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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvani and Krishna asking Suhani to sit and do what they say. Saiyyam says we have to spend night here, so we made something seeing you sad. Suhani asks what’s this. They play the video of happy times of Suhani and Yuvraaj.. They see Sharad, Suhani and Yuvraaj dancing. Everyone smile. Riddhi hugs Dadi. Dadi smiles seeing her. Dadi recalls Yuvraaj.

Suhani sees the video of Yuvraaj singing a song for her. Dadi thinks Suhani always did good for this house, she always keeps everyone happy. Riddhi plays around and hugs Dadi. Dadi plays with her. Suhani says I did not get more happiness than this ever and smiles. Suhani sees her marriage video. She gets emotional.

Suhani says Yuvraaj did not like anything that does not look good, but marriage happened forcibly,

Pratima gave me courage, it was tough but relation stayed, I got such a good family and people, then I got Yuvani, Yuvaan and Krishna. Everyone smile. Riddhi goes to kitchen to get food for Dadi. She drops a glass bowl and goes out. She gives Dadi some khichdi and says Papa says medicine should not be taken empty stomach. Dadi asks her to feed. They feed each other. Dadi makes Riddhi sleep in her lap. Dadi also falls asleep. Its morning, everyone come home. They get surprised seeing Dadi and Riddhi sleeping. Bhavna says we will take Riddhi before Dadi wakes up and gets angry. Rags asks Suhani who has done all this. Dadi wakes up and sees them. She asks what’s all this, why is she sleeping near me.

Suhani says sorry, she is a little kid. Pratima asks how did you sleep here. Dadi says I was seeing Riddhi play and fell asleep, where were you all. Pratima says there were some problems, we could not come. Rags asks what happened in kitchen. Riddhi says sorry. Suhani asks did you do anything. Riddhi says sorry, I dropped icecream.

Suhani and Bhavna clean the kitchen. Suhani says we should send Riddhi from here, before Dadi does something. Dadi hears them and worries. Krishna hugs Riddhi and cries. Suhani asks Riddhi to be happy. Anshika asks why are you sending Riddhi away. Suhani says Nana and Nani need her, we will enjoy now. Riddhi says I will come school to meet Anshika. Suhani says sure. She takes Riddhi. Dadi comes and asks where are you all going. Suhani says I m taking Riddhi to mum’s place as she will get good upbringing there. Dadi says why, because I will remind her dark color and not love her, but how can I forget what she did yesterday, she has taken care of me when I fell unwell, she got kitchen and ice for me from kitchen, she made me realize person’s heart shows true beauty. They all get glad.

Dadi apologizes to Riddhi and asks her not to hide from anyone that they are friends. She hugs Riddhi. Everyone smile. Suhani tells kids that they will burn lanterns and leave in sky.

Suhani thanks the viewers for the love and acceptance. Birla family bids farewell and light a lantern.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. awwww what an ending tho ??????????????????????

  2. Miss you ssel ?

  3. Wow!!!Finally that crap got over

  4. Kriyam I’ll miss u love u??

  5. Asana321

    ?????????????????????? I miss suhani




  7. Miss u SSEL? especially Yuvraj and Suhani? Love them?

    1. Anchal Maurya

      Miss u very much

  8. If they have already finalized to end they could have ended happily with many characters alive…. Could have been better with thought uplifting of not fair girls starting episodes were good some where story started lagging and lost it charm…. With heavy heart am writing this as am a great and crazy fan of ssel……Not only this serial …… Beginning is good in all serials but don’t know how to proceed hence making to loose its charm…… Ssel is totally a different story which I liked the most to the core in the serials I have watched so far…. Anyways nothing to do for whatever happened.. thanks to each actor protraying their role in a very cute way….. Will miss our Yuvaani….. Sahil Rajshri miss you guys….

  9. What an uninspiring ending for a show that started so promising. Glad the senseless tracks are over and I hope Rajshri gets a good serial going forward! Best of lick to all the cast

  10. Yuvani

    Thanks to SSEL, for giving Yuvani and Shavna, I really liked the bonds each of them shared with the other three and aslo their bond with Pratima, we had some wonderful scenes of Yuvani, Sharad, Anuj ans Saurab. Thanks to Saraj for being Yuvani, Yuvani is the best couple, for me….Will miss you a looooooooot…..

