Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani, Rohan and Yuvraaj playing the Pittu game. Suhani plays well and Rohan holds her hand. They play together. Menka falls down and asks you one is saving her. Rohan asks her to run. Yuvraaj is hitting Rohan to out him. Suhani comes in between. Rohan asks why did she do this. Yuvraaj says its her old habit to help others. Suhani says she did this for Rohan and he has to win. Rohan says I won’t break your trust. Menka wins and hugs Suhani. Rags says don’t worry, we will win Yuvraaj. Dadi thinks its happening as per her plan.

The game continues and they all play. Menka hits Rags and Rags gets hurt. They all get shocked and laugh seeing Rags anger on Menka. Menka argues. Suhani calms Menka and Rags goes and sits with Dadi. Suhani slips and Yuvraaj gives his

hand. Rohan holds her. She smiles and says you left our team and joined rivals, why should I hold your hand then. Dadi smiles.

Rohan tries getting ball. Dadi asks him what happened. Rohan says my hand got stuck. Sharad and Yuvraaj joke on him, and Suhani helps Rohan being concerned for him. Yuvraaj says I will help. He frees Rohan’s hand and says you are most welcome. Rohan says I was going to thank. Dadi talks to Anuj and says its really a good news, thanks a lot. She tells everyone that our formula succeeded and our consignment will come in market soon, this is great news, we should celebrate. Suhani and everyone see rain starting. Everyone rush in shade. Suhani and Rohan stand in rain and enjoy it. Rohan looks at her jumping and laughing. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to come and they also go in rain. The game continues. Hum sochte hi rehgaye………… plays……….. Rohan looks at Suhani and stares at her. Suhani wins and dances happily. Yuvraaj sees Rohan and Suhani bonding. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to go, as he has lost. He leaves miffed. Rohan waves her smiling, as she leaves with Sharad.

Yuvraaj talks to Anuj about keeping a party, and gets angry hearing Rags and Menka talking about Rohan and Suhani. Yuvraaj answers them well. Dadi asks Rags and Menka not to argue with Yuvraaj and sends them to prepare for the party. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to tell them to stop this nonsense, Suhani and I don’t care for Rohan, he is your guest, but he is getting overfriendly. She says fine, I will talk to him. He leaves.

Dadi tell them that Yuvraaj will not agree if they say, so they have to show him in the party. Rohan thinks about Yuvraaj and Suhani. He thinks what to do, Suhani is bahu of this house, shall I talk to her. Suhani comes with wet clothes and says she is saved as Yuvraaj did not see her. Yuvraaj sees her and asks whats wrong with her, she does this intentionally, she has sat on bed with wet clothes. She says she did not stain the floor and argues. Her hair falls over his face. He holds her. Music plays……………they have an eyelock. She says you lost in Pittu, so being annoyed, did I ask you to become hero. He says I don’t care about the game. She says this is my room, you can go. He says fine, going, and tells her that Rohan got this heavy pendant for her. He asks her to return Rohan. She thinks why did Rohan buy it for her.

Rohan jokes with Suhani. She asks him to impress his GF. Rohan says he wants to impress Suhani. Dadi comes and asks why did he wish this. He gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice episode…. 🙂 🙂

  2. It is really disgusting that Rohan is behaving this way with a married woman.

  3. It is really annoying to see Suhani jumping up and down while playing and her reactions to the movies of her favourite star. Everytime the same over enthusiasm is getting a little too much. I am not liking her these days. It feels like she is over acting.

  4. What is rohan thinking!!! I mean how can he behave like that with a married woman

  5. Rohan is in love ?

  6. If yuvraj can behave like this with soumya why can’t Rohan behave with suhani I don’t think so it is wrong………and Rohan is in love ❤ I think

  7. how can they be in love with suhani…she is so disgusting,….how can she sit on the bed with rainy wet cloths on…??

  8. Suhani was shown advising sowmya when she was trying to woo yuvraj. now why is she behaving so insensibly. doesnt she have sense that she is married and should maintain a decent distance to a third person, even though a friend. just overacting. jumping and dancing in rain, mismatching song, teasing and insulting yuvraj… it all looks so unnatural and misfitting… just doing something to exagerate the scenes. pl writer.grow up. dont imagine like a third grade student.

  9. Suhani is only friends with rohan. I think it’s great bringing this twist so yuvraaj realises that he loves suhani. Rohan sees her as no one wants her. Suhani enjoy rain n at the same time if she wants to sit on bed with wet clothes she can. She is going through enuf. I’m with u suhani m enjoying this episodes. ☺

  10. Mujhe bahut accha lag raha abhi jo bhi situation prevailing hain…rohan ke iss harkat se yuvi will surely fell his lov for suhani …and it also shows tht saccha pyar looks dekh kar nahi hota hain…

  11. first i thought that rohan was doing all this to make yuvraj jealous.But now its seems that he is really in love with suhani.

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