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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi and Pratima telling that they felt Yuvraaj’s anger will calm down when Suhani’s babies come, we thought we will talk to her. Pratima says just Dadi was with Suhani at the hospital. FB shows Dadi taking Suhani to hospital. She says I will call everyone. Suhani stops Dadi from telling anyone. Suhani gives birth to the twins. Suhani says you always wanted that I go away from Yuvraaj and everyone, I will go.

Dadi asks what are you saying, its true you fought with Yuvraaj, but you have become parents now, how can you leave. Suhani says I did big mistake, two lives went because of me, I will go away, how will I face Yuvraaj, he will recall Gauri’s death seeing me, I will take my kids and go. Dadi worries and asks where will you go, what will you do. Suhani

says anything, but I can’t trouble Yuvraaj, I will raise my kids alone, promise me Dadi you won’t tell anyone, I promise I will never come back. Dadi agrees and goes.

Suhani recalls this and says I had no other way, I had to go, Gauri died because of my mistake, since that day I wish to make everything fine, but this can’t happen. She cries and says I realized I did mistake. FB shows Suhani crying when nurse tells her that they just saved one baby. Dadi gets a baby and tells Yuvraaj that Suhani left, she is guilty and did not meet anyone. Yuvraaj asks did she leave her daughter and left. Pratima takes the daughter. Fb ends. Dadi looks on.

Dadi sees the album and says I always used to think about the other baby, how will he be, when I see Yuvraaj, I don’t think anything else, I could not let Suhani take my grand daughter, its good I got her with her. FB shows nurse showing the twins to Dadi. Dadi takes the girl and tells nurse that she is taking the baby, you will answer Suhani. She pays money to the nurse to make her lie. FB ends.

Yuvraaj reads Suhani’s letter where she apologizes and writes she is leaving forever, their ways are different from from now. He says Suhani left the little girl, I would never forgive her for this. Suhani thinks if that accident did not happen, I would have got my second baby, and would be living with Yuvraaj. She imagines Yuvraaj and her, sitting with the twins and smiling. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj comes home. Pratima talks to him. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine with time, I know you have bear much pain, your pain did not go. He says I was angry that day and told all that, how can she leave her daughter alone, she did not think about the baby once. Pratima pacifies him. He says yes, its better to forget everything now, I can’t look behind now. The girls say yes, don’t look behind. He says fine. Pratima asks whats this. Yuvani says its surprise for Yuvraaj and shows the superhero drawing on the card. Yuvraaj likes it. Pratima asks the girls not to play with fire. Yuvraaj says well done, its very good.

Saurabh reminds Yuvraaj that he has to go Lucknow tomorrow. He gifts the girls and pampers them. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that he has to go Lucknow for fashion house deal. The girls say they want to visit Lucknow too, and enjoy their holidays. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to take Yuvani, when business is on her name and she has to manage it, why don’t she learn it. Yuvraaj says fashion house is on Yuvani and Krishna’s name, Yuvani will share it with her sister. Pratima says you did good, take both of them. Dadi says I will be alone at home then, Krishna can’t you stay for me. Krishna agrees.

Sharad tells Suhani that she did good, she raised Yuvaan and gave him values. He asks her to move on. She says you are away from your brother because of me. He says no, I left that house by my wish, I could not believe what Yuvraaj did and said. She says its no use to talk now, we will leave from here tomorrow. He says yes. She goes. Yuvaan hears them. Yuvaan asks Sharad why was Suhani crying. Sharad says some business tensions. Yuvaan says don’t lie, I know she cries in her room, I have seen her many times, when I grow up, I will never let her cry, she will always smile. Sharad smiles.

Soumya cheers up Krishna by giving her icecreams. She asks her to sit, and arranges the bed. Krishna says I will go and help Yuvani in packing. Soumya puts a pillow and sheet on the couch. Dadi comes there and recalls Rama’s words. Soumya sees Dadi and picks pillow and sheets back. She asks Dadi did she have any work. Dadi says I wanted green tea. Soumya goes to make tea. Dadi applies white paint on the couch. She thinks if Yuvraaj sleeps on couch, this paint will be on his clothes tomorrow. She sees Yuvani there. Yuvani looks at the paint and sees Dadi.

Yuvraaj and Suhani talk via managers. Suhani says I m doing this for my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I m not happy to see todays episode bcoz all misunderstandings creates by dadi. I wish Yuvani will know d truth of her badi dadi and hates her, this is d real punishment for her. I also dont want to see Soumya in it bcoz she is very very worst frnd of Suhani. All hates dadi and Soumya, is’nt it?

