Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby thinking what to do and get saved. Yuvaan comes and says Saiyyam thinks he is much smart, maybe he is behind this. Baby says yes, maybe he is behind all this as he dislikes Dadi. Yuvaan says no, as a person he is good, I dislike him as he is Krishna’s husband. She says you cut his stick if you have to make him fall in Krishna’s eyes, prove he is wrong, if his stick is short, then Suhani will ask him why did he cut stick, it will mean his heart has badness. Yuvaan agrees. Baby thinks attention will divert to Saiyyam, if Dadi sees Suhani in morning, it will be fun. She smiles.

Krishna sees her stick. Saiyyam comes and says you really think this stick will get longer. She says that does not matter, I have seen Suhani and Yuvraaj worried, something bad is

happening, so they are doing all this. He takes the stick from her. She asks what are you doing. Baby goes to measure stick and cuts her stick 3 inches. She thinks I m too smart, even if my stick gets longer, none will doubt on me, as Yuvaan is going to put blame on Saiyyam. She hears some wound.

Krishna asks Saiyyam to give stick. Saiyyam says I m saving you, if anyone is planning this, he will do something with our sticks, don’t take my interview. He keeps sticks in cupboard. She smiles. He locks cupboard.

Baby runs seeing Suhani. Suhani sees the part of stick. She looks around. She says it means someone has cut the stick, something is wrong, who is doing this. Its morning, Yuvaan enters Saiyyam’s room and thinks its right time to cut sticks. He looks for sticks everywhere. He sees the blanket on sofa and says I did not get sticks, but got a good news that Saiyyam and Krishna do not sleep together. He hides under the bed hearing sound. Krishna comes from bath and dries hair. He smiles seeing her.

Saiyyam comes wearing a neck brace and says I got neck sprain, take cupboard keys, get the sticks and come out. He goes. Krishna takes sticks and keeps on sofa. She gets ready. Bhavna calls her for help. Krishan goes. Yuvaan gets the knife and smiles seeing the sticks.

Suhani asks who has cut the stick. Yuvraaj says did they cut thinking the length will get same. Pratima asks the person to come out. Yuvaan smiles. Sharad says why will anyone do this. Pratima says don’t know. Suhani says everyone will keep sticks here. Yuvaan asks Saiyyam about his stick. Saiyyam says Krishna is getting it. Sharad asks Bhavna to get their sticks. Suhani asks Baby to keep her stick.

Baby keeps the stick, which looks short. They all get shocked. Pandit says she is the one, she has cut her stick. Baby says no, I did not do anything, I m sure someone has cut my stick. Yuvaan says shut up Baby, what’s all this. He keeps his stick, which is also shorter. They get shocked. Bhavna gets her sticks and says all the sticks are shorter. Krishna comes and gets sticks. She says sorry, I got late. She keeps sticks and they see that also got shorter.

Krishna checks one stick for shorter and thinks how did this happen. Yuvraaj says it means all the sticks are cut except Krishna and Suhani. Pratima says the person has cut everyone’s stick to get saved. Baby thinks I did this. Sharad thinks what’s their motive.

Krishna says I don’t know how did this happen. Saiyyam thinks did Krishna cut my stick. Yuvaan thinks good, now they will fight. Krishna says I m saying truth. Baby says don’t worry, no one will say anything, because just I get blamed here. Yuvraaj asks her to calm down, we will decide. Dadi asks what’s happening here.

They all get shocked seeing Dadi. Yuvraaj signs Sharad to cover up for Suhani. Sharad asks Dadi how did she come so soon from temple. Dadi says I did not go temple, car tyre punctured. Pratima signs Suhani. Suhani hides. Baby makes a face.

