Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying Riddhi feels bad by Dadi’s behavior. Suhani says everything will be fine. Saiyyam comes and asks for kids. He lies that someone picked the kids from school. Krishna says but they did not come home. Krishna worriedly goes out and sees the kids hiding and smiling. Krishna asks them not to do this again. Saiyyam asks Krishna to see her face. Krishna says you are naughty like a kid. Saiyyam takes kids. Suhani gets Lata’s call. Lata says I kept small puja in evening, you all come. Suhani says we will come. Krishna says her call came when we spoke about her. Suhani says yes.

Its morning, Riddhi comes to Dadi and asks shall I check your health. Dadi sees Suhani and says no, go, I m not well, don’t trouble me. Suhani sends Riddhi. She asks Dadi shall

I call doctor. Dadi says no, I will be fine after a sleep. Suhani tells about puja kept by puja. Dadi says I can’t come, I have to meet lawyer for some imp work. Suhani goes. Riddhi sees Dadi.

Yuvani tells Rags that Bhavna went to help Lata. Rags asks Yuvanai why did she not go, she is learning cooking now. Saiyyam teases Yuvani. Krishna says atleast she is trying. Riddhi hugs Pratima. Suhani asks Riddhi to come. Riddhi says I have to stay with Dadi. Rags says I will stay back with her. Suhani says no, none will stay back. Riddhi says I want to go, but not today, I want to be with Dadi.

They all think who will stay with Riddhi. Dadi says I m at home, I will see her, I m not a ghost to eeat her, I have no problem if she stays well. Suhani asks Riddhi not to trouble Dadi. She asks Dadi to call her if Riddhi troubles. Dadi asks why, I have raised entire family, can’t I manage her. She asks Riddhi to do as Suhani said. Suhani worries. Pratima says its happening for good, come. They all come to meet Lata.

Lata gets glad meeting them. Pankaj says my fav Yuvani has come. He gives her a chocolate. Yuvani thanks him. Anshika makes face and says you get happy like kids by seeing chocolate. Pankaj gives chocolate to Anshika as well. He asks Suhani where is Riddhi. Suhani says she is with Dadi.

Riddhi does coloring. Dadi talks to her. Dadi gifts her a medikit set. She asks her not to tell anyone that she has given this. Riddhi asks shall I play with you. Dadi says fine, but don’t tell anyone. Riddhi agrees. Suhani talks to Pankaj. Saiyyam goes to get icecream. Suhani says I took some decision, I want you to support me, its tough, but still… Pankaj asks what is it. She says I want Riddhi to stay here, I will also stay here. Saiyyam hears her and asks how can you do this. He gets annoyed and goes.

Riddhi plays with Dadi. Dadi says you are a good doctor, don’t tell anyone I said this. She thinks I can never accept you, you have to hide this way and get my love. Saiyyam asks Krishna did she know Suhani is sending Riddhi. Krishna says yes but… Pratima stops Saiyyam. She sends Yuvani and Rags to take Anshika out. She says I told this to Suhani. Suhani tells Lata that she will also stay here.

Saiyyam says its all nonsense, nothing wrong will happen with Riddhi. Suhani says I was raised here by my parents, they are not such, but Dadi is such, I want Riddhi to stay here. Krishna apologizes to Saiyyam for not telling this before, but Suhani is right, Yuvani used to like her looks always, I never got Dadi’s love, I don’t want Riddhi to feel this, I want Riddhi to stay free with Suhani. Pankaj says yes, when she grows up, she will understand.

Dadi asks Riddhi to learn doing cheers. Riddhi smiles and says why can’t I tell anyone how much we enjoyed. Dadi gets Suhani’s call. Suhani asks for Riddhi. Dadi asks you think I m so bad that I can’t care for her, you should have taken her along. Suhani says sorry, I felt she is troubling. She ends call.

Dadi gets dizzy. She faints. Riddhi worries and asks her to get up. Saiyyam gets a message and tells them about oil tankers collision, roads got blocked, how will we go there, Dadi may see news and know this. Pratima says I know Riddhi will not trouble Dadi. Krishna says I made khichdi at home. Rags says we can call Dadi and tell the problem. Suhani calls home. Riddhi asks Dadi to get up. She attends the call and drops the phone. Shee says Dadi will scold me now. Suhani says no one is answering. Pratima says its big house, maybe phone is away, don’t worry.

