Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj getting angry on Suhani. He lights the matchbox stick to ignite fire, and stops. Suhani comes there. They both have an argument. Yuvraaj says I m angry seeing what you were before and what you became now.

He gets very disappointed. He burns her pics infront of her. She cries. Bhavna and Sharad take Yuvaan and other kids to Pankaj’s house. Pankaj meets Yuvaan. Bhavna and Sharad smile, and try to bring Pankaj close to Yuvaan.

Suhani talks to Pratima. Rags tells pandit that Suhani will sit in Sambhav, but I don’t think Yuvraaj will sit with Soumya. Yuvraaj hears this and says no, I have no problem. Pandit goes. Rags tells Soumya that I explained Yuvraaj, his anger did not get calm till now.

Pratima tells Suhani that few things come back

on its own. Suhani says yes, Yuvraaj is not able to leave me, he has misunderstandings and not letting me explain, he is not listening, don’t think that I m complaining about him, I feel bad because of him, I get hurt, is my pain nothing. Pratima asks her to calm down, and pacifies her. Pratima asks her to prepare for the rituals. Soumya looks on and thinks if Suhani tells everything to Yuvraaj, his anger will melt.

The kids spend time with Pankaj. The kids make all elders sit. Yuvaan says mummas should also get chance to have food first. Krishna says I will serve food to Bhavna today. Lata says Suhani has raised Yuvaan so well. Pankaj eats curd rice and sugar. Yuvraaj says Nanu is eating like mumma, you are like her, she also eats lots of pickles. Yuvani says its not good for skin. Pankaj and Yuvaan say same lines, that nothing happens to have it sometimes. They all smile.

Suhani calls Bhavna and Pankaj answers. Suhani asks how is Yuvaan, did he have food. Pankaj says wait, I will give call to Bhavna, she will say whether we are taking care of Yuvaan or not. Suhani writes a letter. Soumya and Rags look on. Soumya says Suhani may have written truth in it. Rags says Yuvraaj should not get that. Soumya asks how will we stop her. She goes and sees Yuvraaj getting ready. Rags and Menka stop Suhani, and asks is she excited for her friend’s marriage. Menka tries to get letter. Suhani tells her not to waste her taunts. Leela comes and says its bad news, Dadi is no more. They get shocked. Meneka cries. Pratima says how can you say this, I just spoke to Dadi.

Soumya asks how can this happen. Menka swaps the letters. Leela says my Dadi died, I did her final rites. Menka asks what, why did you not tell before. Suhani says sorry to hear that. She sees Menka with her letter. Pratima says Menka won’t change ever. Suhani goes with the letter. Yuvraaj gets a letter by Suhani’s name. Suhani puts her letter from under the door, and prays that Yuvraaj reads this letter. She goes. Soumya looks on.

Pratima asks Rags to get Soumya. Pandit says we will start rituals now. Suhani and Sambhav get rituals done. Suhani thinks did Yuvraaj read letter or not. Rags and Menka tell Soumya that Suhani’s letter may have reached Yuvraaj. Soumya shows Suhani’s letter and says I have kept a letter for him in the room. Rags reads Suhani’s sweet letter and smiles. Yuvraaj reads the letter kept by Soumya, and Suhani appears rude to him. He gets angry reading the letter.

Yuvraaj gives rose to Soumya and the kids, and appears very happy. Suhani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Nisa

    Suhani is being taunted and abused all the time
    This story has lost it plot
    Its just become Evil

    • Rose can yuvraj romance with that idiot soumya.hate’s high time, directors plz change this track

  2. Aparna

    Just crap serial this is the last episode I’m seeing shittt stupid serial I just hate this serial stop this serial its a bullshit❌???❌?the do writers think we are fool to watch this stupid serial

    • saaya

      Don’t wanna end it bt need a good track….the current track is so bad that I only watch kid’s part and skip remaining …..they should have shown yuvANI love track instead of this hatred and misunderstanding track

  3. Sandy

    There is a limit to create a misunderstanding then to being educated and rich business family.And in this serial it looks like there is no meaning for love and marriage. Except misunderstanding there is nothing.

  4. Jane

    Ohh please , you stupid directors are still beating around the same bush. We stopped watching this show long time back and I happened to read it today and this is still disgusting. Is this the Indian culture ?? Are these the characters of Indian women. You guys are giving a totally negative idea of women and Indian people to the world. This show is disgusting, meaningless and insane.

  5. Amina maalim

    Stop this prolonged nonsense of misunderstandings. Please give the show a perspective or else ratings will be worse.

  6. Abzzz

    ALl th time evil charecters hav eyes around…they will hear everything nd snatch all frm heroine or hero nd sm times at th same time our hero nd heroine are always innocent or fool??nd they allow these foolish tricks on thm…Yuvaraj and Suhani are making themselves fools…i hav littl hope n Sambav nd I lov him…it is very bad that if he gets hurt at th end….for our luck..dadi is nt ther bt Rags,Soumya r enough…nd Mehnka….hw they solv all the problms….i hav no idea…frnds..,do u hav any???????

  7. sam

    omg yuvaraj overaction giving flower to soumya cant bearable

    he know suhani well how can he cannot understand the writting

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      Do u really xpect dat

      ..aftr watching the precap i want subhav .marraoge nt yuvani reunion i literally hated the simle of sowmya in precap..i wanna kill the directors n writers of ssel who turned the shw into such a crap….

  8. Sheila

    now this program is boring end it first so what the writer is trying to tell us is doing good does not pay but only when you do bad

  9. Neethu

    I’m gonna stop watching this serial from today! There is a limit for everything. This serial should definitely end now!