Pratima says I will take you in my car, come. Baby asks what to do of these sticks now. Dadi stops. Baby starts acting. Yuvraaj looks at Baby angrily. Dadi asks what are these sticks. Pratima says we were thinking to keep havan at home, thanks pandit ji. Pandit ji goes. Pratima and Dadi start leaving. Someone from Birla company comes and asks for Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj hides behind Sharad. Baby says yes. Dadi asks who is Yuvraaj. The man says I have to get some papers signed, its urgent. Pratima takes papers. Dadi says why will Yuvraaj sign, Babu ji will sign, there is no Yuvraaj here. The man says what are you saying, that’s Yuvraaj Birla. Dadi asks what, Yuvraaj Birla. She sees Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj says no, he is mistaken, its nothing like that. Dadi says he is my house servant. The man says he gives me salary, he is my Sir. Baby smiles. Dadi says what did Amma mai do, she made him owner. The man says no, you made him owner. Yuvraaj signs Dadi. Sharad says you are very innocent, come with me manager. The man says sorry Sir, its imp to get papers signed. Dadi says he is servant.

The man says why are you calling him servant, solve the annoyance, don’t call your fav grandson a servant. Dadi asks what. Everyone look on.

Dadi holds her head. She gets dizzy. She recalls Suhani in flashes. Suhani comes there. Dadi shouts Suhani is not suitable for this family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arshi123

    Okay,I don’t think the spoilers will be true
    Bcuz last time telly express said about a dream sequence of Sayyam but it was fake.
    Also ,birthday episodes r gone
    Cvs won’t show confession so early
    But it would hv been lovely to see Sayyam confessing.

    Anyway,thanx 4 sharing the news.We’ll wait and see what happens.

  2. Krishna sayyam scenes were so cute. Their expressive emotions surely depict their depict their deep-rooted care and concern for the other.
    This yuvaan is a serious pain in the neck and I want to get rid of it real soon. Someone please suggest some good painkillers…

  3. Arshi123

    Where r Esther and Halima ???
    Two of them seems missing.

    1. Aarti32

      Ya..Where’s Esther?? She’s missing from few days..Halima is missing from many days..Even shaanu doesn’t post her FF nowadays..N our dp queen Lavanya, where’s she?? All of them r missing when we need them d most..

    2. Laavanya

      Esther is busy in studies. She is having board exams this year. Don’t know about Halima. ?

  4. I agree with you @kriyam_rocks…
    We all definitely need some time management techniques to multi-task like mr sayyam.
    He is really one of a kind , our own ‘time management guru’

  5. kriyam don’t share d same bed so wat ?? Can’t yuvaan c dey care 4 each other Yuvaan n baby sleep together , they shared dis typical husband wife relationship but now dey don’t want 2 be together .

  6. Baby surely needs to mend her ways. I really want to give her a value education class right now. How can she stoop so low just for the sake of some wads of cash.
    And now her husband…
    What do I say about him? Things are getting worse day by day in birla house. Yuvaan definitely needs to :
    a) Stop being a villain in any married couple’s life
    b) Learn to respect women. Do not dare stare at them or regard them as toys.
    c) Refrain from trying to achieve what is not rightfully yours.
    d) Do not form dumb plans and blindly follow someone’s advice.
    e) Have a life man…
    And let us live in peace too

    1. Aarti32

      Haha..Good one..But ya, he really needs to stop admiring Krishna..She’s your brother’s wife!! For God’s sake Yuvaan ??

  7. Yuvaan is SO DUMB!!

  8. Just watched d episode – y is Saiyyam so smart?? N d way Krishna smiled at him ???

  9. Did anyone notice kriyam were holding hands ( sort of)??☺️☺️ Actually u can c dat wen Suhani is sitting on d couch

    1. What part was that? Could you please tell me really want to see it

    2. Aarti32

      Really!! Did they hold hands??

    3. No, Sayyam’s hand was on sofa and Krishna was standing behind him , soit seemed like that

  10. Wat is wrong with yuvaan n I hope baby get caught soon I also think dadi kill amma Mai n n will try to blame suhani

  11. i hate yuvaan Kese bad ke niche se krishna ko dekh raha tha thanks god saiyyam a gaya cute kriyyam scene yuvaan thinking ki stick catne ke piche saiyyam aur krishna main fight hogi i think nahi hogi he is rong

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