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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Yuvaan about Suhani. Yuvaan says don’t know. Baby says Suhani is with Dadi. Yuvraaj scolds her for calling Suhani with name. She says sorry, I call Rags with name. Yuvaan says you make cute face and I can’t even scold you. Baby says sorry and goes. Dadi tells Suhani that she has thought of the plan. Suhani says Saiyyam will not believe anything about Sambhav. Dadi says fine, I will expose Sambhav’s truth, then lets see what Saiyyam tells us. Dadi sees Sambhav coming. Suhani says you can’t do this Dadi. Dadi says I will do this, this is my house, I take decisions here. Sambhav asks whats happening. Suhani says Saiyyam is my son, he will stay here. Dadi says Krushna and Saiyyam will not stay here. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to let them go.


says I can’t image what Saiyyam will do with Krishna. Dadi says now no use, as Yuvraaj will take your side. She goes. Sambhav sees the saree pallu and thinks Dadi was hearing me. He asks do you care for Saiyyam. Suhani says no, he is devil like his dad. He says fine, he will stay here with Krishna, you can keep an eye on him. He goes. She says sorry Saiyyam, I said I hate you, Sambhav can use you also for his benefit.

Saiyyam checks his cupboard and says they have burnt dad’s pic. He calls Krishna. He asks her to stay here, but he will leave from here. Suhani asks Bhavna to send Saiyyam back. Bhavna asks what happened, why are you doing this. Suhani says I don’t like him, send him to mummy’s house, just do as I say, please. Bhavna says fine, give clothes to dhobi, I will talk to him. Suhani says I don’t want Krishna to be around Sambhav, I want to protect her.

Bhavna goes to Saiyyam and sees his bag. She asks when are you two going, you and Yuvraaj fought, Dadi will not sit quiet now, before anything happens… Saiyyam says you want us to go. Bhavna asks Krishna to call her if she needs help. Saiyyam says we are staying here, we are not going anywhere. Bhavna says both Suhani and Saiyyam are mad. She goes. Krishna asks Saiyyam what happened now. Saiyyam says its my wish, we are not leaving. They argue.

Dadi wakes up and finds herself tied. She asks whats happening Sambhav. Sambhav says you said my truth to Suhani. She says no, why will I, and would she be quiet if I told her. He says I don’t trust you, say truth to me, else… He scares her of electric shock and asks why did you hide and hear my conversation, no one can save you now, if you shout, you have to give explanation, say truth, its better. She says I m saying truth. He says fine, bear this now. He gives her shock. Suhani wakes up. Dadi says I went on terrace thinking you will tell Saiyyam about Yuvraaj, my intention was not to bring out your truth. He asks whats your intention.

Suhani checks Yuvraaj’s room and says where is Sambhav. Sambhav asks Dadi not to follow him again. Dadi agrees. He warns her. Suhani hears sound and comes to Dadi’s room. She sees Sambhav there. She says I saw a bad dream. He says even I have seen bad dream about Dadi, that she died by electric shock. Suhani asks Dadi are you fine. Dadi says yes. Suhani says I will not let anything happen to you, right Yuvraaj, if anyone does anything to Dadi, you will not leave him right. He says yes, nothing will happen, come let her rest. Suhani goes. Dadi wishes Yuvraaj comes back soon and cries.

Its morning, Bhavna comes to Dadi and says Suhani has sent me, are you fine. Sambhav switches on fan and gets a shock. Suhani hides and sees him. She thinks you will pay for your deeds. Bhavna takes care of Dadi’s hand. She asks how did this happen, did you get injured. Dadi says its rashes of allergy. Bhavna says its good Suhani has seen this and sent me. Dadi thanks Bhavna for applying ointment.

She asks Bhavna why is she crying. Bhavna says nothing, you take care. Dadi asks her to say. Bhavna says I cried seeing this mark, I have seen such marks on Suhani’s body many times, when Sambhav used to torture her. She cries and leaves. Suhani applies some liquid and soil on the new shoes. She thinks I can follow Sambhav when he goes to meet Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj sees her and says it means I have to get Sambhav here. Sambhav comes to Suhani.

She gifts him shoes. She makes him wear the shoes. Sambhav smiles and looks at the mirror to make him jealous. Yuvraaj says this is start of your end Sambhav.

