Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani hitting Yuvraaj on his head. He falls down. She does not see him and runs away. FB shows similar moment happened years ago. Yuvraaj tries to see her and could not see her face. He holds his head and gets up, while Suhani and Soumya run away with the kids. Yuvraaj says Suhani…… no Suhani is gone, forget her. He sees all the dirt on his hand.

Pratima asks Dadi not to worry, they went by car. Dadi says its 42 degrees temperature, Suhani is making Yuvani like her, I will go and get them. Pratima tells Sharad that I was wishing Suhani to meet Yuvraaj. He says leave it, she does not want to meet Yuvraaj. Pratima says but Yuvraaj would like to meet Yuvaan. The kids ask what to do with mangoes. Soumya says we will go home. Suhani says we will go to chowk and have

golgappa competition. They leave.

Yuvraaj comes home and recalls Suhani. He says Suhani is not here, I should stop thinking about her now. Snoopi hugs him. Yuvraaj says relax, its okay. Yuvraaj falls down and asks Snoopi to stop it now. Sharad comes there. Yuvraaj sees him and gets shocked.

Sharad gives him a hand and makes him get up. Yuvraaj hugs Sharad. Sharad says I was waiting for this moment since long. Yuvraaj says 6 years 7 months and…. Sharad says 12 days. Yuvraaj says you left this house, don’t make excuse of Bhavna. Sharad says how could I leave Suhani when she was… I have to tell many things, promise me you will listen to me with peace. Dadi comes there and meets Yuvraaj.

She says you were going to come after 5 days. Yuvraaj says yes, I thought to surprise you all, you don’t look happy, I can go back if you want. She says no, and hugs him. Yuvraaj asks Sharad to come along. He goes. Suhani and Soumya have golgappas with the kids. Pratima waits for Suhani and calls her. Yuvraaj comes inside the house with Dadi. Pratima hugs Yuvraaj. He tells her that Sharad has come back. Dadi says Sharad came to give surprise. Yuvraaj says I was really surprised seeing him. He asks how is it so peaceful here, where are the kids. Dadi says Soumya took them out.

Soumya coughs and Suhani says I will get water. Soumya says I won. Krishna says mumma you cheated. Suhani says don’t make me shout now. Yuvraaj says I have to talk to Sharad, let me get fresh and goes. Dadi asks Pratima and Sharad not to tell Yuvraaj about Suhani.

Soumya says lets go home. Suhani says we will have fun with kids. Yuvani says I m getting tan. Suhani says it does not matter. Pratima calls Suhani, and Dadi calls Soumya. Dadi asks her not to come home. Pratima asks Suhani to come home. Soumya gets shocked as Dadi says Yuvraaj has come back to give surprise to everyone, try to keep Suhani away, take Suhani’s phone from her. Soumya worries and acts to faint. Suhani sees Soumya and rushes to her. Soumya injures herself.

Yuvraaj asks Sharad how did you come after so many years. Sharad says I always wanted to come. Yuvraaj says she did not let you come. Sharad says no, you know she won’t stop me, there were many reasons, it was not easy to stay away from you, I won’t give explanation from her side, talk to her. Yuvraaj asks why, she left herself, I did not tell her. Sharad says if she wants to come back then. Dadi interrupts and tells Sharad that Bhavna is unwell. Yuvraaj asks why, I will go with Sharad. Dadi says no, you take rest, I will manage, come Sharad.

Suhani does Soumya’s aid and says sometimes it happens in hot temperatures. She asks the kids to learn first aid. She asks them to have butter milk, and keep drinking water so that they don’t get dizzy. Soumya takes Suhani’s phone. Sharad calls Bhavna and Dadi stops her. She says I got no one’s call, but you will say this to Suhani, how can you ruin Yuvraaj’s life by getting Suhani back, you all should go from here, tell me one reason that Suhani and Yuvraaj should unite. She requests him not to ruin Yuvraaj’s life, don’t break him, he managed himself by much difficulty. Sharad says fine and leaves.

