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The Episode starts with Suhani scolding Pankaj over his foolish act. Sharad asks Suhani to come with her, if she regards him her brother. He takes her. Yuvraaj asks Pankaj why did he do this. Bhavna cries. Menka tells Gauri that Aditya is thief, he has stolen Dadi’s necklace. Pratima says what. Gauri says no, Aditya is not thief and scolds Menka. Menka says I m saying truth, he is thief. Gauri gets angry and says I will not leave you. Dadi asks Menka to stop it. Gauri says you are jealous of Aditya. Menka laughs and says I don’t need to be jealous of a thief. Dadi asks Menka to stop nonsense. She says Menka has gone mad, she is fool. She asks Menka to leave. Menka pushes Gauri and leaves.

Rags tells Pratima that they were playing chor police game, Menka lost and passes these comments.

Pratima says fine. Dadi asks Pratima to take rest in her room. Gauri asks Aditya to come with her and see gifts. Dadi asks Rags to explain Menka, Gauri should know Aditya’s blame, else she can’t bear it. Rags says fine, don’t worry.

Pankaj says I don’t want to bring shame for anyone. Yuvraaj says we are family and its our duty to face problems together. Bhavna asks Pankaj how can he lose courage, they are at last step now. Yuvraaj promises he is with Pankaj and won’t let anything wrong happen. Inspector sends Pankaj to lockup. Bhavna and Yuvraaj feel scared.

Sharad consoles Suhani. He gives her water. Yuvraaj and Bhavna come out. Yuvraaj asks Sharad to take Bhavna home. Bhavna says I won’t go leaving Suhani in this state. Sharad says Yuvraaj is with her, come. They leave. Yuvraaj sits with Suhani. He asks why did she scold Pankaj. She says he could have died, and cries. She says if anything happened to her, what would I answer Lata, its all my mistake, I could not prove him innocent, culprit is still free, Pankaj also supported us, when he needed us, we could not do anything. Yuvraaj says don’t blame yourself for this. She asks whose mistake is this, it was my duty. He holds her hands and says this is our fight to prove Pankaj right, he is scared and suffering the most. She says I don’t understand. He asks her to become his strength and get justice for him. She hugs Yuvraaj. She says cry today, but not tomorrow, we all need your strength. They hug.

Its morning, Yuvraaj greets Pratima and sits to have breakfast. Pratima says I came to know about Pankaj, how is he. Yuvraaj says he is not fine, everything is out of control. She says don’t know whats happening. He asks her not to be annoyed with Suhani, she needs you. She says let me do what I find right. Ramesh says Suhani has come.

Pratima asks Ramesh to get her tea in her room and goes. Suhani looks on. Yuvraaj says don’t worry. Rags asks her what are you doing here. Suhani says I came to take my bag. Rags says whenever Suhani comes here, she makes some issue. Suhani says I just came to take my bag. Rags says Bhavna would have sent it by driver, if you feel we will have pity after what your dad did then.. Yuvraaj says enough, whats your problem, this is Suhani’s house too, she can come anytime. Rags says I did not expect this from you. She sees Gauri and Aditya coming, and says I feel bad for Gauri, as she trusted her brother the most. Yuvraaj says enough, don’t drag Gauri in this.

Yuvraaj asks Gauri not to hear anyone’s nonsense against him and Suhani, Suhani loves you a lot and she proved this, I hope you will try to understand her. He tells Rags that Suhani will come here till I m here. Suhani says one more thing Rags, my Papa did not do anything, I m sure of this. Gauri holds her head and faints. Aditya shouts Gauti. They all rush to her. Sharad calls doctor. Yuvraaj takes Gauri to the room.

Doctor checks Gauri. Yuvraaj says she has high fever, Aditya did not tell us. Aditya says I did not know, she did not have fever at night. Doctor says she had some infection and shows the wound on her hand. Pratima asks when did she get hurt. Doctor says its old wound, it was not treated, so she fainted by infection. Suhani asks did she have septic. Doctor says yes. Yuvraaj and Aditya say we don’t know about it. Doctor shows the nail removed from the wound. Suhani thinks why will Gauri hurt herself. Doctor says she will get fine. Aditya says Gauri wears sweaters and we did not see this. Rags says this is Gauri’s nail, I got this pink color nail polish for her on puja day. Dadi says no need to argue now, its important that Gauri gets fine. Doctor says don’t worry, she will wake up in 6-7 hours, call me if needed.

Suhani comes home. Lata says I m worried for Pankaj since yesterday night, take me there. Suhani says he is fine, we will go later. Lata asks her to take rest. Suhani goes to her room. She sees the drawing she made to evaluate the scene. Suhani thinks there was no one with Gauri at that time, who attacked on Gauri in 30 seconds duration, if Papa was outside the room, he would have seen anyone going in room, but Papa just saw Gauri running. She recalls Rags’ words and says why will Gauri hurt herself.

Suhani gets a phone and man gives her sim. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that this phone belongs to our family member, I feel its related to Gauri’s case. She turns and sees someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. she has done it herself that Gauri .because how come her nail be in her wound .

  2. awesome epi yuvi full suport suhani

  3. Yuvraj was tooo good today .
    What’s gone wrong with pratima. …why is she ignoring suhani ? If she would do this to Dadi it would have been a different story today. Adi is also a heartless creature, he didn’t even bother to see pankaj once.

    Yuvraj was toooo good today.

  4. Exactly i agree…gauri is still kid…as pankaj is not supporting gauri started revange against suhani nd pankaj..

  5. Your right janani, she did it herself i dont believe that Gauri has forgotten everything suhani did for her, and they call her childish, u no dadi was right when she said Gauri does not know the meaning of relation.

  6. At least they showing wife and husband supporting each other good pls show this kind of drama were whatever bad thing happen but love birds will always together their is no separation,..,

  7. Im 99,99% sure that Gauri has done it! Because of the nail and if you remember one day suhani and pankaj were seeing tv and they talked about molestation, rape ect…. And Suhani said its a very bad thing people like that should be hanged! And gauri looked on and she has heard it! I don’t know if someone else is invloved in her plan maybe Dadi! But I’m damn sure Gauri has done all these thing!

  8. Gauri’s marriage itself is rubbish, she doesn’t even know what is love, affection, relationships or marriage,there was so much for her to learn, but what she wanted was a marriage.! And stupid birlas accepted that

    1. Well said ?swarnalatha….

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