Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Soumya why is she upset, she wanted Krishna to go far and he went, its good the unwanted relation is over. She says she is sad as he sold our marriage in 10 lakhs. He says you do what you want, you have a long life. Suhani looks on. Soumya says thanks for this watch and your time, it means a lot to me. Rakhi shows a bridal dress and costly saree to Lalita. Lalita says don’t worry, I will buy such costly sarees for you. Rakhi asks for a matching Kundan set also. Murali scolds Lalita for celebrating Krishna’s divorce. Lalita says I m celebrating for Rakhi’s marriage. He leaves annoyed. Lalita says get the phone, lets call the guy’s family.

Suhani takes Yuvraaj’s clothes and opens his cupboard. She says whats happening to me, Yuvraaj is

my husband, why does it matter if he talks to someone else. She sees her old dupatta and says its mine, how did it come here, it was stolen when…. She recalls how it flew once and went in air. She says it means Yuvraaj got this that day and he has kept it safe since then. She says it means he loves me a lot. She hugs it and smiles.

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Soumya gets ready and smiles. Suhani dances in the lawn and Soumya dances in the room. They both imagine Yuvraaj with them. Haan mujhe bhi hogaya ye pyaar hai ye ishq hai…………….Saawre………. plays……………….. Soumya hugs his pic and kisses the watch he gifted her. Suhani hugs the dupatta and smiles. The dupatta flies and she covers her face being shy and smiling. She gets stunned seeing the dupatta fall on Yuvraaj’s face. Yuvraaj thinks how did Suhani get Soumya’s dupatta and gets angry. Soumya comes there and looks on. Yuvraaj leaves.

Yuvraaj says if Soumya sees this dupatta, she will think I did not move on. Soumya goes after him, and bumps into Ramesh. She scolds him. Suhani thinks why did Yuvraaj not say anything seeing my dupatta. Sharad sees the dupatta and thinks why did Yuvraaj keep it with him till now, its Soumya’s and asks Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says it was in Suhani’s hand. Sharad asks does Suhani know everything. Yuvraaj says don’t know and throws it in bin. Suhani comes and hears him saying he was mad to keep it safe till now. She is shocked and gets sad.

She goes out and cries thinking of his rude actions. She thinks what happened to Yuvraaj, he has kept my dupatta safe and today he has thrown it, does he not care for me. Pratima comes and sees Suhani crying. Sharad comes out and he too sees Suhani crying. Suhani leaves. Soumya says how did Yuvraaj get Suhani’s old dupatta. She goes to his room and says where did they go. She sees the dupatta in bin and leaves. Pratima asks Sharad why was Suhani crying.

Sharad says Suhani has seen Soumya’s dupatta in Yuvraaj’s cupboard. Pratima says does Suhani came to know everything, why did Yuvraaj keep it till now, he should have thrown it before. He says leave it, think how to convince Suhani. Soumya says it means Yuvraaj threw it knowing it was Suhani’s dupatta. She smiles happily. Suhani washes the utensils and asks Ramesh to go.

Pratima comes and says I know Suhani you felt bad, but you have to understand, time has changed, focus on present. Suhani says I m doing that. Pratima says we can talk and solve problems, I know Yuvraaj had the dupatta. Suhani says I don’t want to talk, I want to be alone. She leaves. Sharad says don’t know what is she thinking. Pratima says she is thinking a lot seeing Soumya’s dupatta with Yuvraaj. He says what if she understands everything.

Suhani comes in her room and cries seeing the dupatta in bin. Yuvraaj comes to her and sees her holding the dupatta. He says I had thrown this. She says I know, but I want to keep this. She asks why did he do this. He says answer me first, why do you want to keep this. She says it was stuck here, I got this and why did you keep it till now. He says it was a mistake. She asks how many mistakes did he do more. He says end it now. She says I don’t have to say. He says I m not done yet and holds her. He asks why did she take it. They argue over it. She asks him to give it. He asks why do you remind me. She cries and says its my dupatta, why did you throw it and cries. He is shocked.

Suhani is annoyed and Yuvraaj comes to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. thanks amena

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  6. Oh my goddd what happen now…..

  7. Today show is better than 2wks ago show at least yuvraaj know dt dupatta is for his wife,now writer/director pls show romances btw sushani and yuvraaj,we are tired and feel sad to see sushani cry

  8. stop potraying suhani as i think she needs to take sm actions.. im done with this soumya n dadi for contibuesly plotting against suhani..its time either reveal everything to suhani or kick saumya out …

  9. mast episodee 🙂
    nw yuvaraj ll be back of suhani

  10. Interesting epi.just loved it.

  11. Bs kro somya … let yuvraaj to live his life .

  12. Pleeeeeeeeease a conclusion to the Soumya storyline which is long overdue now. Writers can we move fwd its been the same gheese pheese storyline for while now. Expose dadi n rags antics to Soumya n lets show her the door n path to Krishna. Pleaaaase can’t bear this boring Soumya trying to woo yuv storyline n dadi n rags pathetic plotting any longer.

  13. Omg!!…such a lovely episode today!!…finally…after so many f**ing boring episode….nd the precap ws lovely!…<3

  14. Suhani is intelligent. When she comes to know the whole truth, she should look at the big picture. Anyway it was only Yuvraj who had an infatuation for soumya in the past. Soumya never reciprocated it. Even now soumya is only acting but truly does not love Yuvi. Yuvi also made an effort to tell the truth to Suhani before the wedding. Yuvraj is also slowy realizing his true love for Suhani but is yet to acknowledge it. Sharad and Pratimaji have to talk to both Yuvi and Suhani and ask them to give themselves a chance to rebuild their relationship. But before all this takes place, Pratimaji has to disclose evil dadi’s intensions to Yuvraj.

  15. Wow…superb episode..
    Aaj ka episode bohat achha tha…
    Ab kal ka episode aur v achha lagega..jab yuvraj suhani ko sorry bolega…aur different colours k roses dega… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    <3 u yuvani… 🙂

  16. Ek dupatee Ki kimath tum kya jaano yuvraaj babu. Hehe

  17. Superb scene between yuvraaj and suhani. Both acted brilliantly.loved watching it.

  18. Writers plz gve yuvraj scenes like this. Please don’t show him ignoring suhani. Like previous episodes.

  19. Aur aaj suhani v bohat gorgeous lag rhi thi…aur yuvani ki chemistry toh hamesa se bohat achha tha.. 🙂
    <3 u yuvani… 🙂

  20. Yuvraaj looked awesome today

  21. Yes mohini. Suhanis dress was party wear types

  22. I have seen the scene trice

  23. Well done, really enjoyed the episode, especially Yuvani’s argument. Good acting both Rajeshri and Sahil. I still believe Neha Yadav is not capable of acting, she really needs to go an acting school or replace her please! !!!!!

  24. Great acting both Sahil and Rajeshri! !!!!!

  25. FABULOUS !!!! The interaction between Suhani abd Yuvraj was so intense and real…!!! I don’t care if you do not show romance between the two but episodes like this one keep bringing them on!!!! GREAT work writers and producers and Sahil and Rajeshri.

  26. Sahil and Rajshri at their best. But I felt Sahil was particularly superb.

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