Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying Soumya is in kitchen, I m playing a game with Soumya and Yuvraaj, don’t tell them. Yuvani agrees. Dadi goes. Yuvraaj does his packing and asks Soumya how is Krishna’s mood. She says she is fine, its good she will be here else I would be alone. She says Dadi came in room, she did not doubt. He sits on the bed and checks phone. She comes checking the girls and says Yuvani packed two bags. He smiles and takes pillow. He goes and rests on the couch. Soumya removes mangalsutra and sindoor. He says Soumya we should be careful, no one should know that we are not married. She nods. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Suhani, Sharad and Yuvaan come home. Suhani hugs Bhavna. Bhavna says I was scared. Suhani says even I was scared, I went to park. Golu says I m

happy that Yuvaan came and want double breakfast. They smile. Saurabh tells Yuvraaj about the Lucknow company. Yuvraaj says I want to talk to them. Sharad tells Suhani about the competitor. She says we can’t take risk. Sharad gets Yuvraaj’s manager’s call. Sharad says we will not move back. Yuvraaj says take them they will regret. Sharad says we will see. Saurabh asks manager to put call on speaker. Manager says Sur is doing this for his daughter, he won’t lose. Suhani says I m doing this for my son, I will also not lose. She ends call. Suhani says we have to start work soon, call everyone. Yuvraaj asks why is sound not coming well. Manager says my son made the phone fall yesterday. Yuvraaj says I think we should go Lucknow and sort this out.

Dadi comes to room and sees Soumya giving all clothes to laundry man. She says Pratima is calling you. Soumya goes. Pratima says I did not call you. Yuvani tells Soumya that Dadi’s game, Dadi was painting the couch yesterday. Soumya thinks whats Dadi trying to do. Yuvraaj asks Soumya what happened. Dadi checks clothes. Yuvraaj asks Dadi ti come and check the fashion house papers. Dadi leaves. Soumya comes there and checks Yuvraaj’s shirt with the paint mark. She hides the shirt. She takes the clothes outside. A tshirt falls. Dadi checks it and does not see any mark.

Soumya thanks Dadi. Dadi says I m trying to help Soumya, as I fired Rama. Sharad asks Sambhav what is he doing, is this cricket ground. Sambhav says first throw a ball, then I will listen to you. Sharad stops him and says fine, I will throw the ball. Sambhav says great, throw a good ball. Sharad says you show attitudes. Sambhav says this is my tashan. Sharad throws the ball. Sambhav hits the ball. Suhani comes and asks whats happening. She falls and Sambhav takes her instant pic.

Suhani asks what are you doing. Sambhav removes the cricket accessories. He says I was capturing your true face, which I was when you were falling, its true, when person falls somewhere, body becomes free, then reality is seen. Suhani says I don’t have time for your useless philosophy. He says I believe in freedom, without any fear. She asks then why did you wear helmet. He says you are amazing, you make me speechless. She asks him to talk about work, we have to do photoshoot with our best models, we want this deal any how. Yuvraaj is on the way with Yuvani and says we are reaching hotel soon. Suhani says we have to know how to make the competitors lose. Yuvraaj and Yuvani reach the hotel. He says its important deal. She asks him to win. He says don’t worry, I will win this deal any how.

Suhani gives the presentation. Everyone clap for her. The client likes Suhani’s presentation and says I want to give you all the contracts, but maybe you are not interested, and gave contract to someone else. She says situation was like that. He says I want my work to be done, lets see, I want to explore some options for myself, the problem is no one thinks different like you, I like your work.

Yuvani wants to play with the kids in the park. Rama hears music. Yuvani applies sunscreen. The lady says you can’t play with them. Yuvani says I can make them lose, can I show playing. Yuvaan says this is my school team, we don’t play badminton. Yuvani taunts him on his height. He says did no one taught you not to joke on anyone. She says beautiful people doesn’t care for such things. Rama asks Yuvani to come. Yuvani asks her to get water and sends her.

A peon falls and Sambhav takes pic. Suhani asks him to help. He says I heard your taunts. Yuvraaj comes there. He goes to give presentation. Suhani and Sambhav argue. Sambhav says you will get the contract, keep this photo. She keeps photo and says till result does not come, I will not tell anything. He asks how does she get this negativity, your eyes have written that you got contract, you are hiding happiness, just chill and enjoy.

Yuvraaj comes to Suhani’s house. They both walk towards the door. She opens the door…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is this suppose to be another yei hei mohabbatein hei?

  2. Well…i am amused to see this other chap..Sambhav..well i hope he is interested in Suhani as a person..Lets see how Yuvraj reacts now..thinks he can have any woman in his life..plz let Yuvraj realises his mistake.Let Suhani rise above all and not get emotional..make her a fighter.

  3. I hope Suhani and Yuvraj meet when she opens the door & unite. 🙂

  4. Finally….Yuvraj and Soumya are not married…they are only acting as married! and a new hero has entered Suhani’s life! Hmmm what do we say! Just that feel bad for Yuvraj and Suhani but things between them will not be the same ever….wonder if they will really see each other tomorrow! I thought they will confront each other in public…maybe a in a business meeting etc. How long will it be before they get to know Dadi’s lie and that both their babies are alive?

    New hero looks good so far…same like our old Suhani…full of life! Maybe he will be a match for Soumya later…after all we still want Yuvraj and Suhani together! Dil kya kare…Dil hai ki maanta hi nahi to see Yuvraj and Suhani with someone else!!!!

  5. Nice episode. ………..Sambhav is smart &handsome.

  6. so sambav is photographer who will fall foemr suhani.i like that.who is that handsome.

  7. Watch them not meet tomorrow……but we might be lucky and they will meet tmmr!

    1. Agree with u #UniteYuvani. ……… matter what we want our yuvani back.

  8. So excited to see tomorrow’s episode where Suhani sees Yuvraaj

  9. Yes at last someone new for suhani. I hope that sambhav and Suhani get together. He is better looking then yuvraj. Suhani needs a new man in her life, I hope that they get married to each other. Yuvraj and suomya, why fake, I don’t understand. Soumya I know that you are weak, that just who you are, but for your daughter sake marry yuvraj for real. Because you really have messed her up.
    Suhani 4 Sambhav.

  10. I hope they see each other

  11. Agree with u #UniteYuvani. ……… matter what we want our yuvani back.

  12. Nice epi.. N I don’t think they will see each other today..
    The way suhani fell down, then looked at sambhav n he took her pic.. I love it..

  13. Yeh new hero pls change his hairstyle after leap I couldn’t find suhani’s mammi dadi

  14. haahahhaah it is funny how they are copying each and every detail of yhm. anyway i hope at least the directors have sense and unite suhani with another man

  15. i hope so today they met each other … they meet face to face ilk reacting lyk a bussiness meeting or expose their feeling… lets see

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