Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh pacifying Dadi. He says when we felt Suhani is dead, when she was kidnapped, but she came back, this time will also pass. She says yes. He says till we are together, nothing wrong can happen. She says no one can break our house. Sambhav comes and asks Dadi to come, pandit ji is calling her. Dadi gets thinking.

Yuvraaj goes to Suhani. She says we need to talk to Soumya. He says yes, I m also finding her, maybe she wants to be alone. She asks will she agree, I m scared, we kept children away for six years, but now we should not keep them away, what about Soumya, you think she will agree. He says yes. Yuvaan and Yuvani come and ask will we become a family in some time. Yuvraaj says yes, this family will never break. He writes their names on mirror and says

we will be together like this always. Kids hug Suhani. They all smile.

Dadi thanks Saurabh for encouraging her. Rags asks about Soumya. Pratima and Lata say let her be alone for some time. Pandit calls for groom and bride. Rags asks Bhavna to get right bride in mandap this time. Dadi asks Rags to be quiet. Dadi and Bhavna go to get Suhani. Sharad goes to get Yuvraaj. Dadi sends Suhani with Bhavna. She sees the mirror. Yuvraaj says this marriage should happen. Dadi messages Yuvraaj from Suhani’s phone, to come outside house and meet her, its something imp to talk. He wonders did Soumya do anything and goes. Sharad comes there and does not see Yuvraaj. Dadi throws Suhani’s phone on the bed and smiles.

Yuvraaj goes out. Sharad says Dadi, Yuvraaj is not in his room. Menka jokes and Pratima scolds him. Yuvani asks where is Yuvraaj, he promised our family will get complete. Suhani says he will come. Yuvraaj goes and calls out Suhani. The goon wearing similar dress like Suhani turns to him. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Other goon hits on his head. Saurabh says Yuvraaj is nowhere. Pratima asks them to call him. Yuvraaj falls down on the ground. Goons laugh and say he should not go back at any cost.

Sharad calls Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is semi conscious. Sharad says Yuvraaj is not answering. A courier comes for Suhani. She gets a CD and asks whats this, its sent by Yuvraaj. Sharad asks why, whats in this. Pankaj asks him to play it and see. They play the video and see Yuvraaj’s message that if they get married, it would be big mistake, I don’t want to do this mistake again. Pankaj asks whats this. Suhani says I want to know what Yuvraaj wants to say, we had to stay together because of kids, think will we become happy family because of this one reason, I loved you before, but we don’t love each other now, lets end this chapter here. Suhani cries. Pratima says no, this can’t happen. Dadi smiles. Pankaj says I know Yuvraaj well, he can’t do this, he loves you. Suhani asks Sharad to call Yuvraaj, he would be nearby.

Yuvaan says no, I will call him, why did he say he won’t marry mumma, I have to talk to him, I want my Papa, he can’t break his promise, why is he not coming. Yuvraaj gets Yuvaan’s call and answers. The goons shut his mouth and throw the phone away. Yuvaan says Yuvraaj answered call and did not talk, why is he doing this. Pratima says no, he can’t do this. Saurabh agrees. The guests start talking.

Sambhav scolds the lady for gossiping and says I know you should not joke when anyone is in trouble. Rakhi says Yuvraaj stayed with Soumya for 6 years with fake marriage, but here he has run away from marriage, this is second time. The lady says maybe this girl Suhani is bad. Suhani asks where is Soumya.

Everyone go to Soumya. Suhani asks where is Yuvraaj, please tell me. Soumya says I don ‘t know. Suhani says you got cheated but…. Soumya says I really don’t know. Bhavna says after what she did, I m sure she has done this. Soumya says I don’t know, Menka locked me in room. Menka says yes, I locked her as I wanted to save this marriage, I did not know Yuvraaj will run away. Bhavna blames Soumya, as she cheated you many times. Suhani says no, you can’t blame my friend without any proof. Saurabh says we know what Soumya did. Suhani says enough, Yuvraaj went by his wish. Bhavna asks Soumya how can she ruin Suhani’s life. She asks Lata why did she regard Soumya as daughter. Saurabh asks Sharad to stop Bhavna. Sharad says no, I won’t say anything to Bhavna, we doubt Soumya. Soumya ssays I did not do anything.

