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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Rohan being curious to know Suhani’s choice of the pendant, and saying lets see what she chooses. Suhani sees the gifts falling there and keeps Pratima’s pic right. She gets Yuvraaj’s name chit with Rohan’s gift and simple one pendant also, without any chit. She thinks maybe he was confused which one to buy, so he took both. She says maybe he liked big one and took small one in option. She does not see Rohan’s chit fallen there. Rohan an Yuvraaj challenge each other and Rohan starts having food.

Menka tells Rags that Suhani has come. Suhani comes there holding the pendant. Yuvraaj and Rohan look on, and she reveals her choice of small pendant. Yuvraaj smiles. Dadi, Rags and Menka are shocked seeing it. Rohan looks at Yuvraaj and smiles. Suhani

thanks Yuvraaj and Yuvraaj asks Rohan to have the pasta, as he is enough with happiness.

Dadi asks Rags how did this happen, how can Suhani wear Yuvraaj’s pendant. Menka says I do work better than Rags. Rags asks her to shut up, and says she has kept Rohan’s name on Yuvraaj’s pendant, and she has worn Rohan’s pendant, and did not tell infront of anyone. Menka says but she did not thank Rohan, she thanked Yuvraaj. Dadi thinks to do something. Suhani asks Yuvraaj why did he two pendants. He says I knew you will like this one, but I was forced to buy that one. She says she did not like heavy pendant. He says we will return it. She saks them to have pasta and she will just come.

Rohan smiles seeing Suhani as she goes. Yuvraaj says I m not interested in your silly challenged and I don’t want interferences. Rohan asks Yuvraaj not to be overconfident. Yuvraaj says I know Suhani since a year, you will never know her as I know her, don’t think about Suhani.

Its night, Suhani looks for snoopi and Rags says she will not find him. Suhani gets Snoopi and asks what is he finding. Rohan looks on and says Suhani is so caring, she impressed me a lot. Suhani brings snoopi inside and asks Ramesh to give him a bath. Ramesh takes him. Rohan sees Suhani smiling. He hides and sees Yuvraaj seeing Suhani’s stained clothes. Yuvraaj says disgusting Suhani, I know you like all this, soil has germs, go and have bath first. She says listen to me. He goes. She says I always get scolding to save Snoopi. Rohan hears this and thinks Yuvraaj buys gifts for Suhani and acts like he cares for her, and then insults her, no one cares for Suhani in this house.

Dadi tells Rags and Menka that Rohan likes Suhani and wants to make her away from Yuvraaj, we just have to wait and watch, and help a little. Rags asks where is Rohan. Rohan plays Pittu game. Suhani joins her and says sorry, I could not control and play the game. She asks why is he silent, is everything fine. Yuvraaj and Sharad have a talk. Dadi asks about Rohan. Yuvraaj wishes Dadi sends Rohan back.

Dadi says he is our guest, I want you to take care of him, he has helped us. Yuvraj says yes, but he is very friendly. Menka says yes, he is being friendly to Suhani. Suhani asks Rohan why is he not taunting her. Rohan says he is champion. Suhani asks him to prove. Dadi says Suhani is right. She asks him to prove that he is real champion. She says lets have a Pittu competition. Menka asks will we play Ramesh’s level game now. Dadi asks Rohan to make team with Suhani. Rohan asks Yuvraaj to choose Suhani or someone else, else he will lose. Yuvraaj says you don’t worry, I will manage. Suhani says Yuvraaj you don’t know. Yuvraaj says you keep Menka, Sharad and Rags will be with me. Dadi becomes the referee.

Suhani says the Pittu rules and explains them. Sharad challenges Rohan. Rohan says we will see. They all stand and smile to begin the game. Dadi thinks now it will be real fun.

Suhani loses balance. Yuvraaj gives the hand and Rohan holds her. She asks why should I hold Yuvraaj’s hand, when he left her team and joined the rivals.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very nice ? episode wow ? what a precap I’m waiting for it………

    1. Superb episode ya Im too waiting for precap……?

  2. “Awesome” Episode……………..

  3. wonderful episode….
    waiting for tomorrow’s episode…
    sahil and rajshri rocks

  4. What an episode.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  5. I want every effort by this dadi & co to end up in dismal failure and Yuvani to come closer. Getting tired of this same old plotting etc. it is very childish. Prefer the couple to have difference of opinion etc and they should understand each other, make compromises and come together in an eternal bond.
    It is very strange that that while all the other members have noticed Rohan’s increasing interest in her, she is not paying any attention to it. He cooks for her, trying to woo her etc. Nor did she discuss about it with her husband cum best friend. How can she miss the change that is taking place in Yuvraj towards her. She is always shown as very bright and walks away with all the credit even though she sometimes does not deserve it. Suddenly why this dumbness. Hope the writers rectify that.

  6. what does mrs birla the old bag think,suhani is 100 times prettier than her with her dark complexion.mrs birla looks like a living corpse.

  7. yuvraz is a kid ,needs to grow up

  8. no value of marriage in the entire birla khandan. what rubbish. first the eldest person in the house tries to break the marriage by sending a girl behind yuvraj. now its other way round. she is provoking rohan towards suhani. how immoral.

  9. Stop plotting dadi ….. atleast now respect suhani and leave her

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