  2. So do suhani and yuvraj know about each other?? How are they talking over messenger

  3. Nice epi.. Waiting for their confrontation..

  4. And Yuvaan.. Hez so cute.. N matured too at this age.. Love him..

    1. Thats because Suhani brought him up…unlike Yuvani…who is brought up by Dadi, Yuvraj and Soumya!

  5. Yuvan is sooo cute…loved his part…Dadi is soo stupid…she dnt knw hw to manage situations..all she knws is just to make things worse…bt story is nt cmplt…hw Sharad and Bhavna left Birla house…nd wats this deal btw Yuvraj and Soumya…where is Suhani’s family…didn’t they tried to find Suhani

  6. Suhani missing Yuvraj so much and thinking abt the other twin…bt Yuvraj…he knws tht he have a son bt seems to be nt interested…he z still angry with Suhani…hw could Yuvraj evn thnk lyk..Suhani left the girl for any of her selfish motive..he never tried to understand her….their relationship is mostly made of ego

    1. yuvraj don’t know about yuvan.he think that only one baby there.ego sirf yuvraj mein hai.suhani ko nahi.usko bache pasand nahi.isliye jab patha chale suhani chala gaya leaving daughter with him.he get restless.usko bache ko sambalna nahi aatha.isliye jusa tha suhani se.solution phi mila soumya.tho wo happy.agar wo acha pappa tha akele parwarish karthi bachi ka.
      aur tho aur usne apna promise thod jab bji bache ka. janam hua wo uska saath he was not.jab bhi suhani problem mein tha yuvraj nahi tha waham.bura pati.he doesnot have right to angry with suhani.plz suhani iss bar maaf math karo yuvraj ko.

      1. U r rite….it’s so sad that Yuvraj neither tried to search Suhani nor waited for her….instead he married his wife’s bestfrnd(worst part of it) …u r rite…he is nt a good papa…he did bad with both Yuvani and Krsihna…wat will happen wen they come to knw the truth….he also failed to give good values and confidence to Yuvani…he should hv managed Yuvani alone lyk Suhani…she raised her son alone and gave good values to hum

    2. saaya yuvraj does not know abt his son..dadi said that other baby died

    3. Yes, this yuvraj never ever understand suhani

    4. Ohhhh…Yuvraj dnt knw abt the other kid!!!!!!!!!!!!….i didn’t get that frm the written update…I ws thinking till now that why yuvi us nt bothered abt the other twin

  7. Why always dadi this is the lowest thing in this show even she doesn’t get punishment I wander why she chose yuvani instead of yuvan her barish why songs are played here like other shows I the part of today where suhani imagine herself with yuvarj and her 2 babies

  8. dear god please unite suhani and yuvraaj ,they are mean for each other, and after all dadi was behind of all this ,how can she lie .if yuvraaj finds out about the twins dadi will be out of the house for sure. Dadi was responsible for all the cause. and if suhani and yuvraaj happens to meet then they may be more anxious on seeing with the kids since they never knew the other child exist and would think that they are remarried and lead a life

  9. Iffat Rana you are right.

  10. i don’t tjink dadi do mistake.she lied so that she can get her grand daughter.i know the way was not right.but
    at this time. her intension was not wrong.if she don’t keep yuvani with her yuvraj definitely forget i think it is good.
    other yuvraj ye kyu nahi socha ki sugani ne bacho choda kyuki wo janthi hai yuvi bhi use pyar karte ho.usne ye socha suhani bacho ko chod diya.he don’t deserve sab yuvi ke karan ho raha hai.because he never love suhani blibdly or understand her.yuvraj jaantha hai chahe haalat jo bhi ho suhani apni zimbadari se bhagti he believes what dadi told.he don’t even love yuvaani.he is not matured.yuvaani ko care bhi nahi karthi.kitni scenes ho suhani yuvaan yuvani yuvraj ka scene hi nahi.

    1. Dadi could hv stopped Yuvraj…. U rite abt Yuvraj…I can’t feel any father -daughter bond btw Yuvani nd Yuvraj…whereas so many Suhani-Yuvan scenes are shown which clearly tells hw the Mother -Son duo loves each other…

  11. I want YuvAni to confront but I strongly feel that Yuvi dsnt deserve her.. Or at least Suhani should not forgive him easily..
    Dadi lied and he just started hating her.. Is this love??
    Its not too late yet for a new guy to come in her life!!

  12. dadi is such an idiot…how could she agreed when suhani told she will go away…..after all such incidents also she didn’t learn any lesson…it was dadi who created misunderstanding for yuvraaj…thats y he hates suhani as he is thinking she left their baby

    1. There was no need for Dadi to agree…she was always wanting to separate Yuvraj and Suhani…she just found a good easy way to do it!