Yuvraaj is tied by the goons. Goons asks him to drink water and throws on his face. Dadi recalls Yuvraaj recording a message for Soumya. He puts the dvd in envelop and writes a letter for Soumya, asking her to see this clip with cool mind and understand. Dadi asks him to talk to Suhani once, Soumya was her best friend, Suhani would be upset. Yuvraaj goes to talk to Suhani. Dadi gets that DVD and says I have to use this right way. She smiles.

Suhani asks Sambhav how will get a father for Yuvaan. He says we were going to marry before for Yuvaan, I can marry now too. He lights havan kund, while Yuvraaj sets free and runs on the road to reach home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a bad dadi…. Shameless how can everyone will be so dumb… Stupid family… No one doubts on dadi… That stupid suhani u have ur brain in any world r what!
    Director of the show please but some drama which has sence in that… Dumb people dumb show… Shameless

  2. What the hell!!!! Suhani is such a idiot. She tries finding proofs and all in places where it’s not important and puts her nose in those matters but in actual problems she doesn’t even bother finding anything. She knows only how to give lectures not to live on her lectures. Yuvraj says right. Suhani really doesn’t try finding things out where is considers her but others??

  3. Ruksy

    hope yuvraj reaches on time or dadi will succed in her evil plans

  4. Yeah, this show is making me crazy??

  5. What the hell. Oh please no no nooooooo????sambhav and suhani can’t get married no wayyyyy??

  6. Absolutely wicked dadi again ruined suhani life wid sambhav and soumya evil wins the good showing

  7. Hopeless episode……again and again same drama ….people of birla house are fool ……sabse badi bevkoof to suhani hai…….fake cd ,fake dadi ,fake befriend,par bharosa kiya …but real love ko nahi pahchana…….bakwas story written by writers……rubbish…..

    1. Tumne thhek kaha Oshi, I agree with u..

  8. What an epi ….after reading the precap by heartbeat increased i think by 30% . I still have a feeling that there is a high chance that sambhav will marry suhani……Dadi was better than twin dadi. I think the cvs introduced twin dadi who is worse than dadi so that the views will feel pity on dadi or to prove that dadi is not as evil as she seems . Hate this twin dadi….. Tomorrow’s epi will be another nail bitting epi for everyone i guess. Still hope for the best.?

  9. Suhani should doubt the CD becoz she has spoken to yuvaraj just a while ago but like dumb fool accepting sambhv ..where is the faith in her relationship with yuvaraj…..they have to unite both of them and show that suhanii waits for yuvaraj not accepting sambhv?

  10. Crazy
    Just crazy

  11. No please, sambhav and Suhani can’t get married, no point in watching the show then. I hope another twist happens and sambhav ends up marrying soumya. The kids should do something with pratima’ and bhavna’s help. Please don’t let this happen.

    1. There is a spoiler that confirms Suhani and Sambhav will get married and yuvraj will be shocked to see her married avatar.

  12. fully disgusting episode guys.. when i saw sambhav was take the kumkum am totallu irked to see 🙁
    wht happen to ssel writters…. bakwaas episode today..
    where are Xxyy ur cmnt was not there today..

    1. No network… ash
      Very bad episode

  13. Please this film have to stop how can this odd woman spoiling the family, bad story,please put an end to it, not interesting anymore

  14. She is more wicked how can someone stoop so low soumya n dadi desrves to be in hell n i think yuvraj will reach home n stop sambhav n suhani from getting married n marry her in front of soumya

  15. I agree with Sonia she is immature now ready to marry anyone without using brain

  16. CD ka samajh nahi aaya??????jaise rohan aur suhani ki shaadi yuvraj ne roki thi waise hi iss bar bhi hoga i think so……but it’s interesting to see…….thoda bura jyada lag raha hai kyunki story ko tod mod diya hai…ye bhi pata nahi chala yuvraj ko apna pyar yaad bhi hai ya gusse mein sab bhool gaya because shaadi ke liye koi excitement nazar nahi aayi …..6 year ke cassettes ka bhi kuchh nahi dikhaya…..writers start to kar dete hai but beech mein hi chhod dete hai…..

