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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking the men to shut the pits, as visarjan is done. Suhani comes and says no stop. They all ask her what happened, visarjan is over. She says Yuvraaj is nowhere, I got his phone in Saurabh’s room, I feel he is inside this box, please get the trunk out. Sharad and Saurabh try to get the trunk out, and seek the men’s help. They get the trunk out of the water pit and open it. Everyone get shocked seeing Yuvraaj inside. Yuvraaj is semi conscious. Sharad and Saurabh get him out of the trunk. Suhani cries seeing Yuvraaj’s state. Everyone worriedly hold him. Sambhav comes and sees Yuvraaj found.

Pratima asks what happened to Yuvraaj. Suhani angrily looks at Sambhav. She says you can’t kill anyone whom you dislike. Sharad says if Suhani did not come,

we would have not know Yuvraaj is here, thanks. Pratima says take him inside. They all go inside the house. Saurabh calls inspector and says someone has shut Yuvraaj in box and was burying him. Dadi asks who can do such a cheap thing. Menka asks Dadi to ask Sambhav, he got the box. Sambhav signs Suhani to defend him and shows the bomb remote. Suhani argues with Menka and Rags and defends Sambhav. Rags asks why did Sambhav not tell us when he found box heavy.

Sambhav says I told everyone that it had puja items. Suhani asks them not to blame anyone without proof, Sambhav can’t do this, Bhavna and Sharad know Sambhav well. Yuvraaj looks at Suhani. Sharad agrees with her. Sambhav says I can’t believe it, you all are doubting me. Sharad says Menka said Soumya and I are having affair and now she is saying Sambhav did this. Lata says its no use to trust Menka. Pratima says we are not blaming Sambhav. Sambhav says I m also worried for Yuvraaj.

Suhani says Sambhav told me to check the box once. Dadi says whoever did this will get punished. Yuvraaj recalls Suhani’s words. Yuvraaj thinks there is something wrong, I m sure Sambhav tried to kill me, I need to talk to him. He goes. Sambhav asks Krishna did she see Suhani. Krishna says she is at terrace with Bhavna, did you had any work. He says yes, big work.

Yuvraaj looks for Sambhav and asks Yuvaan. Yuvaan says he would be in his room, or maybe bathroom. Sambhav argues with Suhani and asks how dare you save Yuvraaj, you think you are very smart. She says you can’t kill anyone like this. He says I can kill him, he is coming in between us. She says he is not coming between us, don’t drag him in this. He says don’t think I m fool, I can see everything, you don’t know what I can do.

She asks don’t I know, you have burnt my hand, pierced my nose, you threaten to kill my son, you killed that man, I know your madness. He says you don’t know my madness, I would have killed Yuvaan, but you defended me and saved him, but fate won’t support you always, remember this. He pushes her on the bed and leaves. She cries and asks Lord why are you trapping Yuvaan in Sambhav’s clutches, how to stop Sambhav, maybe I can never stop him, my life will run like this. Yuvraaj comes out of the cupboard. She gets shocked seeing him. He cries seeing her.

Yuvraaj shouts how dare Sambhav do such cheap things. Suhani cries. He recalls Suhani asking him not to come home. He goes to her and cries. He stops himself from holding her hand. He says Suhani, Sambhav was your friend since 6 years, did you not doubt on him….. Sambhav always pretended that he loves Yuvaan, but now… She says he has shown us his fake image, fake Dadi told us that this game is not over, her sign was towards Sambhav maybe. He says it means Sambhav got me kidnapped. She says its my mistake, I got Sambhav in Yuvaan’s life, I trusted him and could not see his weakness, I have pushed my son into the pit. He says you are such mother who has been bearing all tortures for your son. She says what else could I do, he was threatening to kill Yuvaan, I lose everytime, as he has fixed bomb on Yuvaan.

They cry. He asks why did you not tell me. She asks what would I tell you, I m not able to save Yuvaan, Sambhav killed the man whom I hired to defuse that bomb watch, he punished me and burnt my hand, I can’t bear all this now, I have lost.

He holds her and says you did not lose Suhani, you won, as you saved me, I will always be with you, Yuvaan is my son, you are his mother, you are the one with whom I have spent my life, if I can’t do this for you and Yuvaan, then there is no meaning of my life. I won’t let anything happen to you or Yuvaan, I promise you. He hugs her. She cries.

