Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lata, Bhavna and Rohan talking to Suhani about Teej fast and trying to know whether she is keeping the fast or not. Rohan says he has an idea to find this and asks Suhani will she go temple tomorrow or come with him to have sweets. Suhani says she won’t come, and will go temple with Lata. Lata says don’t know what she means, she will keep fast or not. Bhavna says maybe she wants to come to give you company. Yuvraaj and Suhani recall the last Teej and miss each other.

She thinks to keep fast or not, she takes water and stops seeing its past 12. Rohan tells Dadi that Suhani will keep fast, she is going to temple. Dadi says its good you are dropping them to temple, listen what I m saying. Its morning, Dadi, Rags and Menka get ready and leave. Pratima asks where

are they going. Sharad says its good if they go, you can send Yuvraaj to Suhani.

Rohan asks Suhani to eat samosas, and she refuses. He asks what did she decide, where will she go? Soumya asks Rakhi to get ready to go to temple. Rakhi gets laddoos and wishes to eat it. Lalita calls them to get ready and taunts Soumya for not keeping the fast, and they leave for temple. Dadi, Rags and Menka are also at the temple and start insulting Suhani and Lata. Lata cries and asks why are they still bitter towards Suhani. Dadi scolds her and taunts Suhani. They pass bad comments referring to Lata as a beggar. Soumya, Rakhi and Lalita come there. Soumya supports Suhani. Suhani says enough Rags, stop it now. She asks Lata to come. Rohan says yes, Suhani is right, and taunts Rags and Menka, referring to them as dogs. He says Suhani has many enemies, but not less friends. Lata smiles seeing him. Dadi smiles as her and Rohan’s plan worked. Dadi tells Rags that we won’t stay here now, work got over now. They leave.

Suhani, Rohan and Lata come home. Pankaj thanks Rohan for supporting his family. Rohan says its fine. Pankaj asks Lata to drink water, she is getting unwell, no need to fast. She refuses and says they called me beggar, they insulted us, as you cheated to get Yuvraaj marry Suhani. Suhani says dad did this for my happiness. Lata says this did not change anything, we are still losing respect daily, not anymore, I want to take a decision, Suhani you don’t want this relation right? Then we have to end this marriage completely. They all ask what is she saying.

Lata says Yuvraaj is nice guy, but he does not want to stay with Suhani, and even Suhani does not wish to be with him, whats the use of unwanted relation, relation should be with that person who loves you, I m Suhani’s mum and I want her to marry Rohan. They all get shocked. Pankaj says you are angry so you are saying this. Lata says no, I thought well. She says she will break her fast when Suhani agrees to marry Rohan. Suhani cries and asks why is she being adamant. Lata says this is my last decision. Suhani says Papa…. Pankaj says don’t worry, I will do something. Suhani looks at Rohan. Rohan says why are you staring at me, I did not do this, but aunty is right, forced relations are wrong, so I won’t force you.

Sharad asks Yuvraaj to go, is he going for some mahurat. Yuvraaj says I know what I have to go, I m going. Sharad gives him the shopping bags and sends him. Pankaj says we can’t force Suhani. Lata says she does not know whats right and wrong, its our duty to show right path to Suhani to make her life better. Suhani comes to them and explains Lata that like Pankaj threatened Yuvraaj to marry me, that’s way Lata is forcing her now, does she feel her life is incomplete, she can’t agree to her, if Yuvraaj did not agree, this would be not the situation, I won’t let you repeat dad’s mistake.

Soumya tells Yuvraaj that Lata has sworn to make Suhani agree to Rohan’s proposal, else she won’t break her fast. He says this is ridiculous, I can’t believe this. Soumya says you should come and talk to Suhani, she is confused.

Update Credit to: Amena

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