Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lalita, Rakhi and Radhe having watermelons. Rakhi and Radhe compete to throw melon seeds and plan to make hall dirty. They ask Lalita to become empire and she joins them. Rakhi spits the seed on Rags and Menka laughs. Rags cleans her face. Radhe spits the seed and it goes inside Menka’s mouth. Menka falls down and everyone come to see the seed stuck in her throat. Suhani beats on her back and makes her drink water. Menka says he tried to kill me and Radhe calls her a monkey.

Rags says she will get them arrested. Krishna asks why does she always threaten them. Rags says this time she will really do. Soumya asks Rags to be in limits. Yuvraaj argues with Krishna and Suhani comes in between to stop him. Yuvraaj says when I m talking, no need to come in between and

gets angry. Soumya asks Krishna to come, she needs to talk.

Murali tells Krishna that he can’t support him for what he is doing tonight. Sharad tries to see what arrangements is Radhe doing. Radhe gets the musical dhol. Radhe says whats this, we have a party. Rakhi says murja is better than disco. Radhe says we need a dancer and then it will be fun. Shaard rushes. Dadi says Pratima, if Suhani does something, she will kick her out. Yuvraaj and Suhani argue and she says she did not stop him to insult him. Sharad comes and tells them that Krishna is arranging mujra today. They are shocked. Sharad says Radhe went to get a dancer now. Suhani says how is Soumya doing this. Pratima comes and says Dadi said if they all do any drama, she will kick out Suhani. Suhani says whats happening.

Krishna argues with Murali. Murali says I know they did wrong, but you can’t fall so low. Krishna says he will take revenge from Suhani and can do anything, even if he has to make Suhani do the mujra. Murali slaps him and scolds him, asking him not to show his face and he will never support him. Murali leaves and Krishna fumes. Yuvraaj says he has an idea, they should try. Yuvraaj reminds Sharad their formula. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to rest and pray they succeed. Suhani says fine, give some work to me. Yuvraaj says he has an imp work for her and smiles.

Krishna tells Dadi that he wants her revenge and asks Dadi to kick Suhani out tonight. Dadi says she will manage. Radhe brings the dancer and asks her to do mujra well. Rakhi looks on and gets angry. She takes Radhe with her. The girl gets ready, and Sharad dons a Majnu look. He goes to the girl and says he is her lover. She says she does not know him. Yuvraaj and Suhani look on and laugh. The girl says she is not Sundari and who is he. Sharad acts filmi.

The girl says let me go and Suhani and Yuvraaj come to her. The girl says this man is mad. Yuvraaj holds Sharad. Sharad says leave me, and Yuvraaj asks him not to do overacting. They tell a fake story to the girl that Sharad loves his GF Sundari, who was also a dancer, I m tensed that when you perform, your ghungroo voice will reach him, what will happen then. Suhani says yes, what will he do with this girl in his madness. The girl says I won’t dance, but I took money from them. Suhani asks her to dance. The girl gets tensed. Suhani and Yuvraaj ask her to give any different performance.

The mujra atmosphere is set in the hall and the girl comes there. She sees Sharad looking on. Yuvraaj and Pratima keep an eye. Radhe and his friends get shocked seeing the girl lighting diyas infront of Lord. Krishna and his family also get shocked.

Suhani tries finding papers in Krishna’s home. Soumya comes and taunts her. She says she will get Suhani arrested on theft blame now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Wow what a ? blo*dy shit episode and serial the dumb story continues with the Birla house…………..??

    1. Ya I agree Aparna the serial is going dumb day by day…………..

    2. Wt a blo*dy serial… Nw its really bcme a dumb serial

    3. how you kept those emoctions please

  6. Worst serial of sp… No plot,no climax… Just draging. End this rubbish drama

    1. shut up 😛

  7. I too fed up with this dumb story. Everytime suhani sacrifices and others take advantage of it. Just like ssk. In that too simar is a sacrificer like suhani

    1. Exactly! suhani is not a god to sacrifice everytime everything to everyone the serial making all the viewers mad…….????

  8. Plz stop such a nonsence drama..
    y dnt know suhani?? all these dadis plan??

  9. blo*dy devil dadii…

  10. Plz stop the bullshit,bl**dy serial….end it fast yaar… Sowmya cant do like this to suhaani…..the episode was sooooooo baaaaad……..

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