Sambhav asks Suhani to come, everyone is finding the man who tried to kill Yuvraaj, I don’t want to stay here, come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg… i just loved todays epi… i was crying for last 15 min… finally happy seeing YuvAni’s hug… superb… <3 🙂
    And sahil's acting was just awesm…

  2. reading the update after long tym……Remember Sambav in the begining,,,,he was so sweet ,,bt nw,,,,,This is not Sambav,,,this is devil,,,We all predicted that Sambav will turn negative bt I never thought that he will become a murderer,,,I’m happy with the last yuvANI scene eventhough I didn’t watch the epi,,,well I stopped watching it long ago,,,hope they will unite yuvANI

    1. Nithu

      Yes roz…today’s epi will make my day..I’m happy

  3. Neethu

    Finally an awesome episode after a long wait… Hope the cvs listen to us, reuniting YuvAni and also Sahil not quitting ssel. This episode was worth watching and I hope they don’t spoil the track by a leap or something.. Wonderful acting portrayed by Rajshri&Sahil! The splendid duo is back again.

  4. Happy but sad for yuvrajs death.Now am sure yuvraj wil definitely die.

    1. Is yuvraaj going to die?

  5. Thank god yuvraaj found out the truth now sambhav won’t win in his dirty games

  6. Awesome episode …. love it . Hope it continues forever reunion jaldi karo please

  7. superb superbbb… writters this is we want oly yuvaniiiiiiiii

  8. This garbage show has run out of interest. Trying to salvage this by 15 yr leap is hilarious! Get another show and finish it asap

    1. I agree with you. I have stop watching all Indian drama. This SHOW was bad from the beginning.
      I didn’t and still don’t like Yuvraj, no matter WHAT the writers does with him.
      Suhani as a character is stupid. The show wants all women to be as stupid as her.
      The writers bring in a new character called sambhav. He was such a fresh air. Now the writers made him bad! So out of character. Suhani knows him for six years. And now he is bad. I believe if the writers kept him good. You would have found the new relationship with suhani and sambhav interesting.
      I think they should end this stupid show. I realised now that Indian can’t write. They can’t write what is happening in real life. People get divorce, and they get married again. Even the actress that play Suhani is divorced. I believe she well find someone else and also move on with her life. Divorce is more a blessing. Divorce can bring you happiness. It is such a waste that not everyone understand that.

      1. Wahtever it is you or me do not have any right to comment on their personal life decisions…. that do not matter to you……

      2. @unite yuvani!
        Where did comment on personal life decision?
        About the actress, I didn’t comment anything bad. All I said is that she well find someone else and move on. How is that personal life?
        It is true many actor’s and actress are divorced.
        It is also true that many actor’s and actress are married second time, also are very happy as well.
        The Indian drama industry is full of divorce People.
        So open your eyes!
        As for this show, the portrait of women is POORLY WRITTEN.
        HOW you might asked, well let me tell you.
        All women that are strong independent are BAD.
        All women that are completely idiot’s, weak, like Suhani, are good.
        Let me also reminded you! Without these strong independent women you won’t have a TV show to watch.
        Without these strong independent women you won’t have doctor’s, lawyers, police officer to turn to when you are in trouble.
        So why are these women portrait BAD!
        My dear I believe that you don’t have life experiences, to understand why people divorce.
        Or you would have not comment on personal life!
        You might dislike of what I have written, but without people like me that see life as it truly is, you don’t understand life.
        Divorce might save you someday, only than you well understand.

      3. Mo I absolutely agree with you.
        This SHOW would have been interesting if sambhav was good.
        The new relationship with Suhani would have been interesting to watch. But unfortunately the bad writers decided to make sambhav BAD.
        I Also agree with you what you have said about divorce is a blessing. Because I had gone though divorce and it is the best thing that had happened in my life. I would recommend people that has husband like Yuvraj or bad sambhav. Just get divorce and you see for yourself how happy you well be.
        @ unite yuvani. Read before you comment.
        There is no comments on personal life about the actress in question or opinion. There is nothing bad that is said here.
        I also stop watching Suhani a long time ago now. You are absolutely RIGHT to say Indian can’t write.

      4. I also agree with you moinul. This SHOW IS garbage. you are absolutely RIGHT Mo, to say what you have said. I am sick of people saying things like oh bring Yuvhani back together again. BORING! I don’t care any more about these stupid characters. It is time to end this stupid show. when this shity show ends, no one well remember it. My children and grandchildren well laugh at this show. They well also asks what was good about this show. It is poorly written from the beginning. Every one complaining about sambhav being a bad husband. When was Yuvraj a good husband. These two men are giving a bad names to men kind. I have two sons and I did not bring them up like these two characters. As for Suhani if I had a daughter like her, she would have got a slap from me and I would have told her to wake up. This SHOW represents bad parents, bad sons, and stupid daughter’s. Oh yes evil Dadi.
        I can’t wait when it ends.

  9. Finally guys waiting for this day all fans of ssel its delicious feast for us .i think yuvani makes plan and expose sam in bh cvs plsssss end this devil sam track asap n throw out sowmya from yuvani life n make dadi realise suhani n yuvraj loves now forever plssss unite yuvani n make a nice family drama sahil n rajshri u r best as yuvani no one can replace u guys.yuvani just nailed todays episode.wat u guys say reply me plsss

    1. yes, you are right geeta… forever unite yuvanii plssss………………….

