Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Saiyyam will he have samosas if he is working hard. She asks Kaka to be witness and tell police how Saiyyam killed them. Krishna says I m hungry, give me samosas. Yuvaan says even I want it. Rags says I will also become witness. Rags says yes, someone should show video to court. Saiyyam gets angry and asks man to take bulldozer back. They all smile. Suhani hugs Yuvaan and Krishna. Yuvani looks on sad.

Krishna serves juice to Yuvani. Yuvani says no one will have this. Krishna says this is cheers juice. Yuvaan says we used to celebrate in Goa with this juice. Suhani says we should celebrate without any reason. Krishna says that way people can make sorrow lose. Pratima asks Dadi to have juice, its made by rose petals. Yuvani says I will also do cheers.

Suhani says no, you won’t, Yuvaan, Krishna, me and Maa will do cheers, as we are one team, we will cheers for Yuvani, as she gave this idea to me. She tells Dadi that she told me a story 12 years ago and that gave me this idea. Yuvani says oh yes and hugs Suhani. Yuvani asks Rags to have juice. Dadi signs Rags to take it. They all cheers.

Yuvani says mumma, I m so happy that you remember it even today. Suhani says I remember, it was special for you. Saiyyam looks on. Yuvaan says I know I m mumma’s fav. Yuvani asks him to shut up. Rags says Yuvani is my fav. Dadi says Yuvaan is my fav and hugs him. Pratima says Suhani is my fav and hugs her. Suhani says this is called relations and family, which no bulldozer can break. Saiyyam gets angry.

He goes to someone at night and says if I did not break the house now, don’t worry, I won’t lose soon, we will get many more chances. He leaves.

Suhani says no, we can’t meet here, he should not know I left spy behind him. She pays money to the spy. Yuvani sees this. She gets a call and says yes I know about card party, I will try to come. Saiyyam checks some personal details file. He sees adoption agreement and thinks to keep file well. He keeps the file. He gets a call. He takes phone and key falls there.

Yuvani and Rags make faces seeing the homely food. Krishna compliments Rags. Rags and Yuvani refuse to have this food. Dadi asks Rags to make Yuvani’s fav food. Suhani says I made something for Yuvani. Yuvani says I won’t have this. Suhani asks her to have salad. Yuvaan says Krishna and I can have anything made by Suhani. Yuvani says give salad to them, Rags will make anything for me. Rags says yes, Yuvani likes protein salad. Suhani says this salad also has protein, Yuvani can try and leave it if she does not like.

Yuvani tries the salad and likes it. She says wow, its yummy. Dadi says maybe Suhani added cheese. Suhani says no, I used to make this for Yuvraaj, and he did not liked cheese. Yuvani says this salad is tasty and healthy, I just love it. Suhani smiles. A dog comes and barks. Suhani asks Krishna why is she scared. Krishna says this dog is not like snoopi. Saiyyam comes there.

He says this dog is Tiger, my bodyguard, I don’t believe humans, so I kept this dog with me. Suhani talks to Tiger. She says animals are lovely. Dadi taunts Saiyyam. Saiyyam takes Tiger and goes. Dadi says nature is like the face. Suhani looks on.

Yuvani says everything got complicated now, I have to leave, else party will get over. She gets her friend’s call who asks her to pick her. Yuvani says no, even my chances to go are less. Suhani comes and asks what happened. Dadi shouts on Pratima. Pratima says Suhani will not let Saiyyam do wrong with family. Dadi says she stopped Sambhav too, our family broke. Pratima says no use to talk about that, I m sure Suhani won’t let anything wrong happen, see I got this saree for you. Dadi likes it.

Suhani gives a watch to Yuvani. Yuvani asks is this my gift, what brand is this. Suhani says Anmol, Indian brands are good. Rags says Yuvani does not like it. Rags says I gifted her international brand watch. Suhani says keep it safe, wear this one, as little kids have made this, its poor people’s hardwork. She goes. Rags asks Yuvani not to wear this, they will make you out from auditions. Yuvani says fine and removes the watch. She says mom is not strict. Rags says yes, when she sees your western side, you will know her. Yuvani says I know mom likes simplicity. Rags says yes, so she likes Krishna.

Krishna gets scared by the dog. She shouts help and falls. Saiyyam laughs. Yuvani looks for Krishna. Saiyyam asks Krishna how is the taste of junk, you can have bed here and sleep, poor girl can’t get up without aunty. Krishna cries. He laughs aloud. Someone pushes and throws Saiyyam down.

Suhani checks personal details file and does not get anything. Saiyyam says thanks for joining the game, I will celebrate double by making you lose.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. If yuvraj returns this time I want him to take stand for suhani and not to stand dumb in front of his beloved dadi and moreover yuvan and yuvani are also standing dumb in front of dadi
    This time I want some improvement in yuvraj character he should support suhani

  2. So saiyyam is adopted and someone is behind him doing what he is but who?

  3. Saiyyam is barbie’s son

  4. I think its BARBIE
    She is doin all tis thing……. M Sure SHE IS BACK

  5. Suhani is showing more care for Krishna than her daughter and can’t see that rags and dadi are taking advantage of this.
    @Anu – I agree, dadi always insults Suhani even though she’s the one who always helps them out of problems. Has she forgot whonsav d her from her sister and pratima and the house from Barbie etc.

  6. I think saiyyam is Suhani son after she got rape and someone adopted him…where is all the rest of actor??? And when yvuraj coming back?

    1. No if he sambhav’s son,he will be very young like 6 or 7 years old.but this guy sayyam is all grown up.the drama is interesting.

  7. who’s barbie guys

    1. You forget Barbie! !vamp surogecy track

  8. Guys the leap is only for 7 years. If sambhav and Suhani had a child then his age would be can he be that elder.sayyam isn’t their son.most probably he may be barbies son.

    1. Leap is for 15 years

  9. I’m missing menka and yuvraj when they are coming back to the show. New cast who is hero. And Wat about bhavna and sharad and yuvraj brothers. Wat is dis full on confused story.i am unable to understand who is say am. We’re is yuvraj first of all missing him a lot.

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