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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts off where it left off, Suhani informs her Dad that the check book is at home. She asks him to stop after work and take the check. He agrees and leave for work. Suhani mom gets up and say she will make parathe for them, Suhani makes her request as to which one. Soumya says she doesnt want as its oily. Suhani mom teases her is it oily or are you just hurrying to get home to your in-laws. Both Suhani and Somuya stay quiet. Suhani mom asks them why are they so quiet, what is wrong. Suhani tells her mom she would only tell her if she promises to stay calm, she agrees. Suhani tells her mom how Krishna treated Somuya at the cafe till the scene when Krishna came to get her at the Birla house. Suhani mom hugs Somuya.

Both arrive back to the Birla house. Ramesh comes and informs

Suhani that he has brought the stuff she needed, she says that fine ill be there soon. Suhani asks if Soumya is fine. Soumya says she is fine now but was worried when she was telling her mom about her. Suhani comforts her by saying my mom love you the same way she loves me. Soumya thanks her everything that Suhani has done for her. Suhani says there is no reason to be sentimental and thank her. Suhani tells her to go and rests since she got her up this early. Suhani leaves. Somuya slowly begins walking past Yuvraj room. Yuvraj looks up and sees her walking by. Soumya stops and see her ad for Birla product in the newspaper. Yuvraj comes and puts a paper in front of the ad asking for an autograph. If she has anytimes can she give him a autograph. Somuya says Yuvraj please and smiles. He says you dont have time and says I thought so, big people big talks. He tells her that everyone likes her smiling, she should keep smiling. Soumya thanks him for all the effort he makes to make her smile. He leaves. Somuya turns the paper he asked for the autograph and it the same “good morning” paper that Suhani had left on top of Yuvraj clothes. She smiles looking towards him. Dadi is watching this from a distance. Dadi approaches Soumya and asks her where did she go this early. Soumya tells eveything to Dadi that Suhani father had called her cause her Bua needed money. Dadi asks did she help him. Somuya tells her no she didnt have the checkbook so he is coming after work. Dadi tells Somuya to join her in Somuya room, she wants to show her something.

Both come into Soumya room. Dadi asks her to look at something and tell her if she needs it. Its a mirror with a crack in it. Somuya tells her no, there is a crack in it, I cant look at myself properly. Dadi says just like this mirror if there is a crack in a relationship and you cant see yourself there is no point in such relationship. Somuya says you mean. Dadi says yes you and Krishna, they is no point in amending this relationship. She throws the mirror on the floor and it lands right in front of Suhani feet. Dadi says and if you do amend it there will always be a knot. Dadi while leaving tells Somuya she only does or says good to the people she cares about. Suhani bends over to pic up the mirror pieces as Somuya stands there and asks her does she also think she made a mistake by marrying Krishna. Suhani says yes and to forget everything that happened. Soumya says how can she forget, she think about it everyday, he cant believe she married such a person, she left everyone for such a person. She feels that marrying Krishna was her biggest mistake. Suhani gets up and looks worried.

Suhani walks into her room. Yuvraj looks up at her. Suhani informs him that the bank please are saying weird things that they already sent the card. But you will get your card soon. She says food has been placed, come. He says ok.

Dadi, Menka and Rags are seen sitting around the dining table. Dadi says she has left an idea in Somuya mind to leave Krishna, perfectly. Rags says now its our turn. Dadi says do you know what to do. Menka says yes, we need to show Yuvraj that Suhani “blackmailer” father and Suhani are robbing us blind. Rag tells her to shut up. Suhani and Yuvraj come. Dadi asks Yuvraj, where is Somuya. He looks up at Dadi. Suhani says she will go and get her. Pratima comes and sits down. Dadi asks Yuvraj if he is ok. He says yes. Dadi asks if he got his card. He says no. She says call the bank, ill talk to them. He says no its ok, Suhani already did, ill get it today. Menka whispers, not the bank card but Suhani report card and she is failing.

Suhani calls her Dad and asks where is he. He says he is on his way and asks to meet outside as he has to go to the bank and if he comes in he will have to greet everyone and that will take time. She says fine I am coming out. Menka hears this and rushes to Dadi.