    2. Yaa … no one can replace sahil and rajshri as YuvAni… i just love them…

  10. There will be a leap

  11. Yes finally yuvraj knows Wat going on with suhani n now he knows Wat sambhav is I think he will set a trap to catch the bastard sambhav

  12. I hope the writers don’t kill yuvraj. If there is going to be a leap it won’t be the same. TRP will fall. Will you do the same as SNS then writers? Why copy other serials. Do something different. Either end this serial or change storyline and keep yuvraj and Suhani together.

    1. Did you forget the secret rule of ending a show? When the show flops, then one thing is surely done before burial that is time leap.

      1. SSEL is not flop…it is the slot leader….. it will flop if CVS do not get their act together and unite Yuvani….

  13. Saurav

    Finally.. They showed something which we r waiting for long.. N its good that yuvraaj knew all these.. Nw he will help suhani

  14. Awesome episode…yuvraj n suhani reunite…happy to see u both hugging each other…wan u both to get married again…

  15. Todays episode is super…nice..but i wanted to know is there chances of sahil to quit show or his character will die…i dont know i wish this should not happen..

  16. I completely agree with tuffy.

  17. Seeing the dialogue of yuvraaj he meant he can even die for he might b going to die and I might quit this.. I used to read only ssel and yhm also lost its charm. Now this one too.????.. can anyone tell what is the issue in the set so that sahil wants to quit
    Please writer …

    1. Agree with you….. from his talks it looks like he will sacrifice his life for Suhani and kids sake…that is stupidity… should live well and show than die like this!!!

    2. I am sure all fans want to know what is the issue on the sets….. why this rfit between Sahil and Rajshri who were once so good friends and stood up for each other….why all this fuss now? why cannot they have peace for atleast our sake???? or atleast tell us that there is nothing wrong between them…it really breaks our heart to see them fighting like this!!!

      There was a time when Rajshri cried when Sahil pulled an April fool’s prank on her by saying he has quit SSEL… what happened to that friendship??????

      1. Ya…I agree with u .. i hv seen that saraj’s intervw of april fool…
        Really what hapend to their friendship…??
        I must say yaar.. chahe jo bhi baat ho.. lekin aap agar ek time pe itne achhe dost the to sorry vorry bolke sort out karlo na yaar… fans ke liye karlo .. dosti me koi bhi prob itni badi nahi hoti ki ek sorry se bhi slove na ho paye… pls yaar saraj do patch up

  18. Superb episode finally yuvi came to know the truth of devil sambhav. Cvs please reunite yuvraj and suhani perfect family. Please sahi don’t leave ssel. Writers please don’t kill yuvraj in this show please please

  19. So romantic……
    It’s high time suhani opens up and talk

  20. Such a long wait…. how much more should we please to the CVS??? please unite Yuvani….not for us not for TRPs but for the characters they are … so much in love…either they live together or they die together… but please do not make them suffer and lead a miserable life…

    One of the main reasons why fans like SSEL is because the way it always bounced back from the worst situations!!! Like Rohan’s track or the formula story or Soumya’s entry to break Yuvani…. just when we thought everything is over they came right back to prove us all wrong…please do that again….one more time!

    CVS why are you hell bent on breaking so many fans hearts???? As such each and every one of them go through so much difficulties in their real life….atleast they find some solace seeing true love on screen….even that is not possible now???? Right from Gauri and Barbie’s tracks and now this stupid Sambhav’s track….everything is messed up…… what is the harm in showing a happy married normal life of Yuvani??? is that so difficult? If you are worried about TRPs then please do not worry…people will only love ssel more if it did not have some much stupidity and violence….you people can survive only with Yuvani love…you rushed through their post marriage life …then rushed through the kids and now rushing to age them why??????????? just do not get it!!!

    Please let Sambhav die in some accident or by Police… Yuvani and kids should remain together always…. if you cannot think of any good story lines then please take some inspiration from the FF on tellyupdates…or ask us…we will tell you what will work for you….please do not spoil a beautiful show…please don’t….a humble request!

  21. Sahil plssss dont quit ssel u r awsome actor n only u r best as yuvraj so plsss dont leave the show.whatever issuse wit rajshri u have for fans sake sort out or leave it. Cvs plss no leap if leap happens sahil n rajshri should be as yuvani they r heart of ssel.they both just nailed yesterdays episode n proved yuvani chemistry is i right guys

  22. Ssel is incomplete without yuvani . if yuvraj is quitting from show then no means of this show and it’s name suhani si ek ladki . agar sahil show nahi kar raha to dono ko accident mein maar dena chahiye.Viewers bhi sahil ki jagah kisi aur ko dekhna pasand nahi karenge…..sabse achchha hoga agar happy ending kar diya jaye …..

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