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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan and Yuvani arguing. The teacher sends Yuvaan with Yuvani to meet her dad. They argue again. Servant gets the clothes from laundry. Krishna takes the clothes from her and goes. Yuvaan tells Yuvani about his school and they get friendly. Rama goes somewhere. Yuvani cries on not finding her. She says I m lost, I don’t know what to do. Yuvaan asks her to come to her house, and call her dad there, her dad can pick her. Yuvani agrees.

Krishna thinks to try Yuvani’s dress once. She thinks Yuvani can get angry. She tries the dress and likes it. she says I will ask Yuvraaj to get such dress for me. She hears someone coming and tries to remove dress fast. It gets torn. The new servant comes there. Rama looks for Yuvani in the park and thinks where did Yuvani

go. He asks driver to take her to Yuvraaj fast, Yuvani is lost. Yuvaan takes Yuvani to home and introduces her to Bhavna. Yuvani says I m best and always wins. Suhani comes home and sees Yuvani.

Suhani tells Bhavna that this girl is ill mannered. Golu comes and eats something. He forwards hand. Yuvani asks him to first wash his hands and then shake hands. Bhavna asks where did you get her, where is her parents. Yuvaan says I got her in park. Yuvani says I m thirsty. Bhavna says I will get juice for you. Yuvraaj and Rama try finding Yuvani. He scolds Rama and asks where is my daughter.

Yuvani throws orange juice and says I hate it, I want juice. Suhani scolds her. Bhavna says she is kid, leave it. Suhani gets angry. Krishna gets sad and goes to Pratima. Pratima asks whats the matter. Dadi comes and scolds Krishna for tearing Yuvani’s dress. She asks who gave her right to touch Yuvani’s clothes, I m leaving her because of Soumya. Pratima defends Krishna. Soumya apologizes to Dadi. Pratima says Krishna came to tell me, she did right, we should be happy that she did not hide it. Krishna says sorry and goes.

Pratima asks Dadi not to get angry on Krishna. Soumya asks Dadi why can’t you accept Krishna if you accepted me. Dadi says you were my first choice for Yuvraaj, I knew my choice was right, you managed home well, but Krishna has smuggler’s blood, who sold drugs, Gauri died because of her, I can never forgive him. Soumya cries. Pratima asks Soumya to calm down and not feel bad. Soumya says I should have not got Krishna here. Pratima says let anyone say anything, it does not matter, Krishna is our daughter. She hugs Soumya and consoles her.

Yuvani gets locked in washroom and cries. Suhani says I have come, don’t worry. She opens the door. Yuvani hugs her and cries, saying I have to go to my mumma. Suhani says we will go, look you are fine, Lord will make things fine. Suhani hugs and consoles her.

Bhavna sees her and thinks why is Suhani crying. Yuvraaj talks to inspector. Yuvani calls him and says she is at mean aunty’s house. He asks is that aunty in Lucknow. She says yes. He asks her address. Bhavna tells address. Yuvrani repeats address and talks much like Yuvraaj. Suhani says her parents spoiled her a lot. Yuvraaj comes there and Suhani hears the car horn. She goes to open the door.

Yuvani comes there and hugs Yuvraaj. Yuvaan says you here uncle, this is our house, thanks for that day. Yuvraaj thanks him for today. Golu says Yuvaan does not have a dad. Yuvani says that’s not my problem. Yuvraaj asks her to have manners, this is not way to talk, we will go home, let me meet that aunty, I have to thank her. Yuvani says I m tired, thank her on phone, please lets go. Suhani opens the door, and they are gone till then. Yuvaan says you got late, see they are leaving. He says I wanted to call you, but Yuvani insisted that she wants to go home, so uncle left. Suhani says its fine.

Yuvraaj thanks Suhani for taking care of his daughter. She thanks him for helping Yuvaan that day. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please make suhraj (suhani and yuvraj )meet

  2. Can I ask a question how are sharad and bhavna with suhani because when suhani was leaving she did not tall any ond

    1. ya I too have the same doubt

    2. Im so sorry i ment TELL and ONE

  3. So fast update..thank u

  4. Ya akshay u r right how did sharad nd bhavana meet

  5. Plz dont this serial as Simar ka sasural or saathiya etc etc. This isthevonly serial which is the best of all. Plz reunite yuvraj and suhani very soon and punish the evil dadi. We cant wait for this more.

