Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi getting beauty treatment done, and talking to Rags and Menka. Soumya tells Yuvraaj that Suhani told her that Dadi, Rags and Menka insulted Suhani a lot at temple. He asks and what? She says I wanted to tell you before, but now I feel I should have told you. He asks what is it, say it clearly. She says Rohan proposed Suhani for marriage few days before. He says what…. Menka tells Dadi that she did this planning. Dadi says they will get rid of Suhani. Yuvraaj says I can’t believe this, how can Rohan do this.

Suhani sits in puja along everyone. Yuvraaj says why did Suhani not refuse to Rohan for marriage. Yuvraaj tells everything to Pratima and says whats the use of all this now. Pratima says Rohan respects Suhani, the respect which she did not get from

you ever. Lata tells Pankaj that Rohan loves Suhani and respects her too, he finds him suitable for Suhani. Pankaj explains her.

Suhani cries and is upset that Lata is not understanding. Pankaj asks her not to cry. Suhani asks him to explain Lata that she needs no one when her parents are with her, she is strong and can be alone. Yuvraaj is upset and sees Suhani’s pic. Rohan too sees her pic. Suahni sees Yuvraaj’s pic. Yuvraaj looks at the divorce papers and recalls Soumya’s words. Suhani comes and sees Lata resting.

Its morning, Bhavna comes to Suhani and says her baby is active. She asks her what did she think about Rohan. Sharad and Anuj ask Yuvraaj to do anything, they know Rohan would do this, he is bad by looks and mind, Suhani is so good that anyone will get impressed except Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says till she does not do anything to stop this, I can’t do anything, else Soumya would have told me.

The couple comes with gifts and tells them that Rohan managed their divorce case. Sharad says he is not here now. They say they want to meet Suhani, to gift her, as they are together because of her. Bhavna tells Suhani that Rohan is nice guy and will keep you happy, mum wants you to marry Rohan, did Yuvraaj see you once you came here, this is right that you agree to mum, move on in life. Yuvraaj says but she asked you to separate.

The lady says no, she used reverse psychology to make me realize we are imp for each other, I kept teej fast because of her. Yuvraaj is stunned. Sharad says she is not at home. The lady says say our thanks and give this gift to her. They leave. Yuvraaj recalls Suhani’s words, and realizes he was mistaken. He says I heard her saying about marriage and misunderstood, I know Suhani is not impressed by expensive gifts, food or jokes, I have to stop her. Sharad asks him to go. Snoopi goes to the car. Sharad says see even snoopi said yes, just go. Yuvraaj says I have to go, else Suhani will say yes to break her mum’s fast, which I won’t let to happen. Anuj says good he got sense. Yuvraaj leaves.

Bhavna asks Lata did she call pandit to break her fast. Lata is unwell and says she called pandit to get mahurat for Suhani’s marriage. They all get shocked. Lata says its 7 days later mahurat. Rohan asks Suhani not to answer in pressure, he will wait for her yes. Lata says no, I want the yes now, I m stubborn like Suhani.

Yuvraaj is on the way and talks to snoopi. He says we have to save Suhani. Suhani makes Lata have food and Lata refuses till she says yes. Suhani says have food, I will do what you say, and cries.

Pankaj asks Yuvraaj to prove in 5 days that Rohan is not good guy for Suhani, if you prove it, I promise I will not let this marriage happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. When they will over Rohan’s drama?

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  5. For ending manmazrian u can end this suhani si ek ladki this is very borowing.

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    wtng for mnday

  7. Ha ha Shruthi what a joke is manmarzyn is a better than ssel y dnt get good trp poor mnmrzyn shit soap Opera ending soon happy

  8. Ssel is one of the top ten soap operas..
    u knw its get below average trp is 2.2
    bt mnmrzyn till date doesnt reach trp pt 1

  9. Waoh cant wait for the next episode…yuvraaj i feel pity for you.

  10. U r right ks ssel is better than mnmrzyn

  11. Well executed episodes.I have stopped watching as it disturbs me.I start making comments as to why yuvraj cannot see or hear or sense what his dadi is doing.Rags and menka are playing their roles too well but not realising that they are women/ daughters and daughter in laws just like suhani who does not say ouff to dadi and when she does challenge, it doesn’t sound right. Soumya is taking to long to give info. Rohan, well no words to say such a handsome man,found only suhani? There is some reality but is exaggerated by timeeither

  12. stop this borowing drama pls dont stop manmarziyan.

    1. Its not borring..?

  13. Nice episode suhani acting is super

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