  17. den borgohain

    Jst bakwaass…..nthng else..its btr to watch zindagi chnel whre is a reality not dis bakwass.disgusting serial.

  18. Before, Suhani use to be a good detective…she is acting like a real life after having a baby,you mind isn’t as sharp, some of your hormones are off balance…I think some of Suhani’s brains is off balance along with a few of the others…some shows should come to conclusion. This one, Sath Nibhana, and Kumkum on the other channel all have run it’s course…should go BYE BYE

  19. WTH is this yaar…first suhani has a doubt y dad I changed so much…then what happened to her senses today…if suhani n sambav gets mrgd then it’s waste to watch this serial…is this what they want to convey message to society that they can marry any one anytime…bull shit…n its a high point to think abt this…people even taking things really very lite these days….
    Worst serial…most of the serial r becoming worst these days…v can guess the story even…if writers doesn’t have any story then this will happen like suhani n sambav Mrg…waste n worst story if this happens….
    My fav serial where …sasural genda phool , ek hasina thi…

  20. Yes Sambhav wil nw show his true colours n wil marry Suhani. Yuvi shocked on seeing this.

    Lol Suhani never has good friends. Both her best friends Soumya n Sambhav betray her.

    Wow kudos to directors for showing such good value ob friendship. They can seriusly get down to any low level in portraying the value of any relation jus for TRPs

  21. What crap again…another kidnap..and Shambav lifting sindhur to become a father to yuvan… can Suhani allow this…she desperate…come on Suhani the writers are making your character characterless and useless..plz don’t agree to this type of acting…forget the children for a moment do something for yourself and bring down the Birla Dadi..expose all her evil doings..expose lazy Rags..expose mental Menka and big time throw out shameless selfish sourface Soumya…and Bring down Dumraj ego..

  22. I really wish Sambhav is not negative, because if he is negative, then Suhani had trust the wrong people again. And if Suhani married Sambhav, it will give one more excuses to yuvraj to hate Suhani. I don’t understand if the writters want to unite YuvAni or not, because they are creating much more distance between them.

  23. agar suhani ne sambhav ko maang bharne di to ghatiya aurat w/o akal ya character. par ye shayad hoga kyuki hero ko rajshri se problem hai, to kuch bi karke usse chutna chahta hai. aur koi dusri vajah nai hai yuvraj kidnap ki. kya bich me shadi roke sab tehelne gaye? kya bekaar lekhak hai. 2 much negative, kon aisi serial dekhega.

  24. Too crappy . suhani and yuvraj married 2 Times already now a 3rd time .soumya always trying to fit in suhanis place I mean this is the worst storyline ever. Now Sambhav will be heartbroken again. This is really not worth watching. Too much confusion.

  25. The story is becomming a dustbin day by day…



  28. I don’t know why I feel sambhav can’t fill suhani’s maang…..Agar usee ye karna hota to 6 year pahle kar chuka hota.writers faaltu mein confuse kar rahe hai….cd mein saaf dikh raha hai wo sab soumya ke liye kaha tha yuvraj ne…..but slowly slowly sab kuch solve karte huye story ko aage badana interesr bana rahta bhi ho dadi and gangs ko saza milni chahiye.soumya ko bhi aasani se nahi chhodna chahiye tabhi sukoon milega…..

    1. Oshi, I read in tellychakkar that sambhav will fill Suhani’s maang and yuvi will come at that moment. He will be shocked seeing Suhani married to Sambhav and Sambhav will show his true colors of being evil. Hopeless serial, it’s not the ssel that we once saw……???

  29. Bakwas hogaya hai yar serial

  30. Can the script writer kill off Dadi by natural cause. She is the cause of all the problems in that family; her obsession with skin colour is offensive to coloured people!
    Is this series for real? It is now bordering on the ridiculous!!


  32. Don’t worry sanaa I wish sindoor wala scene yuvraj ya kisi ka dream sequence ho.kyunki yuvani ko unite hona hi hai … positive yaar…..

  33. Shameless serial..stop this nonsense drama..marriage a like a football for all star plus serials..height of stupidity..suhani s d worst least yuvaraj showing attitude but he never wanted to marry other than suhani

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