Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani crying and saying its my dupatta Yuvraaj. He says what and is shocked. She says I will keep this with me, if you don’t need it, its fine. She cries and says if he hates it, she will keep it herself. He says its Suhani’s dupatta and sits thinking. Suhani leaves. Yuvraaj says I was telling her about Soumya in my anger, what did I do. Lalita talks to some people to fix Rakhi’s marriage. Rakhi says my mum is doing 10 lakhs marriage. Murali scolds her. Lalita says we will do everything as per our limits. Rakhi says yes, I have all hope from you.

Soumya tells Dadi that Yuvraaj has thrown the dupatta knowing its Suhani’s, he got angry seeing her wear it. Dadi says great. Yuvraaj does not love her now, he has started giving you importance. Suhani cries

and Pratima comes to her. Suhani wipes her tears. Pratima says tears can’t be hidden from mother, I know why you are crying, forgive me, I was silent even after knowing everything and let people do their hearts, now Soumya…. Yuvraaj comes and stops her, signing her not to say anything. Sharad looks on.

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Dadi says it means Yuvraaj and Suhani are getting away. Rags says yes, we should take benefit of it. Soumya says this time, I want him to come to me. Dadi says even I m thinking this, as he is not interested in Suhani now. Menka comes and asks what did she miss. Yuvraaj tells Pratima not to take his or Suhani’s side. Sharad says yes, they are husband and wife and its their matter, they will solve it, come with me. He takes her. Suhani leaves annoyed. Sharad tells everything to Pratima and says Suhani is mistaken. Pratima says you want to tell in kitchen too, but fate does not want this.

Pratima says yes, fate has always kept Suhani ahead of Soumya. She says I m glad and he hugs her. Its night, Suhani comes to her room and sees flowers everywhere. Suhani sees sorry written on the mirror. Yuvraaj comes and closes the door, saying she came by his wish, but you will go by my wish. He gives her flowers and asks will you become my friend again. She says stop all this, I have to go. He asks why did you come then. She says I was going to sleep.

She says do you worry for me. He says ask anything, I will give all answers. She says I don’t want to ask anything, I don’t want to be called nagging wife. He says you already have that title. Jokes apart, ask me. She asks why did he give this watch to her. He says as your watch was not working, that’s why, actually this is not true. He says sorry, I saw the resort reservation in laptop and bought the watch for you and other one was for mum, but Dadi liked it for Soumya and she gave her. She thinks sometimes she used mind a lot.

She looks at her dupatta. He says about the dupatta, I thought you check my belongings so I got angry. She says she is not interested to check. He says I know it was my mistake, so I got your fav roses. She explains and he stops her asking her not to give any explanations, I will always remember its impossible to end Suhani’s annoyance. She laughs. He gives her a red rose and she smiles taking it. Saawre…………….plays………….. He gets hurt by the thorn and she says sorry. She says this is punishment for troubling me. He says now scores equal. She does the first aid. He looks at her and says thanks. She says I m very tired, I will sleep.

Its morning, Rags asks Soumya about Yuvraaj. Soumya says maybe he went out, but I did not see him. Suhani comes in a red dress happily. Rags and Soumya see her. Suhani wishes them good morning and goes. Rags says why is she looking happy, she fought with Yuvraaj. Soumya says don’t know, I will see. She goes to their room and sees flowers all over. She sees the sorry on mirror and gets angry.

Suhani hugs Pratima and smiles. Pratima blesses her. Soumya starts in balcony. Sharad and Yuvraaj talk about lying to Suhani because of Soumya. Sharad says I will show snoopi to doctor, regular checkup. He leaves. Yuvraaj sees the shadow and turns to see. He runs inside home towards the terrace. Suhani says why is he running like this.

Soumya says she wants to see does anyone care for her and cries. Yuvaaj sees Soumya on the railing and stops her, saying he is with her, and holds her hand. Suhani looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg … !!! the spoiler …. !!!!

  2. I know right what awesome news suhani is finaly gona know the truth I am so happy no more dragging

  3. seriously…… i was afraid dat suhani would leave yuvraj for soumya…

  4. Soumya is such a bullshit!!!
    n u trio(dadi,rags n menka) r unbearable!!!

  5. Omg.
    awesome spoiler!!!
    at last suhani will know d truth.
    now stupid soumya will knw her limit
    hate her!
    love d scene yuvraj giving flwr suhani.

  6. huh
    now is dis what left for y.raj to do for soumya??????????????????????
    suhani dumbo…
    y.raj mad
    soumya too stoop


    I think after suhani gets to know the truth, she will leave soumya to be with yuraj. I’m sure that suhani will feel so sad.

  8. No, i think suhani will challenge Soumya to win Yuvraj………..

  9. Pls writer/director make sure in anyway sushani win and let yuvraaj realized his love for sushani,let soumya loose and shame,let her truth out dt is after their money not yuvraaj love and let dadi realized her mistake too

  10. ohh my god what a spoiler…..ausum….

  11. Love the spoiler!! I hope suhani stays ahead of all soumya game.. hope the truth comes out to yuvraj about his family members trying to break up his marriage too.. let suhani finally be smarter than everyone against her.

  12. SUVRAJ forever

    OMG please comment back if ya think that soumya is an absolute b*t*h she will do ANYTHING for yuvraaj even go behind her childhood best friend back and flirt with him even though Suhani and yuvraaj are married.

  13. SUVRAJ forever

    God I hate her(Soumya) so much By the way she is a b. i. t. c. h.

  14. suhani after knowin da truth she should nt leave

  15. Suhani should leave and yuvrajshould be desperate to get her back and say I love u to her

  16. Yuvraj you are blo*dy idiot!!! Fed up of his stupid actions. Cant make his mind up what the blo*dy fool wants!

  17. Hey guys.. Suhani ko sach pata chalega but aadha sach ki soumya yuvraj ko usse dur karna chahti hai…unke past k baare me nhi..
    Ishliye suhani yuvraj ko chod k nhi jaengi…aur sayad soumya k against ladegi…so don’t worry…dadi bhale hi soumya ko face of the year banaye..aur jitene v ghatia plan banae..yuvani ko alag nhi kar sakegi…yuvani hamesa saath nhi rahenge… 🙂 🙂
    <3 u yuvani…. (y)

    1. Sorry…yuvani hamesa sath rahenge… :p
      <3 u yuvani… 🙂

  18. it is high time suhani shows soumya the way out of birla house only then will she get close to yuvraj

  19. Now its board now.pls finish the soumya’s chapter

  20. when is suhani going to realize what soumya is all about.

  21. Superb acting by Sahil and Rajshri in yesterday’s episode. The story is progressing well.

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