  6. Now they will drag to unite yuvani. They meet so many times. Hotel, goons, home, and others and still haven’t seen each other. This is not how real life is? Yuvani and yuvan are so much opposite and it’s all because of dadi. She has spoiled yuvani so much. I hope yuvani reunite and their kids yuvan and yuvani try patching them up unless dadi tells fake stories to yuvani that her mom left her and what not ughhh. Dadi is the root cause of all of this!!!

  7. Yes please unite yuvraj and suhani so it’s true that true love always win not the evil.

  8. sad.sambhav nahi hai na isliye.par mishkant ya kimshuk hota tho acha hota..kya yuvraj suhani ki voice pehchanthi nahi.

  9. Please unite yuvraj and suhani

  10. precap????? did they meet …or on phone!!!! hw yuvi nd suhani thanked each other

      1. Ooh,,. tyy yaar

  11. today mom and daughter portion was awesome …i really luv it….

  12. Stupid dadiii …u r always wrong..nw also u did wrong..Soumya can never replace Suhani…I loved suhani-Yuvani scenes wer they wer hugging…so sweet…she said mumma….bt Yuvani is so ill mannered….also she looks older than yuvan

  13. Sho evide malayalikulm undalle??

  14. and when yuvi nd suhani reunite again am reall very happy to watch….. and this time defintly knw truth of devil dadi and punished by all of us family…

  15. in summer camp yuvani and yuvaan become a best frnds each other ….. yuvi and suhani ws met by the fashion house deal…

  16. pls guys dnt tell that our ssel was dito by YHM
    out ssel track ws always rocksss… :-* :-*

    1. Ash I think u dont watch YHM..Right from the surrogacy track to the leap and the couple’s separation, The business deal between both the lead pairs,Pihu assumes Shagun to be her mother like Yuvani assumes Soumya as her mom..This is as same as YHM only!

  17. In precap Suhani & yuvraj thanked each other,bt still they can’t recognise each others voice too

  18. i thought yuvraaj &suhani will meet today but……

  19. The nurse tells Suhani that her other child is dead but being a mother she didn’t bother to see her dead child to confirm. how can she trust the nurse

    1. well….that’s a good point!!!

  20. Malayalikal ivide undannu ariyan santhoshamundu!!!! Guys i really wish suhani and yuvraj to be together

  21. Yuvani names suhani as mean aunt. What does it means???

  22. Woow. Todays episode was awesome. I wl b much happy wen they meet. I love the couple yuvraaj and suhani. Modern look of suhani is much better. Bt how can yuvaan and yuvaani being twins they look so different. Ek bhi angle se mujhe yeh Judva bhai behen nai dikhte. I like yuvaan in it. and enikya santhosham und malayalikal id vaykyarund kandit 🙂

  23. I think the kids will bring them together

  24. Nice epi……
    I luv yuvi n suhani

    Im new here but im watchng that serial daily…..

  25. So again they do not see each other… from the pre-cap looks like atleast they spoke indirectly through SMS. How much more time before they get together…

    And i really pity Krishna … poor girl! And Soumya too… can she just stay there when no one likes her daughter except for Pratima, Saurabh and Yuvraj?

    Please either show Yuvraj and Suhani together or take Suhani’s story ahead with Sambhav(which is when Yuvraj will come into picture!!!! … god damn…somehow unite Yuvani please!!!! )

  26. I m dying to see yuvraj n suhani meet.

  27. I m dying to see yuvraj n suhani meet

  28. Nice episode. …………..Yuvraj gets to know yuvan doesn’t hv father on the other side yuvani says she wants to go to her mom so when suhani gets to know yuvani is yuvraj’s daughter, she may think yuvraj has moved on in life. Again misunderstanding .
    Yuvan &Golu r a treat to watch. …..
    Inspite of suhani doing so much for the family dadi still feels her choice of selecting soumya was right why doesn’t she understand yuvi luvs suhani how disgusting. Yehsaan faramosh lady. …I don’t trust soumya to be good atall, at present all is fine so she is quite but when time comes she will surely open her fangs. ……….

  29. Im sooooo irritated that Suhani and Yuvraaj did not meeet
    Just so cross

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