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The Episode starts with Suhani taking breakfast for Gauri. Gauir cries and hugs her, saying Aditya is not talking to me. Suhani says stop crying, I will take his class. She calls Aditya. Gauri talks to him and asks where is he, why is he not taking her call. He says I was tired, I was sleeping. Gauri says I want to meet you now. He says no, I can’t meet now. She asks why. He says I have to go for that missed interview and ends call. Gauri says Aditya left me, he does not like me, why this happens with me, everyone loves me and then leave me. My family also did same with me.

Suhani says don’t worry, we will go home and bring Aditya. She hugs Gauri. Soumya comes to meet Pratima. Pratima says you did good makeup on engagement, I want you to do Gauri’s makeup on marriage too. Dadi

says no need, and asks Rags about her payment. Rags says she took 1000rs extra. Dadi says fine, that was her tip. Soumya says hairstyle was fine, Menka’s intention was bad, even then if you feel makeup and hairdo, then take this money back. She keeps money on the table.

Suhani comes to them and talks to Soumya. She tells Pratima that she is going to help Lata. Pratima says fine, but come soon. Soumya says I have work there, and they leave together.

Bhavna asks Aditya to choose the kurta color. Lata shows the mangalsutra. Aditya says what to say, choose anything you like. Lata says she is your wife and you should know her likes and dislikes. Soumya says she will go to parlor. Suhani says I m worried for Gauri, since that incident, Gauri is very sad. Soumya says I also felt this, I was not sure, so I did not say, Gauri was insisting that I hide her mark, its not easy for her. Suhani says I know, there is something wrong, so I m going to talk to Aditya. Soumya says fine, tell me if there is anything.

Aditya asks Lata to ask Bhavna, she hides many things and has habit. He sees her and Gauri’s pic and throws it. Suhani walks in home and sees the broken frame. They all look shocked. Suhani asks him what is he doing. Gauri is restless at home. Rags goes to her and asks what are you doing here. Gauri says I was waiting for Aditya, Suhani will get him, maybe he is annoyed. She says I understand, I think you agreed to Suhani like always. Suhani asks Aditya what is he hiding. He says you are asking me, are you serious. Rags tells Gauri that Suhani wants Gauri to look same always. Gauri asks what do you mean. Dadi comes and says I will say. She says Suhani is not beautiful, she give you lecture, and does not want you to look beautiful, don’t think I m making you against Suhani, I just said the reality.

Aditya calls everyone a liar, Bhavna and Suhani have hidden that mark, now they are blaming him that he is hiding. Suhani asks what are you saying. Aditya says yes, I know the truth now, you all tried to trap me, you all cheated me, nothing else now, I will not marry that ugly girl. Suhani asks him to stop nonsense and shouts. Suhani and Aditya argue.

Aditya says I m your brother, you cheated me. Suhani reminds him that she stopped him before, he did not listen, when she threatened him, he went to say everyone that he loved Gauri. He says yes, I told that, I did not know of that bad mark. She says enough, that mark is by an accident, you love her or your face. Bhavna asks how will we know you did not know of that mark, we felt you knew it and decided for marriage. Aditya asks how, Gauri has cleverly hidden the mark by her hair. Pankaj says marrying Gauri was your decision, no one forced you.

Gauri says Suhani said she will bring Aditya. Rags says she won’t bring. Dadi says Suhani stopped you from marrying Aditya. Gauri says because she cares for my future. Dadi asks don’t we worry, me, your mum and brothers…. Rags says Suhani made many excuses. Dadi says yes, Suhani would have broken this marriage. Aditya says I did not know about marriage. Suhani says I told you not to hurry for marriage, you want to break relation for a mark, its girl’s life related to marriage, you can’t ruin Gauri’s life by one mark.

Aditya says my life is ruined, that girl is ugly. Suhani says stop it, she is not ugly, you won’t get such clean hearted girl ever, that mark is by accident, it was not her mistake, your nature is bad. They all look on and cry. Suhani says Gauri feels you will love her and take care of her all her life, you just loved her face. Lata stops them and asks them not to argue. Suhani asks Lata to explain him. Gauri’s mark can be treated, but your small mentality can never be treated, I did not find you suitable for Gauri ever, but now relation is fixed and you can’t move back.

Aditya says I will not marry Gauri. Pankaj and Bhavna ask Aditya not to spoil relations, they did not hide anything, he loved Gauri and today he forgot the love, see me and Sharad, we got married as a compromise, even then Sharad gives Golu and me his love and respect. Suhani says leave it, we don’t need Aditya for Gauri. Aditya asks will you get any prince charming, who will accept her with that mark. Suhani says we will always keep her with us. Bhavna says Suhani is right. Suhani says I m going, I won’t talk to this guy. She leaves. Pankaj and Lata worry.

Gauri asks Suhani where is Aditya. Suhani says Aditya will never come now, he won’t marry you. Gauri gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So that means aditya is negative character? And pls stop this drama pls bring that yuvani moments

  2. What’s happening here ??This is not fair…Aditya is not seemed to be a good guy……

  3. going shit drma

  4. Guys I would like to start a new ff for yuvani but I submitted it on morning itself but it is not displaying

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