Soumya says I was just going to take pics, and gives phone to Suhani. Suhani says we should go home. Soumya says no, you said we should spend time. Sharad says I can’t lie to Suhani, but I have no other way, maybe Dadi is right. He goes to pack his clothes. He tells Pratima that he is going. Pratima asks why. Dadi tells Soumya that I convinced Sharad to go, ask Suhani to call Sharad, Sharad will manage everything, he will take Suhani to Lucknow. Soumya says I made Suhani’s phone silent, sorry, I will do everything but not let Suhani know that Yuvraaj has come back. She turns and sees Yuvani there. Yuvani asks did Papa come back. Soumya says yes, but no one should know this. Yuvani asks why.

Rags tells Dadi that Pratima is getting Suhani back. Sharad tells Dadi that Yuvaan is the reason for Suhani and Yuvraaj’s union.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yes Sharad 😀 Can’t wait for tomorrow 😉 The problem is they it is SSEL so they would probably drag it. AS USUALLL 🙁

  2. Will YuvAni ever confront???? :/:/
    Suhani looks gorgeous in the epi. She looks the best in ssel after the leap. Better than rags, menka or soumya. Agree guys? :):)

    1. Yes I agree She is looking Gorgeous than EVERR

    2. yep…she looks stunning

      1. S, her talkitive eyes & sweet smile makes her look awesome. …..

  3. Oh no!!!! i don’t want Yuvraj and Suhani to meet like that, I don’t want Yuvraj to see a weak Suhani who is insulted by everyone in this house! I want Yuvraj to meet a strong Suhani who is independant! What’s wrong with the writters?? I hope they will not meet.
    I’m sure that nobody will tell Yuvraj the truth, they are all afraid of Dadi, and i’m sure that Menka’s baby is a girl and not a boy and when dadi is going to know that, she will take Yuvaan away from Suhani.
    How can Yuvraj thought that Suhani will not let Sharad meet them?? Did he really lived with her for 2 years? Because he doesn’t seem to know her at all, even Sharad knows Suhani better than him, there is definetly something wrong with him

  4. I hope yuvraj and suhani meet . Yuvraj has a right to know about his son. Writers please don’t drag the episode. Witch Dadi, rags, Menka, and now sumya too are disgusting characters simply spoiling the children. Rags and Menka have no work to do useless persons doing nothing just giving their useless dirty mind idea’s

  5. Yea…Sharad got my point….Yuvan is the reason why they shud unite…

  6. I too hope Yuvraj and Suhani meet and they unite …bt as Joy said Yuvraj should not meet a weak Suhani…………

  7. guys i hope they ill meet today r tmrw am waitng the episode

    1. yea…I’ve heard that they will meet today and yuvANI will argue wid eachother and Dadi will ask her to leave

      1. From where did u hear????

      2. NAPSHAj…there was a on location video…

  8. if suhani meet yuvraj infront along birla members… suhani should speech with willpower she is an independent women… she lead a small family.. and yuvi knws about her he ill proud to see

  9. Soumya and yuvraj got no need of second married person for Our sweet Suhani…I didn’t want that Suhani again got marry with someone else…I didn’t know why this type of mind we setting …dht every women need a men …Guyz Suhani hav a brilliant son yuvan…dht enough for her…

  10. I think Suhani and Yuvraaj will meet before she leaves Birla House
    Suhani is best dressed actress in serial
    Soumya is a midget and Rags looks like a drag queen
    Menka looks like a pagal
    Sorry for the criticism
    That is my opinion and i think all these ladies are jealous of Suhani
    Rajshri Rani

    1. You are very right my dear, they are jealous of her.

  11. Nice episode. ….guru, chela milap was sooo good , kids were adorable &must say suhani is really strong 1 bang on yuvrajs head &he was flat on the ground with a swollen nose . @joy u r right how did yuvraj think that she won’t let sharadh meet him?

  12. no Nisa your comments are are just positive you say it as you see it you go girl and i agree with you Suhani is looking much more beautiful than ever and i think Yuvraj should not let his anger get in the way of his and Suhani’s happiness he should think calmly cause they have twins now its no longer the two of them this concern their kids now and their future and where is Suhani’s parents? can somebody please say

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