Riddhi takes some water and throws on Dadi’s face. Dadi gets conscious. Riddhi apologizes. Dadi hugs her. Suhani calls again. Riddhi asks Dadi is she fine, does she have fever. Dadi asks her will she call doctor. Riddhi says sorry, phone fell by my hands. Dadi says its fine. Riddhi recalls Anshika shivering by fever. Suhani tells her that cold water clothing will make Anshika fine. Riddhi says I will just come and goes. She gets a stool and gets ice from the freezer. She tells Dadi that she got cold water cloth for her. She takes care of Dadi. Riddhi asks Dadi is she feeling better. Dadi nods. Riddhi asks shall I sing for you. Dadi smiles. Dadi thinks I was wrong, beautiful people are not always good.

Dadi says she has shown me yesterday night, that person’s heart shows how beautiful the person is, not beauty. She apologizes to Riddhi and hugs her, saying you don’t need to hide from anyone that we are friends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvani

    Good episode,but funny that dadi didn’t understand this when Suahni took care of her

    1. hehe I too found that funny

  2. Hmm…. Finally Yuvraj came in form of his third child and changed dadi…… Jo bhi ho Yuvraj toh dadi ka Laadla taana…….

  3. aha excellent episode with full of happiness bt missing yuvraj n even yuvaan a lot.. so dadi changed nly after getting ill..

  4. Akshaya

    Wow so awesome

  5. Riddhi is so cute

  6. Wow dadi is finally realzing this

  7. love this episode so well.finally Dadi realizes that beauty is from within and

  8. Nithu

    how come dadi realize soo fast but dint change whn suhani is trying to change her from years………………

  9. I’m sorry but it’s not logical, in those last 30 years dadi didn’t change her mindset about beauty, even when Suhani saved her life many many many times, and in one episode riddhi made her change her mindset?? I think that they wanted to end it soon and did that, they showed dadi and rags changing in one episode whereas they should have shown them changing slowly and not in one day; i’m waiting for the last episode but it’s a little bit disapointing. The story was not only about Yuvraj accepting Suhani but also on dadi accepting Suhani, so i think that they should have develop this side of the story more and show dadi changing slowly.
    But still i will miss SSEL, even if the second leap disapointed me, the beggining of SSEL was awesome and i will miss Suhani, Rajshri mam is a fabulous and awesome actress, i’m looking forward to see her in a new show;

  10. Santana Russo

    OMG does this oldcreep thing that light skin peeps beautiful & dark skin peeps ugly, wow she is completely insane as hell, gee is she 4 real, I mean what kind of person would think that way. In my family some r lighy as f**k and some r dusky and no one ever would think that they r ugly bcuz of skin color to be honest what we in my fam consider beaty is the on the respecrs her\himself, defend their beliefs, love ones and most importantly themself no matter what, educated,open minded and friendly, what I am trying to say is no one gives f**k about skin color but my older sis Valencia who is 6 ft 1 inch with very long hair, symmetrical face and very beautiful tan/dusky skin is actually the one that everyone in the neighborhood thing is very beautiful well including me but our grams,grands&parents think that we all r equally beautiful. I don’t know what kind of a grandma she is really she is f**king racist,judgmental and disrespectful, y didnt the just get rid of her in the beginning of the show. So far all I understand from this series is that dark is look down on and everyone wants to be fair and the fair wants to be fairer such racist serial if hindi r really like this, I don’t know Wat 2 say othet then be ashame of how low mentality they r. May God help u change ur out look on beauty. f**king serial SESL really is thank u 2God and who ever responsible 4 this show 4 ending it can’t stand racism and this series is the most racist series i ever watched. I only watched it bcuse I thought that Baby&Sai looked awesome togather and when I realized how greedy and evil Babs is I thought Srishna look good jodi well peace out SSEL such a big disappointment

  11. Hey Santana ?if u r talking about Monada Linda Valencia with big green eyes and long dark hair and every tall like a model, same height as Laxmi Menon than I know her we want 2 Monash uni in Melbourne together well I am still attending but be done next yr with my master’s. But she already got her masters in 015. If we r talking about same Monada Val please holla at me and by the way u r right ur older sis is hot as hell. I am so confused with this show how can old witch change so rapidly and Suha y don’t u ever teach her a lesson cause she alwaya gets away.

  12. Santana Russo

    Yeah Apollonia it is my s i s Valencia Russo. after she graduated she and out two older sisters Valeria and Victoria and her fiance want 2 Casablanca Morocco which is our pa’s homeland. She will want 2 cont her studies so maybe she will be back 2 Melbourne or cont at Casablanca anyways I also want 2 go 2 Monash Uni after I graduate from Nossal HS since I am graduating soon I will maybe c u fall if I am smart enough 2 be accepted so anyways I will let Valencia know about u and ooh I 4got 2 mention that she will be back 2 Melbourne 4 my graduation so she will stick around until late July.

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