Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima welcoming Suhani. Suhani hugs Pratima and Bhavna. Sambhav greets them. Pratima asks why are you crying Suhani. Suhani says I met you after long time. Yuvraaj looks on. Bhavna asks her not to be emotional. Yuvani asks Suhani about her hand. Suhani says I got hurt while working in kitchen. Bhavna feeds samosa to Suhani. Sambhav thinks smile Suhani, because now you have to cry. Bhavna says girl gets pampered when she comes Maayka.

Soumya says I have to do pariknama of house temple now. Menka and Rags make her fall down and laugh. Menka throws the wooden stick. Menka says we will win, we are going to do Pariknama of pandals. Sambhav gets that stick and misses to see Yuvaan. Yuvaan goes to washroom in Saurabh’s room. Yuvraaj gets a call and talks. Saurabh


Soumya cries and tells Krishna that she is a bad mum, she could not win study room. Krishna says I don’t want anything till you are with me, whats the competition. Sambhav looks for Yuvaan. Sharad tells Pratima that Rags and Menka went to do Pariknama of nearby pandals. Soumya comes and asks Dadi and Pratima to sit. Krishna wishes her all the best. Soumya does Pariknama around Dadi and Pratima.

Rags and Menka come and tell Dadi that they have done Pariknama of 51 pandals. Soumya says you both are my Maa, so you are Lord for me, temples Pariknama at one side and Maa Pariknama at other side. Rags asks what nonsense. Dadi says you won’t understand this, Soumya won. Pratima says Krishna will get a study room, it will be built. Krishna hugs Soumya.

Suhani scolds Yuvaan and asks where did you go without telling me. He says I went to washroom by telling Yuvani. Pratima asks what happened. Suhani says I mean he can go anywhere. Dadi asks where is Yuvraaj. Saurabh says he is on business call. Sambhav drags a huge trunk and says Dadi, I got this puja items in storeroom, shall I do its visarjan also. Dadi says fine. Sambhav smiles. Pratima asks Saurabh to come, get the idol.

They all leave from home. FB shows Sambhav hiding seeing Yuvaan. Yuvaan leaves. Sambhav beats on Yuvraaj’s head with that stick. Yuvraaj faints. Sambhav smiles. FB ends. Sambhav takes the trunk out.

The family immerses the Ganesh idol in the water pit. Dadi asks Sharad and Saurabh to help Sambhav in immersing the puja items. They get the trunk, and immerse in the second water pit. The trunk sinks. Yuvani asks Suhani about Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is inside the trunk. Sambhav asks Suhani is she finding Yuvraaj. Suhani says Yuvani was asking. Sambhav says even Yuvani won’t get Yuvraaj anywhere. Suhani gets worried.

She goes to look for Yuvraaj. She calls his phone and says its ringing. She finds his phone in Saurabh’s room. Sambhav comes with a sand clock and ashes pot. He says what a friendship, you want to help Yuvraaj, its too late. She says you promised me you won’t kill anyone. He says shut up, I said I won’t kill Yuvaan, I hate seeing you and Yuvraaj together, you would be thinking to save Yuvraaj, but I won’t let you go. She cries and prays to Lord to save Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj gets conscious and knocks the door of the trunk. He shouts for help. Saurabh hears some sound and asks Sharad about it. Sharad says maybe some dhol sound. Yuvraaj shouts help….Sambhav says I will make sure no one gets you out of here. Suhani says you think you will win, you can’t. Sambhav asks will Lord come to fail me. Golu comes and asks Sambhav to save him. Yuvaan scares Golu with a fake rat. Suhani asks kids to play with Sambhav, and rushes. The kids stop Sambhav.

Dadi asks them to close the pit. Suhani stops them, and tells them that Yuvraaj is nowhere, I feel like he is inside this trunk. They get shocked. Sharad and Saurabh sit to pull the trunk out of water.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really I wish from the heart this serial should stop…… I hate donkey sam

  2. Suhani please save yuvraj … don’t disappoint us cv …. we are fed up by this … can’t take it anymore please understand

  3. I regret now for watching this show why r they not ending this Sam track really disappointed. I am watching old episodes now it really gives me relief especially rohans track it was simply superb

    1. I feel very sorry for the very few people who are still watching this prolonged garbage

  4. agreed extremely garbage nothing in it very pathatic . whydont they end it ?