Yuvraaj scolds Sambhav. Sambhav goes to Yuvraaj to stop him fro ruining his plan. Suhani sees the footmarks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yuvaan made me laugh 😀 .
    When he said that he can’t stay angry at Baby.

    I can’t wait when they take over.
    How wonderful suhani is using saiyyam to find yuvraj. Like suhani used Krishna, to save yuvraj.
    How many children is suhani going to sacrifice, for yuvraj.
    I know sambhav would have done the same. But he would have definitely used saiyyam against suhani.

    1. As long it is not Birla Blood, suhani only well sacrifice these two.

      Funny thing was about today, yesterday somi said that there is similar between yuvraj and saiyyam.

      Saiyyam is more like suhani. They can’t make their mind up.

      I like saiyyam and Krishna cute fight.

      1. It was guess… Lastly I said… Cvs will do what they want

  2. Poor yuvraj… I feel pity on him… From so many days same clothes…… Writers, pls end this sambhav track …

    Let saiyaam b positive n help his mother to rescue yuvraj…. Reveal sambhav….

  3. Love you saiyyam

    cvs very well know that audience will nbash suhani if she speaks against saiyyam
    That’s why she keep on saying sorry saiyyam

    1. So you want her to bash him,,,,,glad that atleast she is saying smthng positive about him,,,,,If it’s abt cvs,then they are the ones who made her a bad mom,,,,

      1. Love you saiyyam

        No u misunderstood me I’m telling that CVS are trying to cover suhani mistakes
        I strongly agree she is a bad mother

      2. I agree with Love You Saiyyam.
        CVS is trying to cover suhani mistake.

        That is why suhani is keeping saying sorry.

  4. very happy… dadi got punishment for her deeds n even sambhav got shock for his deeds. thank god dadi really wishes something gud tis time n didnt tel abt suhani involvement. superb epi!! again… interesting..

    1. Yeah!
      What comes around goes around! 🙂

      1. S, u r right mo..

  5. Yuvaan is such a loser he can stant hos wife disrespecting his mom but can’t scold her “beacuse of her cute face” . I am getting worried that saiyaam and krishna came back . In one side it is good, saiyaam can see his father side and help his mother but on the other side krishna will be in front of sambhav .

    1. @ Hanna.
      I am worried about that to, I was going to comment. But you have said what I was thinking.
      Saiyyam and Krishna should have left.

      For once I don’t know what is going to happen.

      1. @mo
        Same for me , i just feel it is gonna end badly like before ( soumya’s death, suhani’s rape, yuvaraj’s jail…) and this time it is not suhani or yuvraaj who will be the victime but one of the kids .

  6. Dont how to feel for dadi…im happy as well as sad…its good to see dadi has feelings for suhani dont know whether permanent or temporary….poor yuvraj and sayyam ..they cant help suhani..i really wish ki tomorrow’s plan should work out…yuvaan and baby r comedians in this show

    1. Your good person if you feel pity for Dadi.
      Well I don’t feel anything for Dadi, so that make ma bad. What goes around comes around.

      1. Haha…ur not bad..dadi deserves this..but seeing this kind of torture by sambhav makes me feel so

      2. Thank You for not calling me bad.

        I agree Dadi does deserve this.
        Wether she learnt from what she did in the past. I don’t know.
        That is why I don’t care about Dadi.

  7. Finally suhani showing some sense towards saiyyam.Krishyyam nok jhok was cute.

  8. Love you saiyyam

    Plz tell me what did Krishna say to saiyyam
    She said something like tumto jaise kehreho ki and something
    Plz tell me what did she say in that dialogue when saiyyam asked her to stay in birla house

    1. Saiyyam told Krishna to stay in the birla house. Because he is leaving.
      You know that part.
      Krishna said fine.
      Saiyyam said to Krishna, not to worry he well call her, and hear how many times that the birla humiliated Krishna. He well then ask her how dose it feel.

      Krishna told him, if I stay here or go with you. Both way is the same for me. There is no different. I well get humiliated anyway.

      Then the part when saiyyam change his mind.

      Krishna asked him, why did you change your mind. I was going with you.
      Saiyyam said this my mind, I well do what I pleased.
      Krishna said to saiyyam, I don’t know where you get that from. Suhani auntie don’t do THAT.

      1. Love you saiyyam

        Thank you

    2. Mystery

      She says that :- tum to aise Kh the ho kese agar me tumhare sath chalungi to tum mjhe RAANI BANAKAR RAKHOGE

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