Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st November 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani talking to Pratima. Pratima tells about Dadi’s mum and her likes. She used to hate international dishes, I will give tea to Dadi. Suhani thinks why is Dadi taking ginger and Dalchini. Gauri shows the drawing. Suhani says we will go out to have chaat and icecream, get ready, I will finish cooking. Suhani messages doctor that she is coming with Mili for DNA test. Mili says she will sit with Suhani. Suhani sends her.

Bhavna looks worried and Suhani asks the reason. Bhavna says Dadi wants Daal tadka, she does not know, Dadi shouted that she does not want less spicy daal. Suhani asks do you remember. Bhavna says yes, Pratima said Dadi’s mum likes daal without tadka. Bhavna says Dadi asked for matar paneer, she said she wants less oil in tadka, I will ask

again, I got confused. Suhani thinks Dadi likes these kind of food.

Gauri and Yuvraaj argue sweetly like siblings, and Suhani smiles. He calls her jhooti, and asks for matar calling her Gauri. Gauri runs and he goes to catch her. Gauri hugs Suhani. Yuvraaj drops the matar and realizes she is Mili. Gauri asks him not to be angry and apologizes. Suhani says I will see him, you stay here.

Yuvraaj talks to Suhani. He says even if he agrees to Suhani, he thinks why did Dadi lie to us, why will she lie such big thing. Suhani says I also want to know. He says she can’t do this. She says I m not judding Dadi. He says Mili is not my sister. She asks why will Mili do this, she is Gauri. He says my sister is dead, I can’t believe it, let Dadi get fine. She asks him to agree for DNA test, truth will be out. Gauri comes and calls him Bhai. She asks him to take all matar, she won’t fight, sorry. He leaves. Suhani says its matter of 2-3 days, everything will be fine.

Suhani takes Gauri to doctor. Gauri says she is scared. Suhani says you want Maa right, don’t be scared. Gauri says yes, where is Maa. Suhani says Maa will be with you. The doctor says this test is 99% right. Doubt gets cleared. Suhani asks Gauri not to be scared. The doctor says reports will come in 3-4 days. Suhani says fine, we have been waiting for years. Gauri shouts that she won’t give sample. The doctor asks Suhani to bring her tomorrow. Suhani says its important, I will explain her. Suhani shows her family pic and calms down Gauri. She asks her to agree to doctor if she wants Gauri to come back in family. She asks her to hold her hand, and makes her busy in talk. The doctor takes the blood sample. Gauri screams. The doctor says its done. Suhani says see it did not hurt you much.

The doctor asks for Chandrakala Dadi or Pratima’s sample. Suhani says she can’t get that sample. Doctor says hair strand is also enough, I need it to match both samples. Suhani says I will get it till tomorrow. Dadi praises Bhavna and tells Sharad that Bhavna cooks very good. Sharad says its your blessings. Dadi asks Ramesh to serve food in simple plates. Pratima asks her to have daal. Dadi says so much oil. Pratima says it has ghee, its cooked at home. Dadi acts and says fine, give me. Suhani and Mili come home and see Dadi. Suhani thinks Dadi is not liking ghee, is she acting. She sends Gauri.

Suhani goes to Dadi’s room and looks for any hair strand on the pillow. Dadi asks for pickles and sends Rags. She scolds Rags and Saurabh laughs. Suhani checks towel and does not get hair sample. She thinks to talk to Pratima, maybe Pratima can help her. Dadi sees Suhani coming out of her room. Suhani says she came to clean the room. Pratima says you should have told Ramesh. Suhani says I thought to do it myself, and thinks Dadi will tell something if she is acting. Suhani says she arranged clothes, tell me if you want anything. Dadi says no.

Suhani tells Pratima about Mili’s DNA test. Rags hears this and scolds Suhani. Pratima defends Mili and gives her hair sample to Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. End the track, too much dragging

  2. Rag or dadi will change the sample or report will come to dadi or rags who destroys it. Come on we know it will not b disclosed this soon

  3. yuvraz is the most impotent character in this serial, wake up and stand up for your wife.

    1. Impotent or important ?

  4. menka and ragini are the frigid women and their husbands are two dimwit characters portrayed as being impotent.

  5. So the makers of this show think that people are idiots or something. Why does Mili need to give blood for DNA? And any of the sons or Pratima can give the sample, there is no need to Suhani to go find Chandrakala’s sample

  6. I agree with you John . Yuvraj is impotent , the others are dimwits and frigid. I am glad menka is not in few episodes can’t stand that woman.

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