  5. i am sure the trunk will be opened and yuvraj taken out. i hope suhani exposes sambhav. and she takes her revenge well by beating the culprit. every one else also beat him badly and send him to jail. please cvs be sensible and think about viewers.

  6. Is yuvraj going to die?itni jaldi.

  7. Please end this shit baap!_/\_
    Such a dumb story line these days!!

  8. I think wen suhani saves yuvraj she will tell him everything

  9. Guys cvs dont see our request n end psycho sam track.they r gone totally mad.i think yuvraj already got clue against he has to help suhani to get rid of sam.plssss end this dirty track n unite yuvani n sahil rajshri r best as yuvani no one else .for god sake no sowmya for yuvraj kick out sam sowmya n old witch dadi from u guys think right na

  10. Yes, please don’t upset or dissapoint us, end sambhav track and maybe now dadi will get to realise what sambhav’s like and same goes for yuvraj. Unite yuvraj and Suhani

  11. Copied SNS – same in that where Gaura put kokila in trunk and put in water. Same here sambhav put yuvraj in box and then in water.

  12. It is worst and dragging the stupid Sambhav character..

  13. This is the dumbest copycat show. after all that, Suhani will still keep that donkey’s Sambhav’s evil intention a secret. I wonder how many more people he needs to kill or torture before she actually stands up and let everyone one he is evil.

  14. Guys here is a news..
    Shared a source, “SSEL will jump on a 15 years forward track wherein the leads Suhani (Rajshri Rani) and Yuvraj’s (Sahil Mehta) kids will be grown up. They will now fight the custom of objectifying people in terms of their colour.”
    So ssel is going to take 15 years leap.. ?

  15. I echo with all above viewers posting comments. I totally agree with all. Please cvs stop all this nonsense. This show is becoming horrible day by day. Am simply wasting time seeing such horrible show. Kick this pysco sambhav donkey sambhav and irritating saumya too. Ultimately sumaya is responsible too for spoiling suhani’s life.she called sambhav in Birla house. Writers please reunite Yuvi and suhani otherwise stop this show

  16. Hey rubbish episode

  17. Nonsense ,bakwas story line .nobody likes this stupid track…..why they are dragging too much…..people watch serial for entertainment not for headache..agar copy karna hai to Ekta kapoor ke serials ki karo jisme koi logic hota hai….warna ssel ki story itni unique hai wahi follow kare…..dadi ko ab koi action lena padega kyuki unke favorite pota and parpota ki jaan par aagai hai…….suhani ko accept karke yuvraj suhani ko mila kar happy moments dikhaye ya happy ending kare….plssss plssssss plssssss

  18. Sambhav is killing the show, needs to stop now

  19. such serials are ruining respect of women.why star plus is not ending such serials

  20. if the show takes another leap this will completely be the death of this show. Some of the longest show’s on Starplus have been completely finished because of these stupid leap’s. Star Plus some advise to you, if you want to lose viewer and kill the show altogether, continue down this path.
    There were so many good story lines that you could have explored, but time after time its the same old crap. Disgusting behaviour towards Suhani, because of her skin complexion. WHAT MESSAGE IS IT YOU WANT TO GIVE TO THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, THAT DARK SKINNED PEOPLE ARE 2ND RATE CITIZENS??

  21. Producers of the show what’s happened to Menaka’s stolen baby storyline, or when Sharad killed Bhavan’s 1st husband in the FB. To have a successful show you need to also develop other character’s and story line’s.. Not just keep going over the same old ground over and over again. in the UK we have a serial that has been running for 50 years .. maybe you need to reach out to the writers of that show to see how its done !! That even 50 years on it still pulls in the viewers.

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