Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka and Barbie having a quarrel. Suhani asks them not to talk to each other like this. Dadi says I m making special juice, just for Suhani. Suhani says I will help you. Dadi says no need is permitted to come here. Menka and Barbie argue again. Dadi adds some powder in the glass and gives to Suhani. Barbie and Menka fight for the juice. Barbie makes Menka jealous showing the food she made. Menka gets watery mouthed. Dadi asks Suhani to taste the juice and say how is it. Suhani is about to drink, and stops as Barbie takes Menka’s juice glass. Menka argues. Suhani keeps the glass back, and Menka takes her glass. Dadi asks Menka to give the glass back to Suhani. Menka says no, this is mine. Bhavna says take my glass Menka. Menka says no, I want my own glass. All of

the glasses get mixed again. Dadi gets confused. Menka says Barbie always insults me. Pratima says she is our guest, what happens if she jokes sometimes. Menka says no, she is insulting me. Barbie says fine, take your glass. Pratima asks them to take their glasses and drink the juice. They all drink the juice. Pratima coughs. Dadi thinks Pratima has drunk that powdered glass juice. Pratima says this juice is same as Dadi made before.

Soumya asks Krishna to listen to her. He ends call. She messages Krishna that Lalita was fooling people by making me Devi, so I got angry, my intention was not to hurt her. Lalita and Rakhi look on and worry. Lalita goes to Soumya and says I m going to market, do you need anything. Soumya keeps her phone and says I m sorry. Rakhi takes the phone and deletes message. Soumya says I was angry as you made me Devi. Lalita says its ok, it happens. Rakhi messages Krishna from Soumya’s phone that go to hell, I m not interested in talking to you. Lalita says Lord gives someone special powers, I thought its in you, fine if you want to do this.

Suhani talks to Barbie. Dadi asks about Pratima and Menka. Dadi thinks who drunk the powered juice. Barbie says Menka is sleeping. Dadi says it means Menka had that juice. Barbie tells Bhavna to take Golu to room. Soumya waits for Krishna’s message. Krishna comes home and says I got that message. She asks why did you not reply. He asks what should I reply, don’t come around me, I don’t want to see your face, ill mannered…. She thinks why is Krishna saying so, and checks her phone. She gets shocked reading the message Rakhi typed and says I did not send this message.

Dadi and Suhani go out and Suhani faints getting dizzy. Dadi calls someone and says I think our work is over, come fast and help me. Dadi brings Suhani somewhere and asks the person to go, she will manage now. She looks at Suhani. Suhani lies unconscious near some black magic things. Suhani wakes up and says Dadi… she sees those black magic things and the place. She says Dadi, what are we doing here. Dadi starts acting and says listen to me carefully, nothing can get fine now, doctor gave answer and now we have one way now. Suhani asks what way. Dadi says you have to do this for me, my family will get a heir, will you do this for our heir, tell me. Suhani worries. Suhanic alls Yuvraaj while he is busy in meeting. She says Yuvraaj please answer the call.

Dadi comes and asks Suhani to listen, we have no other way. Suhani says no Dadi, I don’t believe all this, my problem will be away by just doctors. Dadi says now we have no other way, listen to me. Yuvraaj is lost in thoughts. Saurabh asks him to focus. Yuvraaj gets restless. Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that I have to go, I m sorry. Saurabh says fine, I will manage. Yuvraaj checks Suhani’s missed calls and thinks to go home and check her.

Suhani calls Bhavna. Bhavna manages Golu and does not answer call. Barbie comes and looks for the phone. The phone falls. Barbie says phone got switched off, I will on it and see. Dadi gets a hair remover knife. Suhani asks Dadi to stop it. Dadi says we have no way, listen to me. Dadi throws Suhani’s phone and says I want to become mother, now I have no other way. Suhani falls down. Dadi throws some black magic things on her.

Soumya asks Rakhi did she send this message to Krishna, let him come, I will show him. Lalita says fine, but first I will show Krishna this video. Rakhi shows the video of Soumya being with some guy, who came to scare her at night. Soumya gets shocked seeing the video. She asks what nonsense, I pushed that man away and went. Lalita says maybe Krishna will believe you, try. Soumya calls them cheap. Lalita asks her to do what they want and threatens her.

Suhani says this is wrong Dadi, I won’t cooperate. Dadi says listen, this is important, many women got help by this way, I have to cut your hair. Suhani cries and says no…. Dadi catches her hair.

Barbie asks Dadi what is she doing, and pushes Dadi. Dadi says you go from here. Barbie holds Suhani and shouts Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj and Sharad come there and get shocked. Dadi gets tensed seeing Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice

  2. Nice waiting for tomorrow epi

  3. nice episode ,

  4. nice aaj kuch intersting tha magar yeh sab dadi ka plan hai barbi involve in this

  5. Whats wrong with dadi?? Always troubling suhani..

  6. Somehow dadi will convince yuvi with a new story tomorrow

  7. I hope now Suhani and yuvraj get an inkling of what dadi is doing and do their own enquires, hope they don’t believe what dadi says now.

  8. Utter nonsense of episodes. When so many nice stories around for mental development these kind of story lines will spoil the health. Ill thinking and ill doing already ruining the society. .Moreover repeats play more rubbish.

    1. yes so much agree; mazak bana diya story ka; i have already cut off one programme from my list last yr; this yr it will be this – nonesense;

  9. Dadi is crossing her limit!!

  10. at sometimes writer shows uvraj n suhani are intelleng and sometimes makes them look fool; dadi is just too much; why cant suhani feel when dadi stops from gynae check; where is the smartness gone now; we r fools watching such low story line;

    can we see a spoiler; suddenly suhani faints and drs confirms she is pregnant; then can everyone question dadi n dr ; kuch real dekao;

    stop promoting that what is shown in yr programme is practicsed and adhered in real life n ppl are so happy; its all bulshit

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