  11. Srilakshmi-Sri

    i’m not getting words to say…these 3 years ssel become a part of my dialy life ,though i didn’t see it for one year but i followed these last episode.miss all characters. specially our yuvani iwill miss sooo much…. i just love them to core….sahil and rajshri they gave life to character of yuvani i will miss you…..
    ALL the best for all actors of ssel.

  12. Bye SSel even tho when you first started I thought Rags and Menaka where yuvraj sisters??

  13. O my god this show ended, I can’t believe it. I’m crying ? what even. I have a question for all of u who writes ffs r u going to continue and can people write more ffs !!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

  14. Riana

    Nice ending Tho…??

  15. Am crying now ssel ended.. Miss every cast.. Especially suhani yuvraj.. Rajshri mam hats off to you for staying with the show till end in each n every epis.. U compensated for almost all the characters/actors who took leave.. Luv you to the core for this person… Suhani character has been portrayed by you fabulously.. Without you it was not possible to make it a success.. N Sahil sir, without you YuvAni wud have not been possible.. Till ur last scene in the show it was awesome.. Both of them are such talented n I wish u get a new show soon.. And other cast of ssel all the best for ur future projects.. Thank u team for giving such a wonderful show even if there was ups n downs.. Will watch it again… For my yuvani.. Bye bye ssel team..

  16. This serial is a complete shit. In the beginning Soumya was considered pretty because she was pale and Suha an average. In my view I always thought that Suha was prettier. Suha was and is so weak n defendless, she was never wanted in Birla’s but she is still there. What kind of message r u sending 2 women, r u saying we should be weak and stay where we r needed n give a crap about people who don’t give shit about u. Dadi on the onther hand wtf do u know about beauty r u the judge of beauty or the creator of beautiful, u r nothing but nasty good 4 nothing shit old lady I would say u is better of in nursing home instead of ruling Birla mansion. In this series so dadi was and will be shitold lady all of a sudden she change wow what a joke. In hindi series y do they always consider pale beautiful and dusky ugly and SSEl is no diff. Look how many women in the ? r dusky and beautiful, Sushmita sen, Bip, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce, Rihanna, Nina manuel, Mugdha Godse, Hallie berry, Rachel Roy, Thandie Newton, Lakshmi Menon well the model one and many others including me mom. Y can’t dusky\dark ever be considered beautiful. If only pale is considered pretty in Asia can u imagen a world where everyone was pale,damn that is horrifying. I would say if the person’s who is dark or pale think that they r pretty and respect themself than others would but if u don’t consider urself pretty then society well c u how u c urself. In my book gorgeousness is consider ur eyes, face structures\feature, body type height and most importantly dignity and respect. For a girl I would say Lakshmi Menon&Bipasha& Angelina Jolie damn they r so hot &dude would be Prabhas&John Ibrahim& Shemar Moore wow they r hot. Well I am saying this because they r so hot not of their skin but looks well dont know anything about their heart but that also counts. The only reason i was watching was Yuvani jodi, I will miss them and hope 2 c u again soon. This show knows nothing about beauty and oldhag us obsessing with it while she has no clue. Oldhag u r the reason SSEL is ending, wish she was never there so the show would be interesting without her and cont.

  17. Fidato

    Miss you ssel…Kriyam… Sayyam… Thank you so much for this show…

  18. i cant believe it that its end today..
    i hv no words to explain how i feel today i m crying..
    nd wht to say about ssel the whole journey of ssel is tooo good..first two years of ssel is superb i watch it daily but after first leap i stoped, dont knw where cvs drag it. after that i only watch two episodes one is yuvi’s death epi nd todays last epi..i love first two years of it.. i really like the bond between yuvi nd sharad nd also with his brothers nd mom..
    but i badly miss the chemistry of our yuvani..they r best couple…i really miss them.. i wish sahil sir nd rajshri mam got their new project asap nd come back soon.. all the best to whole cast of SSEL for their future..

