Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man calling Rags and saying work is done. Rags says I will give you money. Soumya asks Rags about the work. Rags says you celebrate with Krishna, now no one can separate you from Yuvraaj, its time for Suhani to get scared now.

Sharad talks to Sambhav on phone and tells everyone that there is nothing to worry, his phone was on silent and car broke down on the way. Menka says they are fooling us, they would have gone on date, its romantic weather. She laughs and jokes. Pratima asks her to shut up.

Yuvaan asks Yuvraaj about Suhani. Yuvraaj says she went out for some work, she would be coming. Yuvaan says I don’t get sleep without mumma, she tells stories. Yuvraaj says I also know a story. They both apply sanitizer. Yuvraaj tells Yuvaan some story of superpowers.

He says you will know your dad, you will need time to realize your dad, sleep now. Yuvaan sleeps. Sambhav and Suhani come home. She asks him not to tell anyone what happened. He says ofcourse, I told them that we got late because weather was bad. She thanks him. He asks her to go and change. She sees Yuvaan sleeping with Yuvraaj, and smiles.

She thanks Lord to see a good moment after all that happened. Yuvraaj wakes up and says Yuvaan slept, thanks. He goes thinks why is Suhani looking so upset.

Its morning, Menka comes and greets Pratima. She appears very happy. Soumya asks Pratima about Suhani. Pratima says she came late at night. Soumya asks why. Rags says you ask Suhani later. Yuvraaj and Yuvaan come from jogging. A courier guy delivers the envelop to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj checks the pics of Sambhav kissing Suhani’s forehead and hugging her. He gets shocked. The photos fall down from his hand. Yuvaan picks the pics. Soumya gets shocked as well. Yuvraaj does not let Yuvaan see. Yuvaan asks whats it, mumma and….. Yuvraaj says nothing, its mail for Suhani, it came to me by mistake. He goes. Soumya looks at Rags.

Sambhav tries to cheer up Suhani and says I was thinking to keep flowers here, your sad face can get smile, we should go out today, I will show my mimicry talent too. She smiles. He says its good you smiles. He gives her a rose and his finger gets hurt by the thorn. The blood drop falls over her forehead. He laughs.

Yuvraaj comes there and says Suhani. He shuts the door and says Sambhav and Suhani can enjoy on your honeymoon, she knows every place. Suhani asks why are you saying this. Yuvraaj says I don’t have anything to say you, do anything in shut room, not in public, no need to do anything infront of my son. She asks what nonsense. He asks her is she not ashamed to do this, why should he have shame to say. He throws the pics on the table.

Suhani and Sambhav get shocked seeing the pics. Yuvraaj says Maa was worried for you, as weather was bad. Suhani says you know what happened with me. He says I called you as Maa was worried, I also worried for you, I did not know you are fine and enjoying with Sambhav on the road. She asks him to stop nonsense. He tells Sambhav to do all this in limits, I don’t want to see this, its good I came on time else Yuvaan would have seen this, I think you guys should get married soon. He goes.

Suhani asks Sambhav if Yuvaan saw this, who did this. Sambhav says don’t know, who can do such fallen thing, I think this was planned. Soumya asks Rags what did you do. Rags says plan succeeded, you have seen Yuvraaj was angry, you also made snoopi attack Yuvaan. Soumya says I have guilt for that, I don’t want to do all this now, Rags you are also a woman, how can you do this with Suhani. Rags says I paid that goons, Yuvraaj is feeling Suhani was enjoying with Sambhav. Soumya says I can’t let this happen, I will go to Suhani. Rags asks what will you say, how did you get to know this. Soumya says Suhani needs me. Rags says you want Yuvraaj to marry Suhani. Menka says yes, Soumya and Krishna will leave from this house. Rags asks Soumya to go and help Suhani, tell Krishna that you spoiled her future. Rags smiles seeing Soumya, and throws dart at bull’s eye.
Yuvraaj gets Suhani’s memories, and cries seeing all their pics and stuff. He throws the pics and says I did not think Suhani, you will fall so low. Suhani says those goons should get punished, we should contact police. Sambhav says what will we answer Yuvaan. She says we have to do something, I have to explain truth to Yuvraaj.