  10. Fathi

    Hi guys. Sam abizz amina maalim and all ssel fans The upcoming episode will show that Suhani had been attacked by goons who tried to molest her and Sambhav saved her.

    Sambhav consoles Suhani and brought her back home, Suhani is upset with this incident and tries to compose herself.

    While it was all Rags plan to create rift amid Suhani-Yuvraj, Rags sends pictures to Yuvraj in which Sambhav is taking care of Suhani.

    Yuvraj misunderstands it and is irked seeing Suhani and Sambhav getting closer to each other.

    Yuvraj jealous seeing Suhani-Sambhav together

    Yuvraj shows photographs to Suhani and taunts her to wait till they get married and Suhani is hurt hearing Yuvraj’s words.

    Suhani asks Sambhav that they need to find truth behind this attack, as she doubt’s that someone had planned it.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  11. Saheli Ghosh

    I also think the same why yuvraj couldn’t understand that was not suhani’s handwriting

  12. notafanofthisshit

    Please make some change in this serial,this serial is completely nonsense,and i guesa its the reason this show has not get any award compare to yhm!please make some change!

  13. sharmi

    BS, so happy for PVR and delete buttons 🙂 🙂 🙂 Writer have no common sense so no use complaining, just read up and don’t watch the show…I am hoping the recordings don’t appear as the show being viewed because the dumb writers might think their show is still popular

  14. Sumira

    No guys in precap I feel like it is all yuvraj planning. When he read the letter he was angry but maybe later he found out that it isn’t suhani’s handwriting which they didn’t show us and will later. yuvraj is probably just trying to gain her trust so he has more time to prove that suhani is still the same. As far as I know the yuvraj most likely knows suhani’s handwriting so he should be faking the whole rose drama and all:)

  15. ci

    guys am enjoying tho hona hi tha aakhir yuvraj domya ko pasand kartha tha.Then whats the big deal.Bt ek complain zaroor hai suhani ke zindagi aisa koi kyu na aa raha hai jo yuvraj se zyada rich bhi ho handsome bhi.Thabhi ye lok samjegi.sambhav acha hai.Bt wo baath nahi hai.pehle rohan aay phir ye.plz aisa kisiko lavo jo handsome ho aur supr bhi.

  16. Rukhs

    i hate soumya since first episode..pls yaar stop this nonsnc drama..i was like this serial but now i can’t take it anymore.

  17. Soniya

    It’s bullshitt nobody likes to watch this anymore.. and that somya doesn’t find any1 else.. rags I hate her she looks like chuwa rats why they dragging so much

  18. Sanaa

    Guys you may not like the serial’s current track but you can read the wonderful ffs written by wonderful writers. The ffs tracks are much better than the serial.

  19. Ritz

    What crap story line are u writing. Life is not a joke. Please keep it real and practical. Yuvraaj should come to know the whole truth about what all soumya is doing. And yuvraaj and suhani should be together soon. Please don’t spoil the serial.

  20. Abhishek

    This serial must be discontinued if nothing can be done in favor of people’s expectation. Saumya and her comp make so many plans still no one notices them, while on the other hand at each and every step Suhani takes forward towards something good,,, saumya, Rex are always there to ruin such attempts. The script writer must understand that this much doesn’t comply with real life. Moreover there is something called as UPPER LIMIT or height. Tell me just one reason people would continue watching it. Everyday the same sort of script which adds to the misunderstanding between Yuraj and Suhani. Dont try to cross over limit of patience of audience.

  21. Aqsxxh


    |Registered Member

    Was it only me who got really happy when Leela said Dadi died? I bet all of you must’ve had some happiness but then she said her grandma I was like cant this old woman die.

  22. Uaha

    More misunderstanding …what is this crap.Dumraj do you not know Suhani’s hand writing.Can you dummy not see the pain in her eyes..up till now you have disgraced,taunted,been rude so tell me when you going to listen to her???!when its too late?And i suppose when the witches are will AGAIN forgive them BUT CAN’T FORGIVE SUHANI for going away…You do not deserve her love and stop using your son as a way of getting to her..what have YOU done to bridge the GAP between your dtr and Suhani..nothing..selfish man..look at your own self first ..EGO freak!!

  23. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guys i have a dbt we ppl can recognise our frnz handwriting …if they dnt write their name…bt dat dumbraaj…cant recognise his suhani writing

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Well ,,,he z not interested in finding the truth,,,,He beleives that Suhani is happy with Sambav,,,He wants his belief to be true coz he thinks he is mister perfect and can’t be wrong anyway,,,…that’s why we call him dumbraj.

  24. rim

    i read somewhere that now 2 weddings in same mandap….now brides will be switched ..something like that…and eventually dumraj and suhani will end up getting married to each other…..
    stupid serial…..

  25. PSD

    Krishna should face some problem, suhani should solve, otherwise sowmiya sill not change, she is not real friend of suhani, there is no friendship between suhani & sowmiya, sowmiya should realize her mistake, hope this marriage won’t happen,

  26. anseela

    yuvraj d loser… let UV b happy with soumya d devil ??…suhani u dnt wry u marry sambhav n go away 4 d birlas….sumtym u HV 2 take bitter med 2 treat a disease permanently…?bt it nt gng 2 happn yuvani will gt 2gethr n suhani will suffered agn…

  27. Fareeea

    Writer is getting more and more boring. Each new plot is the same old storyline., same old bad characters doing same old tricks. If the writer does not have any new ideas, end it. Everyone I know, who is watching this program and used to like it, we all hate it now and will not watch it anymore because its always the innocent get beaten a zillion times and the same storyline repeated over and over again.

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