Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani saying I will wash hands and come. She goes. Sambhav talks to Yuvraaj and asks him to see how Suhani is still in his feet. Yuvraaj says don’t get happy, I m going to give up my life, then you can’t control anyone. Sambhav says you won’t do any such thing and goes. Yuvraaj say I hope Sambhav comes to me, even Suhani will come. Suhani see footprints and says why did Sambhav go close to mirror. She follows Sambhav. Sambhav says I will not let Yuvraaj spoil my plan. He goes to the room. Suhani sees the marks and follows Sambhav. Dadi stops Suhani and asks where are you going.

Suhani says I m following Sambhav, maybe he has hidden Yuvraaj there. Dadi says I will go and see. Suhani asks her to take care. Dadi goes to store room and calls out Yuvraaj.

She thinks where did Sambhav hide Yuvraaj. She comes out and says Yuvraaj is not here, we will go and think what to do. Baby thinks whats happening in this house, its mysterious, Dadi and Suhani fight in front of everyone and talk when they are alone, Suhani talks of relations and respects Yuvraaj, she follows Yuvraaj behind her back, strange. She gets a gift and likes it. She gets a note and reads.

Sambhav has left the note for her. Sambhav writes thanks for telling me that my shoes are leaving mark and I m being followed. Baby says thanks Daddy ji, I m in your team and ready to help you, just keep me sending gifts. Sambhav asks her to keep an eye and help him to get more rewards. Dadi says what shall we do now. Suhani says don’t know, maybe he has doubt. Bhavna asks what are you talking alone. Suhani says I was thinking something. Bhavna goes. Dadi says he would be finding me. Suhani says I know, no need to go to him. Saiyyam goes. Dadi sees him and says I m scared of Sambhav. Suhani says I have a plan. Dadi says I will go to Sambhav’s room. Suhani says no, I will manage. Dadi says I will bear this for Yuvraaj, tell me what to do.

Sambhav says who was following me, Dadi or Suhani, or both. He recalls Dadi’s words and says I think there is something in her mind, I have to torture her to make her say. Dadi tries to open the room door lock by pin. Bhavna sees her. Dadi makes excuse. Bhavna thinks Dadi and Suhani are behaving strange. Dadi asks her to go. Dadi puts some dog food there. She sees the face mask on table and takes it. Sambhav comes and sees Dadi. He asks what are you doing in my room Dadi. Dadi gets shocked.

Suhani goes to meet goon. He asks her to free him, I don’t know where is Yuvraaj. She says sorry, you will be punished, you will help us in finding Yuvraaj. She gets a stick to scare her and he agrees to help her. Dadi asks where is Yuvraaj, you can give me electric shocks, I have to meet Yuvraaj else. Sambhav says I m not going to be scared of your warnings. Saiyyam’s dog comes there and runs away with Sambhav’s mask. Sambhav runs after him. Dadi smiles. Suhani gets goon home. Sharad and Pratima talk about talking to Yuvraaj.

Dadi calls Suhani and says Saiyyam’s dog has eaten the mask, thanks for giving the idea, don’t you think you should have told me before. Suhani says I had no way, he threatened to kill Yuvaan. Dadi says now he threatened to kill Yuvraaj. Suhani says leave it, Pratima is going to talk to Yuvraaj. Dadi says I will stop him. Suhani makes goon call Sambhav. Dadi stops Pratima to talk about property. Yuvaan says if you give property to me, what about Yuvani. Dadi says Yuvani will get her husband’s property. Pratima asks about Krishna. Dadi says she won’t get anything.

Sambhav is angry as the mask is ruined. He says I can’t wait for mask. Goon calls him and says he has seen Birla family woman. He describes Dadi’s twin sister. Sambhav thinks did Dadi’s twin sister come back. Goon asks him to come out and meet. Suhani thinks now Sambhav will come out and police will catch him. Dadi asks Pratima not to talk to Yuvraaj. Pratima asks why. Rags says Dadi has taken decision. Pratima says everyone will decide about property. Suhani thinks police will catch Sambhav and I will get Yuvraaj. She hears Dadi arguing. Pratima says how can you stop me from meeting Yuvraaj. Suhani comes. Dadi argues and asks them to accept her decision. Pratima says Suhani, Dadi is not letting me talk to Yuvraaj. Suhani asks children to go out. Baby says why shall we go out. She wishes Yuvaan says something. Suhani asks Yuvaan to go. Yuvaan asks Baby to come.

Suhani says Dadi, I know things will get easy if we tell everyone. Sharad asks what are you saying. Suhani apologizes for hiding till now. She says now I will not hide anything.

Suhani tells Sharad that Sambhav is roaming in house by wearing Yuvraaj’s mask. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Saiyyam must hear abt sambhav… In precap …. Every tym he peep in dadi room pls reveal any sambhav

    1. Saiyyam hears everything except the main important truth of his lusty father…they juz wanna drag it more …same boring things happening

      1. Yup,,,,all serials are lyk this,,,,maybe he will come to knw the truth from Sambav only

  2. Abt sambhav

  3. terrific epi!! a long episode… atlast suhani told the truth to everyone.. idiot baby, sambhav is going to be exposed. may b saiyyam will support sambhav n we hav to see sambhav face again…

  4. Same yuvraj and sambav suhani crazy scene. I’m fed up where is this sayyam and krishna??? Let the new couples lead the show

    1. I agree with you.
      I am finding it boring, with all this finding Yuvraj Birla track.

      I mean it is so stupid, you would think that if you have lived in a house. Nearly the rest of your life. You would know about how many rooms, there ARE.
      Especially, if you have any extra stores room.
      I don’t care for this story line. But it would be nice to have some sweet scene with Krishna and saiyyam.

