
    Then why dis stupid draggggginngggg…

    Suhani si ek ladki lost its charm,not to mention it deviated from the origin lonnnggg back..
    When show started i was thinking this show was unique and was about girl who is not that good looking , will prove her talents slong with her goodness and sensibility…
    But here she always has to prove that she is not at fault or she has to prove other’s are not at fault either to her dadi saas and husband..

    Suhani – where is ur office, what happened to ur mindset to achieve something..
    I still remember the intro episode after leap, u spoke so confident and bold…U even competed with birla industries for deal…

    But now u, shard and bhavna totally forgot about ur other home and business..
    Again u are hell bent on getting insulted suhani..
    Even if dadi’s truth comes out,i’m sure there wont be nothing interesting..u will just fight with dadi…

    After leap suhani’s dressing was good, now again back to pavillion…

    Writers… God save them

    1. Hi prads…How are you.?You are rights prads.Suhani was looking good after leap , but now again dadi saas, bahu drama started

  10. Yaa i agree with oshi.. itne bade bade hadase huye gharme tab saurab shant kyu tha??..
    Birla boys ki bonding to kahi rahi hi nahi he.. specialy yuvi and sharad. 🙁

    Total bakwas episode..

    Strange ki yaha yuvi rags pe ilzam lagata he and udhar 2 minuts me vakil bell ke papers bhi lekar aa gaya…

    Are yaar writer kuchh to socho…


  11. Rags, “can’t even kill a mosquito”?!! But she can get goons to molest Suhani. Why doesn’t anyone tell Yuvraaj about the damn dvd already.

  12. This drama couldn’t get any stupid. What is wrong with the writers? Show something that’s realistic don’t show bullshit!

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