      1. yes she got a good reason…bt i couldn’t understand why she too yuvani instead of yuvaan

  13. he has no other complaint on suhani

  14. I hate dado this is not fair on suhani because she thought one of her twins were dead all because of dadi and now hi raj also hates her because he thinks suhani left one of her children plssssssss re unite suhani and yuvraaj quick because they look cute together and let them know what the truth is

  15. Don’t drag this track plsssssss re unite them quickly and bring gauri back

    1. @Ameena
      Gauri is dead how is she gonna come back alive didn’t u watch yesterday’s episode

      1. I got news that gauri didn’t die in the bomb blast she would be coming back to the show o don’t know anything about Krishna

  16. Oh no
    How could Suhani trust Dadi??????

  17. Dadi won’t be going anywhere. Yuvraj loves her too much. His love for suhani wasn’t deep enough. Suhani had done so much for that family, where did it get her, nowhere. I hope the truth well come out, but suhani and her daughter to be united, that is not going to happen. The girl hates her, because Dadi made sure that she is spoilt. Yuvhani won’t be able to stand if her own mother say no. Dadi got what she always wanted Yuvraj and Soumya. Since they together, than they should stay together. Soumya is weak, she can’t go out into the world and make something for her and her daughter. Not like suhani can, and knowing Soumya she well cause trouble for Suhani. Soumya is just the way she always was. Suhani should find out the truth of, what dadi did and throw that on Yuvraj face, and after that she should forget about yuvraj. Suhani should move on with her life with her son and find someone new. Some of you might say why, but ask yourself, how much can you take if you where in suhani shoes.

  18. Nice episode. I hate dadi why did she lie, plus punish her this time. Unite Yuvani plzz

    1. I mean plzz

  19. am waiting fr a tmrw episode yarr …. this track was gng very superb..
    as yuvaan said was good

  20. I agree please don’t drag this track! Unite Yuvraj and Suhani as soon as possible. 🙁

  21. Also evil Dadi needs to be exposed as soon as possible, please don’t drag storyline. I think Gauri and krishna are still alive.

  22. Dear ci.. Dadi lied that Suhani left them n the baby too, coz of which yuvi hates suhani.. Is it right??

    1. lie is k.yuvraj isliye naaras hein wo bache ko dhodkar gaya na ki use chodkar.kabhi bhi ye na kaha usne.matlab usko koi feelings nahi.what a husband he is.dadi ki joot itni badi galathi nahi lag rahi hai mujhe compare to her she can stop suhani.

  23. Dadi should have stopped suhani from leaving.. But she didn’t…

  24. Please unite them and let them realise that dadi was the culprit in separating them and their kids. Where are her parents? I really want someone to see Suhani and her son with her and inform yuvraaj.

  25. How ridiculous – again Dadi does a big thing and don’t worry viewers she will get a pat on the back – Because the producers will not make her pay

    Suhani why would you not see your dead baby ?? What BS

    So I take it Suhani thinks she only has one child — does yuvraaj think he only has one child too and Suhani only left that only child behind ?? Can someone clarify

    What about the Bomb – when is Suhani going to say it was down to Barbie and it was Dadi again who brought her into the house

    1. yes pqli even yuvraaj also don’y know that he have a son…dadi said to him also tht other baby dies

  26. Even if Dadi lied … how can Yuvraj give up so easily??? Remember when Suhani was assumed dead and she came back….she told Yuvraj if it was her then she would have never given up hope of searching for Yuvraj… How can he just let her go? He could have searched for her and brought her back! I am sure Sharad would have helped him find her if he really wanted to bring her back! After all the lies that Dadi said all these years i wonder how Yuvraj just trusted her and not once he thought will Suhani really do it?

    Dadi still hates Suhani because of her looks and is happy seeing Yuvraj with Soumya! Wonder what kind of a women she is!!!! After today’s episode…feel bad for Krishna – what is that poor girl’s mistake… everyone is playing with her life including her mother Soumya….there was no need for Soumya to be with Yuvraj to take care of Yuvani…. wonder what reason they have for staying together! It is ridiculous….

    I just hope that Yuvraj and Suhani come together forgetting all their pasts and start afresh! Soumya should move out of their lives and find someone else!

    I just feel miserable on how some people create so much misunderstandings to spoil a relation. And how two people in love at times give up on each other….why?? Felt so bad to see the baby Yuvani cry when Dadi brought her home…. i mean how can she separate a child from her mother with a desire of bringing in another fairer mother! Felt so bad seeing Yuvraj and Suhani in pain…its time Yuvraj took some steps to bring back Suhani to make their lives better. Or Suhani should find a better guy and move on in life!

    1. i agree with your each and every statement.