      Now suhani understood saiyyam importance. At first suhani didn’t.
      Now suhani wants saiyyam to be on her side, because suhani realised that sambhav actually care for saiyyam.
      Sambhav might be a rapist, but he has some love for saiyyam. Suhani knows that.

      So what suhani going to do, once saiyyam takes her side and rescued yuvraj.
      I know suhani is a birla now, she well use saiyyam. Then suhani well say you are sambhav son and kick him out

      1. @ Krishna.

        I would not be surprise, if sambhav care and love saiyyam.
        This can happen.

        Sometimes the rapist can become a better parent, to that said child.

        I can see that sambhav love his son, saiyyam.
        I can also see that sambhav love suhani. That is why he had a go at Baby, when she called suhani, by her name.

        I wonder how would suhani, would feel. If sambhav become the better parent to saiyyam.
        Also if saiyyam find that parent love, from sambhav.

        Like I said sometimes, sometimes the worst people can surprise you.

        It can happen, if it does, then suhani has to blame herself.
        Saiyyam came looking for her.
        Suhani by listening to other people, well lose her son again.

      2. @ Lucy.
        This is a woman who has abandoned her baby son.
        Her name is Suhani Birla.

        What the matter with you girl ?

        This woman didn’t think twice about saiyyam. Suhani was playing happy family with her evil twins. Also with the rest of the Birla.
        You think that she would be upset, if saiyyam take sambhav side. NO, suhani wouldn’t!

        Suhani wants to use saiyyam, now, because she wants to find yuvraj.
        After suhani is done with him, she well get rid of saiyyam.

        I am not having a go at you.

        I am all ready a website a strange, with one person, I don’t want to be with you. 😉

      3. Well the entire story line is illogical and nothing new about this track,,,,,Suhani never said that she wanted Sayyam on her side,,,,because she knows that he will never take her side and she did bad with him,,,,it was Dadi’s idea to include Sayyam in this plan,,,,Suhani was trying to send him back,,,,I don’t think that Suhani will kick him out after all these,,,,,if she wanted to do that,she could have done that before,,,,at the time of first accident when Sayyam revealed himself……
        Don’t say that Sambav loves Suhani,,,,If you say that Sambav still loves Suhani (after all he did to her),just because he scolded Baby,,,,you could also say that Suhani loves Sayyam (after all she did to him),,,,because she said sorry Sayyam in yesterday’s epi……Just because you ppl hate Suhani,you even found that rapist’s small reaction positive,,,

      4. I agree with both of you, I did say sometimes.

        there is love, the problem with sambhav is that. He is going the wrong way about it, with suhani.

        Remember he was there for her, for that six years. Not once did he show any kind of evilness. He did, as suhani told him to do. Until sambhav walked into the birla house. That is where everything went wrong with him.

        Someone like sambhav won’t wait for six years. The character that is now. They would have shown sign, after a couple weeks.
        That there is something wrong with them.

        But I still think sambhav does care for saiyyam. It doesn’t matter how small it might be.
        I agree with Shanti, I don’t think suhani would care.

  5. Nowadays it’s lyk a suspense thriller,,,,can’t guess what’s Suhani’s plan…maybe whole family will plan together now,,,,,,,,,bt now Sambav got new helper,,,,,

    1. Even if the whole family work together sambhav will be able to win. This is the rule in indian serial , evil wins always.

      1. yea,,,,,so true,,,,,,Sambav will overhear their convo even if they plan smthng,,,,,One thing is …Sambav fixed cameras everywhere,,,,,bt he didn’t see Suhani and Dadi planning secretly,,,

      2. Have you both thought that sambhav is more clever.

        Yes I am talking to you too Hanna.

        Just because we have a strange relationship. 😉
        It doesn’t mean that we can’t say hello.

        How is Yuvraj and Suhani ?

      3. @ shanti
        Even if he is smarter doesn’t mean he has to win always, he wins coz writers are more interested in showing crap than a everyday life serial.
        Lol “strange relationship ” I still don’t get it but I guess it is one of the weird things of life
        You should watch regularly and come to the platform more often so we could see hello and you will know how suhani and yuvraaj are doing ?

      4. Hey Hanna.

        😀 😀 😀

        Just one of those, things in life. 😉
        I was born, not to be understood.
        That is the way I am.

        Take Care.

      5. That’s what make people unique And interesting ? but seriously come more often, the story is already dragging to much at least reading others opinion is exciting

  6. Sambav will always win and others will loose. I dont know when can we see a happy scene

  7. Geez, why or why don’t the just get to the damn point. I know its just a serial but it’s so damn frustrating at this point. So much circles and holes to fill that I think they writers have confused themselves and don’t know how to continue.

  8. krishna ?Sayyam

    Exactly where is sayyam and Krishna ?

    1. At the Birla house. Suhani wants to use saiyyam to find her beloved yuvraj.
      That is why she brought back Krishna and saiyyam.

      Yesterday I think suhani wanted them to go.
      Saiyyam decided not to go. Saiyyam doesn’t know what going on.

  9. How can sambhav alive

    1. It is a miracle!

      Sambhav didn’t die, he saved himself, by jumping into the river.

  10. Plssss show offf this stupid serial

    1. Hey, I only watch this show because of Krishna and saiyyam.
      Not for suhani and yuvraj.
      The two DUMB couple, I don’t want to know about.

  11. Find out Yuvi soooon,,,,,,,hope they will act clever

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