Yuvraaj says I m angry seeing what you were before and what you became now. He burns her pics. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nithu

    I hate todays epi..except the part where yuvraj and yuvan njoy with each other

    1. Yea me too,,,that was the only good scene

      1. Kazhutha??? Mallu spotted.

      2. malayalathil cheetha paranja manasilaavillennu vichaaricho,,,

      3. kaanunnavar kaanatte,,,

      4. Aayikkotteeeeee,,,,, :3

  2. pathetic! im so sick of this story line!

  3. This serial is a shit totally crap it sucks❌❌❌❌!!! I just hate it plz stop this stupid serial

  4. i have a question if a man has two wives they are called soatans.If a woman has two husbands what are the calld?

  5. Actually who is menaka’s husband… I don’t understand

    1. Anuj is her husband

  6. Also soumya shud understand tat it was her husband Krishna who was equally responsible for the fire incident and should feel guilty for spoiling yuvani bond but she is a devil

  7. Daamn I want to cry now seeing yuvraaj ‘ s agony

  8. Pathetic epi with an awful precap,,,,,
    as the plan was made by director’s fav ‘Rags bahu’,,the truth won’t be exposed,,,,it will remain hidden till the end of the serial,,,,,,

    Before Barbie’s track they showed some scenes lyk Saurabh is having an affair or somethng,,,,bt didn’t show it further….hope Menka’s baby’s track won’t be skipped the same way….

    1. Aqsxxh

      IK! Where is her child, she has stopped looking after him and is now planning! Crap. Utter Crap.. Somu hasn’t told Rags about her fake marriage then… Only then Rags will realise and will use this chance to bcome dadi’s fave again! This only good scences were the father and son ones… I had hope that somu would’ve realised her mistakes, as her guilt will take over, but noooo she has the 2 good for nothing daughter in laws! I hope Somu’s guilt will make her spill EVERYTHING on the day of the marriage…. I only hope

      1. Yea,,, bt I don’t believe Soumya,,,maybe she won’t do anythng,,,,,Before too she felt guilty for scaring Yuvan as ghost,,,,then see what she did,,,she again put his lyf on danger

  9. its all rubish. soumya should be punished for this. she is a devil. how can a woman do this with her friend. how can she stoop so down

    1. suppose to be “best friends”

  10. Yuvraj is telling this kind of things to Suhani whereas he is sharing his bedroom with Soumya without being married! That’s the pot calling the kettle black!!!!
    This episode illustrate very well the fact that Yuvraj didn’t trust Suhani, doesn’t trust her and will never trust her!
    Sambhav is far better, he protects Suhani and Yuvaan, he understands her and trusts her.
    In reallity no women would have fall for a man like Yuvraj!
    I hope that Yuvraj will learn the truth and will understand his mistake.
    But i’m sure that Suhani and Sambhav are going to found out who are those men but Suhani is going to talk about it to Soumya and Soumya to Rags, so Rags will be safe again! Because as always, and unfortunately evil wins!

    1. But yuvraj and soumya don’t dhare the same bed so it is not pathetic. I will be honest that suhani has changed a lot in these 6-7 years. She was never like this. Before she and yuvraj seperated she would always find ways to find out the truth no matter how little it was but now she doesn’t do anything. She just cries and let’s everything get taken away from her. At least yuvraj is better. He was still stuck in suhani’s memories in all these years no matter what. Suhani she is just a double faced women. After what yuvraj saw today obviously anyone would do that so it’s mostly suhani’s fault

  11. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Aqsxxh

    Ugh Yuvani will never unite…

  13. I hate today’s epi, except yuvraaj – yuvaan scene.
    Plzz punish soumya

  14. Worst serial and worst STORYLINE ever!!
    They are making it bullshit day by day….I don’t know what kind of love is that!with just misunderstanding of yuvraaj and running away from home of Suhani! YUCK!