Yuvraj comes into his room and see his bank card. He says here it is but Suhani said, he turns and see Dadi there. He says Dadi you must of scold the banker because he sent the card right away. Dadi says this card came in yesterday. She did scold him and he said Suhani signed for it yesterday. Yuvraj says Suhani wouldnt lie to me. Dadi says in making Suhani right you are proving me wrong. You should talk to the banker. He has Suhani signed paper. Suhani gets a call that he has arrived. Rags informs Dadi via text. He tells Dadi but why would Suhani lie to me. Dadi says she thinks she knows the reason, come with me.

Suhani meets him outside. She is signing the check book in front of him. She says you should of come in, if Pratima or Dadi find out they would be upset. Suhani father says apologies for me but I have to go. Suhani hands him the check and says if you need any more let me know. He says he feels bad for taking money from her but in this situation what can he do. Suhani tells him, her money is his money. Yuvraj and Dadi are shown watching from the side. He says but still you should of informed Yuvraj. She has this is between you and me why do I need to tell Yuvraj and by the way there is so much money in the house ill get tired of spending and it still wouldnt finish. He says ok ill take my leave and she say ill will drop you. Dadi says there must be a thief in his mind that is why he didnt come in and is talking from outside. You know why you didnt get your card because they both were doing “hera pheri” with the money. If you didnt see this with your own eyes you wouldnt believe that a girl who talks highly about “sankar” and truth could be so cunning. Yuvraj says and the person to teach this is Pankaj Srivastav. He looks so innocent by face but is as evil by traits. Yuvraj looks at Suhani seeing off her father. Menka and Rags are shown, Dadi looks and smiles at them, letting them know the fire has been set. Yuvraj gets mad and says how can Suhani lie to him like this and walks away. She says in my opinion, this is both father and daughters job. But who should know this better then you. You know them more then me. You spent time with them. Yuvraj says I will go and talk to Suhani. Dadi says you are acting like she will own up to it. You will just be wasting your time and energy. Yuvraj is thinking.

Suhani is in her room, cleaning out her closet. Yuvraj comes in and sees her. He asks her does she want to say anything. She says no. He asks her again. She says if you want me to say something tell me I will say it. Yuvraj thinks back to when she tells him both Suhani and her father were doing “hera pheri” with the money and if he hadnt seen it with his eyes he wouldnt know how cunning she is. He gets mad and says that look at this room. Why cant you keep it clean. She says the room is clean if you can try and find a spec of dirt. He says he saw and knows everything. Suhani looks at him and said what did you find out. You just came into the room and what is going on, you never got this mad before. He says everyone cant always be happy, you see that I am mad, so you should use your quick brain and know to stay quiet. You know how to talk alot but I am not going to be influenced by your talks. Suhani looks confused. Yuvraj is about to leave when Suhani cries out because she cuts herself by a broken frame glass. Yuvraj hears her and rushes to her side and see she bleeding, he gets the first aid box and applies ointment as she watches him. After applying he leaves. She says he talks so bitter like a karela but his action are as sweet at sugar. He is so hard to understand.

Menka, Rags, and Dadi are seen swing on the swing together. Menka says she thought Yuvraj would blast like a bomb but nothing happen. Rags says but Yuvraj didnt ask Suhani anything that means he still believes Dadi. Dadi says Soon there will a scene, when Yuvraj will have to bring his and her truth out and why he is acting like he is happy in this marriage. Rags says it looks hard because to save her he even goes against Dadi. Menka says he doesn’t just go against but talk back as well. Rags says Suhani is cunning, she makes everything in her favor. Dadi says she has Suhani weakness, Somuya, she will use her as a pawn and move forward and win. All three smile.

Pre-cap: Suhani says since Somuya came to this house… Sharad interrupts her ands says she hasn’t left yet. Sharad continues to say, you wish she has a caring and loving husband like you right, that is what you want to say. Next scene shows, Sharad showing Somuya how to bat and Suhani is smiling, watching them.

Update Credit to: ada

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  1. Bullshit and bullshit!! This crape and drama should come to a end now. What is the meaning of all this nonesense?? Let the truth come out it’s taking too long now.

  2. I start to hate this show. Every time the same thing a drama but no action. Truth must come out now. Boring and f**k this show. People can write so many things but it seems like the producer is blind because he doesn’t change the script.


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  5. asaniya Nazrin

    Update 21st November episode.. its 10:22….

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  7. Wer is 21st November episode. …. not yet updated…. waiting for a long time….

  8. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. bullshit


  10. Stupid serial

  11. Typical stupidly of indian serials. Why come up with such stupid shows.

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