  19. Jazzmaan

    incomplete ending.. lastly there should b need of more dialogues between suhani and dadi..but she apologied to ridhi but not from suhani for doing all misbehave.. btw i like this serial v much and miss u suhani aka rajshri maa and each and every character of ssel…u was my daily routine m incomplete without u…thnx

  20. Please write more ff. l am so heart broken that the serial finishes . I need more kriyam ff I check every hour to read then I was a silent reader but it wast the last episode I need to say something. Lots of ff are finishing kriyam ek naam be rishta
    Kriyam you are my strength
    Kriyam ye rishta ka takkath hai
    Don’t finish any more
    Start new ones it will make my day
    Love all kriyam ff

  21. Tey could have ended these misunderstanding yesterday n showed some happy time today but I felt like incomplete

  22. Actually director is angry on viewers coZ tey dint support baby tat is y he took revenge on viewers by ending abruptly

  23. i will miss Suhani’s acting. I wish her the best in her future endeavours and hope Star Parivaar gets her into another serial soon.

    SSEL lost the focus on the family dynamics and the dynamics of relationships which might have cost them the loss of this serial

    Best of luck to the cast, I have learned a lot from Rajshri Rani

  24. avik kailash dosar

    Hiiiii friends rajyashri is from my hometown and also my masi,s school frnd …jitne simple aur chote city se h vo utni si down to earth bhi h..I hope unhe jldi koi aur behtr show mile

  25. Finally it ended on a beautiful note. As every beautiful thing has to come on an end

  26. Nithu


  27. Rukmini rudra

    Will miss reading ssel

  28. Srry, bekaar last episode. Yuvani ke kitne achhe scenes use kr sakte the. Fbs hi daal dete. Aur shaadi ke scene dikhane the to y 1st shaadi jahan yuvraj ka gussa saaf zahir hai. Doosri shaadi dikhate jahan uska pyaar dikhta hai. Ya to fullto comedy kr ke dono ki sb shaadiyan bta dete, barbi, baby, sambhav, sb. N dadi sudden change kuch palle nhi para. Suhani ne kitna kiya woh no asar, chalo koi nhi, bachi yuvraj ki beti hai, pr usse 5 saal tk ehsaas nhi hua? Bhut lazy hai cvs. Ab ratti bhr regret nhi ki jo serial ka ek time itna intezaar rehta tha wh khatam hua. Aur ek baat, Sahil end tk rehta to kya tha. Sb galat baat ki wh delay hm pe jaa raha etc. Arre kitne hm pe jaa chuka. Sb aaghat the ke may mei show offair hoga, to aisa bhi kya ki jis show ne naam, shohrat, pyar diya usse aise ditch kar gaya. Very bad. Kaash leaps n lete, kaash kahaani bigarte nhi, kaash hum pehle se dekhne walon ko itna disappoint n karte. Khair, for 1st 2 yrs, thanks to ssel, rajshri rani and sahil mehta.

  29. Please keep writing kriyam ff, now that’s only way to get my kriyam dose.

  30. KartikK

    Kabhi pata hi nahi chala kab 3 saal ho gaye ab kya hoga cant we have ssel season 2 plz ssel most beloved show plz come back i will remeber it all the lifetime 2014 – 17 miss u

  31. I will really miss SSEL. But I am happy they ended this show. At least Krishna and saiyam are together and happy. If the show had continued it would have become like suhani and Yuvraj ‘s story which the CVs ruined. I used to like suhani’s character when I started watching the show , but now I am tired of seeing her suffer. There was no need to kill yuvraj, he could have been on a business trip. Anyways never mind!

    We also didn’t get any Kriyam scenes , people writing FFs please continue to do the same. You stories are amazing.Wish the CVs had taken some inspiration from the Kriyam FFs . SSEL ending was incomplete baby never got caught, we don’t know what happen to Sharad, and dadi didn’t die.

  32. What happend to sharad??
    Where is rags husband ?
    Show ended abrutly

  33. where is menaka?

  34. incomplete ending… no sharad. their son shohaib his bro
    menaka.. thats better to decided the end this incomplete story. otherwise it ll be a bull shit

  35. Shraddha
    Sharad is in coma

  36. Siddiqa falasiya

    We will miss kriyam .love u both . Of course viewers krishna & Sanyam ko phirse ek sath dkhna chahnge

  37. Siddiqa falasiya

    we will miss kriyam . Both r supurb. Of course viewer dono ko wapas ek sath dkhna chahnge

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