Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suhani to save them from Barbie, instead making food for Barbie. Suhani says I can’t blame Barboe directly, we need some proof against her, I m doing what I can do right now. Dadi goes. Barbie asks Dadi why did she do in kitchen. Rakhi and Lalita talk about Soumya being pregnant, now Krishna will take care of her. Rakhi asks her to do something. They see Krishna coming. Lalita starts crying and says I went to pandit. Soumya asks what did he say. Lalita says pandit said if your child happens, I will die, Krishna you won’t let me die right, promise me. Krishna says ye,s I won’t let you die.

Barbie tells Pratima that she will get cupcakes. Pratima says come, we will go. Barbie says no, I will get that. Pratima says I m going to temple, I will drop you, come. Suhani looks on. Barbie says fine, drop me on the way. Suhani thinks whats going on in Barbie’s mind, I should see. Ramesh tells Bhavna that Suhani went outside. Bhavna makes food. Menka asks Bhavna what is she making. Bhavna says daal bhati, did you see Suhani. Menka says yes, she was running like that day when she left home.

Rags talks to her friend and says we will meet today evening, we will keep a small party. Menka smiles and blocks her way. Rags leaves. Suhani tries to get auto. She hires auto and leaves hurriedly. She tries calling Pratima, and stops the auto seeing Barbie getting down Pratima’s car. Barbie takes an auto and leaves. Suhani asks driver to follow that auto. Barbie comes to hospital. Suhani thinks what is Barbie going to do here. Barbie goes and Suhani misses her track. Suhani thinks where did Barbie go.

Menka says even if anyone does not invite me, I will go in party, I will look beautiful. She applies face mask and chooses a dress. She goes to washroom and says water is not coming, oh no…. Rags talks to her friends. Menka comes out and calls Ramesh. Rags’ friends laugh and take Menka’s pic. Rags says she is our entertainment channel. She laughs. Menka gets angry.

Suhani goes to gynac dept. Barbie bribes doctor and says make proper reports, Suhani should be convinced, none should know that I m not pregnant. She smiles. Suhani hears everything and gets shocked.

Suhani drops a vase by holding the table. Barbie hears sound and says is there…. She goes out to see. Suhani leaves. Barbie says it means my doubt was right, Barbie is lying, I will tell Yuvraaj.

Suhani comes home and sees all the toys. She says whats all this. Yuvraaj says what all you wanted, its all for our baby. We have everything today. Suhani says yes Yuvraaj, we did not lose anything. He says when you were happy seeing sonography, I found my old Suhani, who used to be happy, I want my old Suhani back, you are my wife, my love, everything else is just an incident. She hugs him and cries.

Suhani says it was like tough punishment for me to be away from you. He says don’t worry, I will never make you away. She says I will beat you if you do this again. He holds her hand and they hug. She asks will everything be fine, you know…. He stops her saying and says you don’t need to worry. They have an eyelock. He kisses her. Saware……………plays…………. They spend some romantic time. Barbie comes to outhouse and knocks the door. Yuvraaj opens the door and says you here. Barbie says yes, I was finding you. She sees Suhani with Yuvraaj. Suhani says maybe Barbie has to go to doctor, so she was finding you, Yuvraaj I took doctor appointment for sonography, he will be your doctor, tell Yuvraaj what your doctor told you.

Yuvraaj asks what did he say. Barbie says nothing, Saurabh was calling Yuvraaj. Suhani says first tell him, what your doctor said. Saurabh calls Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I think Saurabh is calling me for urgent work, I will leave, Suhani we will meet Barbie’s doctor tomorrow. Suhani asks Barbie not to act, I know you are not pregnant, I will tell this to everyone. Barbie blocks her way and says come, we will go together.

Suhani says I did not see such shameless girl like you. Barbie says you have no idea, come with me, will you come to temple first, tell this to Pratima, she believed you will come back. She calls Pratima and says her phone is switched off, where did she go, did she get kidnap like you. She scares Suhani and says if Pratima falls in jungle, she won’t be alive, you felt I did not know you followed me, I was thinking why did you not say truth to anyone till now, do anything. Suhani says I will tell everyone. Barbie says that’s why I planned Pratima’s kidnapping. Suhani shouts. Barbie threatens her about Pratima’s death. Suhani says I will not be scared of your warnings and pushes Barbie. She leaves.

Suhani looks for Pratima at home. Barbie asks what happened, where is Pratima. Yuvraaj asks Suhani why is she nervous. Barbie blackmails Suhani.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think Suhani will become pregnant

    1. suhani is pregnant.

  2. The biggest fool in this serial is suhani . If she know that barbie is not pregnant that she.must have informed yubraj immediately but foolish wating for barlie to again blackmail her

  3. U r true…y she overconfident yaar…plz writers…plz stop dis surrogacy become annoying one

  4. show is dragging
    if suhani knows everything then why don’t she tells the truth to everyone
    its getting irritating
    in real this will never happen
    creepy track

    she is not barbie
    she is bhargyavi(ghost)
    she is annoying…..
    pls close this track

  5. I think now Barbie will start playing with Suhani to leave Yuvraj els she will kill Prathima lik dat etc etc…

  6. Nice yuvani scene. I think that suhani get pregnant. I’m sure suhani will get prats back. I hope that barbie go to jail.

  7. I don’t understand what message this show is giving its viewers. Blackmail and you will get what you want? Now Barbie has kidnapped pratima, and she will use her to blackmail suhani and or dadi. Why are they dragging barbie’s truth coming out?

    1. they sharing full of stupidity
      in the starting suhani was a strong girl
      and why she is supporting the so called dadi?
      I realy hate that dadi

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I hope Suhani get pregs plsssss.barbie is a dumd tingy….get her caught n out…too much blackmail n kidnapping promoting.its sickening.stop the nonsensical track…
    Yuv/Suh awesome romance…mwahs

  9. I know this sarrogacy track and barbie is annoying..but i loved today’s episode coz there was so beautiful nd hot yuvani moments..after months we get such be happy guys..

  10. I don’t know why they are dragging this, why didn’t Suhani text yuvraj and tell him, dragging track and showing blackmail/kidnapping.

  11. Again this is another foolish serial for how long is this going to continue. Used to love alll the soaps but right now am fed up with all. Why drag everything? Bad people are winning. Suhani is a fool.

  12. Omg I was starting to enjoy this show with suhani back to teach that b***h Barbie a lesson until this bs with Barbie blackmailing her about pratima. Who the hell is Barbie, to have so much control of that family. Are they all idiots. Let’s hope this dumb storyline don’t last long

  13. Guys – your comments are such a waste of time as the writers just think we having nothing better to do
    They must think – We are just a bunch of moaners in their eyes lol
    They obviously don’t take on board what we’ve said and still continue to drag this story out
    However was great to see Suhani and yuvraaj finally getting together ?
    Hope we see more of this

  14. Simply draging the show. All characters are really dumb. How is that possible always that stupid barbie can win every time. I just hate that wamp she looks so yak. Please writers stop dragging this show. Evil can’t win every time. Sorry to comment. But this way evil will always win

  15. Kya ap holi nehi khelenge

  16. Its better to stop wen they don’t ave strong story or twins i guess that y dragging wit same topic for long time

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