  27. Yuvraj had no excuses, he doesn’t even know his own wife, how can he thought that suhani will left her child and go, he could at least try to talk to her. Since the beggining he had never understand her and didn’t even try to change this. It’s like: he is the best and Suhani is the one who have to change.
    Dadi is an opportunist, she always wanted suhani to go, she jump on this occasion to remake yuvraj life as SHE wanted.
    The worst character in this story is Saumya, because she know Suhani since their childhood, so she must know that Suhani will never leave her child. If she was a true friend of both yuvraj and Suhani she would have tried to find suhani and make them both understand that they are doing wrong, but no, she just wanted her daughter to have a lavish life, she is just like dadi, an opportunist.
    I’m looking forward to see when yuvraj is going to know that Yuvaan is Suhani’s child but i’m sure that even after that, writters are going to bring some misunderstanding again. Seriously, people doesn’t communicate in this serial????
    Anyway, i think that after knowing the truth, they should all stay like that, yuvraj and all Birlas family seems to be happy like that. A man who can be happy without his lady love, doesn’t love her truely. And even if suhani will go back with yuvraj, what will happen with the girls??? It’s never going to stop as Dadi will never change, it’s better for all of them to stay like they are now.

  28. Yuvraaj is such a worst husband and I can’t believe that he trusted dadi’s words.he already knew dadi hates suhani and how can he even think that suhani left her daughter bcz he knows suhani loves everyone and she does many good things to his family. Atleast for that reason yuvraaj can pardon suhani bcoz she only brought gauri

  29. pls reunite suhami & yuvraj fast, n make dadi pay for her evil deeds

  30. Guys i think krishna is alive…. Dats the y yuvraj thanked sowmya… On dat day whn yuvani n krishna asked him wear ms to sowmya…!!!

    1. I am hoping too… i think Krishna may/should come back later…i think he is either in jail or has become an underworld don or just hiding somewhere so as to not affect Soumya and his daughter Krishna’s life. But the story line tells otherwise that he has died – wonder how can Soumya wear mangalsutra and sindoor if he is not there and live with Yuvraj in the same house pretending to be his wife!

      Also, Ankur – guy who plays Krishna – has a new show starting on Star Plus so i guess the writers might have killed his character in SSEL……. and here we are JUST GUESSING THINGS!

  31. Dadi has stooped to a very low level moreover she is not guilty fr what she has done, disgusting. Suhani very well knew yuvrajs anger &she too was feeling guilty & took an extreme step but chose a wrong person (dadi )to convey her message .but yuvraj how did he believe suhani left him leaving a child behind? Suhani has always been a fighter, is this the faith he had in her? Why didn’t he search fr her? Why did he marry soumya? Dadi pratima &the whole birla fmly would’ve taken care of the child then why only soumya? &Soumya why didn’t she go to her mom’s place or her in-laws place or lead a independent life? Why does she end up in birla fmly? In future if the misunderstanding btw yuvani is cleared with what guts he will call suhani home or will he ask her to live in outhouse once again .he is failed as a husband & a father too.

    1. Totally agree!!! How much so ever we like Yuvraj and Suhani together – i do not think the audience will easily accept Suhani forgiving Yuvraj this time around. Suhani deserves better.

  32. Yuvraj dont no about yuvani

  33. I agree with Lucy

    Suhani deserves much better than Yuvraaj as Suhani is worth more than her weight in gold.

    Suhani has become robust and she will win the fashion contract. I can only assume that she will be a powerful shareholder and will bring down the Birla fashion industry.

    It will be bitter sweet revenge!!!

  34. Haha.Soumya why u in Birla house ..what to be a maid for those lazy birlas.Your daughter is treated differently..why stay there??Yuvraj can’t see beyond his Dadi and how spoilt Yuvani is.Birla men are weak and selfish.Yuvraj if he loved Suhani than he would not have let 6 yrs roll by..come on be a man…if you can be angry and say such horrible things than be a man enough to find Suhani and apologise.

  35. Agar suhani ne twins baby deliver ki hai tho how girl is 7 n boy is 5 (he wrote in letter to his dad tat he is nw 5 yrs old on his birthday) plz anyone answer my doubt…..
    How stupid track same like YEH HAI MOHABBETEIN both doin business together without known eachother….ek hi story sab serial mein use kari hai ekta or director……

  36. Agree with Ci , #unite yuvani, Lucy, parveena. ……….

  37. Even I too thought the same. Krishna n gowri alive. I think Barbie’s brother kidnapped them to take revenge on suhani

  38. Suhani made the decision to leave …. but Yuvraaj excepts things so easily…. if you love someone you fight for them …. he was angry and said things he didn’t mean….she left, but he didn’t go after her ….. he married her bestfriend!

  39. @ameena. ……..where did u get the news frm? If it’s true yuvraj will repent fr his harsh behaviour towards suhani. ……..
    Don’t understand why the writers don’t give any weightage to yuvrajs character.

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