  15. I think now yuvi may feel jealous about suhani and realize his love

  16. I hope sambhab is not a part of this plan as everyone is doubting him please
    And make somiya good

  17. How did this show get so bad.. cheap scenes are copied from movies. Dadi never had any morals and she has the 3 idiots following in her foot steps. I have taped about 9 episodes but gonna delete and not waste time watching this boredom

  18. Y does yuvraj always jump to the wrong conclusion and why don’t anyone here those witches planning all the incidents I want yuvraj and suhani to be together

  19. Aqsxxh

    GOD! WHY! NO YUVRAAJ! SUHANI OPEN UR BIG MOUTH ALREADY! IS IT REALLY THAT HARD! YOu always use if for the justice of others! Why don’t you use it for the justic of yourself… SAMBHAV CANT YOU HELP HER AT LEASE STOP BEING A GREEDY IDIOT SUHANI DOESN’T LOVE YOU!

    1. Exactly,,,,Suhani was standing lyk a pillar,,,she should have slapped him hard and then should have spoken out the truth,,,,bt naa,,,,apne aap ke liye bolne ke liye unke paas aavaaz nahi he

  20. Aqsxxh

    “You don’t exist to me Suhani” that broke my heart! Can’t suhani fight for her love…

  21. Dadi is sooooo bad looking(ugly)…it must be all the Birla beauty creams she uses! Yikes!

  22. I think the people responsible for this serial have sick minds! I have stopped watching long ago, don’t even read the updates, only comments in hope that it has taken a turn for good. But no, the writers are still playing out their sick fantasy. I feel so sorry for the actors. This must be a depressing ordeal for them. I think actors in serials, no matter the roles want to be appreciated, these are all good actors, but the serial is doing nothing for their skills. Don’t know if any of them can really be proud of this serial. From comments here, it’s stil painful to watch, God help the poor actors! How depressing for them as the show seem to be heading nowhere and viewers are not at all happy.

  23. As always Dumraj jumps to conclusion and doubts Suhani..but What is he doing behind closed doors with Soumya?.So Suhani could also doubt him but no she knows him and will not look on it in any other way ..but dumraj finds every fault in her movement why is that so bcos he has no brains..non of the birla have any sense.Shameless soumya disgusting creature..and dumraj sees no wrong in her.Suhani has been made weak..why?Sharad and Bhavna housemaids..why?Saurabh has no marriage to speak of…whats he made of? Anuj not to be seen bcos who wants to be part of this crap birla serial.Dumraj…have some shame..get of your high and mighty ego..use the cells in your brain..stop taunting Suhani..let her be .And you stayed glued to your birla witches.

  24. I’m so sick of soumya n rags n yuvraj is so stupid to believe watever he hears or see

  25. I feel so hurt when Yuvraak vents out his anger on Suhani
    Yuvraaj jumps to conclusion and he never gives Suhani a chance to speak
    His blood is forever boiling – he gets angry quickly

  26. First of all yuvraj don’t deserve suhani. And this show must end as it shows all evils things from the start till now. So what example no use nonsense story. Every time evils wins. I think this story is about suhani her truth her belief and as she is the main of the story but she never wins. Take example of yhm ishita changed Raman Aditya and now she is trying for Ruhi but what about suhani she has not yet told her son about his father and even her daughter don’t know her real mom. So it’s still evil. This show should have named evil wins. They end this show

  27. Nithu

    Guys im sure that yuvani reunion will be mostly after 1 or 2 nw i feel yuvani shd nt be united ….see hw dat yuvraj see suhani….

    1. 2 months!!!!! who told u that??

      1. Nithu

        No one said me dear seeing the situations going on i thought it takes two mnths time

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