Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all husbands buying their wives’ handmade things. Yuvraaj says but Dadi, how to buy the thing which is not made. The lady says Suhani is ahead of two points. Yuvraaj buys Soumya’s creation for Rs 50000. Sharad says Dadi can go to any extent for making Soumya win. Dadi says Rs 70000 for it. The lady says you can’t bid more for the thing that is not made, we should disqualify it. The man says no need, I can bid lakh rupees for the showpiece Suhani made, she deserves to win being an ideal woman. The man signs Yuvraaj and smiles.

Suhani wins the trophy and smiles. They all come home. They all praise Suhani for being real Birla bahu and other being dummy pieces. Pratima asks Ramesh to get sweets as Suhani won the competition. Dadi, Menka and Rags leave. Pratima

says congrats and makes Suhani eat sweets. She hugs Suhani and smiles. Soumya looks on. Saurabh says Suhani was innovative and makes her have sweets. He asks about party. Suhani says very soon.

Soumya gets angry and says Suhani. She says its not Suhani’s victory. Yuvraja starts leaving and Soumya stops him. Pratima goes with Sharad and her sons. Soumya says Suhani won by cheating. He says what, when did Suhani cheat. Suhani says let her say, I should know what did I do that she got angry. Soumya says you took my box. Suhani says I did not ask anything, you gave it by your wish. Soumya says but always you got my things, even Yuvraaj loved me. Suhani asks why did you run leaving me, you gave me box and I managed it.

Soumya asks why did you not manage your marriage then. Suhani gets sad and says its not always every try to succeed, but I tried to manage what I always got, but you are always adamant and did what you wanted, still could not manage your life. She says whatever you got from life, learn to be satisfied, focus on things you have and make it better, if you are jealous, you can’t be happy. Soumya says you are jealous, so you are giving me lecture, I don’t care as I know Yuvraaj was mine and will be mine.

Soumya cries and apologizes to Dadi for losing, and says its Suhani’s mistake, she snatched by box and did cheating. Menka asks how did she cheat, when you gave her the box. Yuvraaj says I m sure Suhani, that Soumya realized her mistake. Suhani says no, she felt its my mistake, she used to realize mistake in childhood. Soumya says I felt that task is easy. Rags says its Soumya’s mistake.

Yuvraaj shows a chain and pearl and says its for you. She says how did he get it. He says I got from the man who bought your showpiece, and makes her wear it. He says keep this safe. She says is this to say, even if I did not get anything from marriage, I got a good friend like you. She calls him Sadu and saware……………plays…………..

They decide what next and say Krishna. They laugh and he says when Sharad and I went to meet him, we came to know he is getting married. She says what. Soumya says I want to marry soon, I can’t manage Suhani here, she will not let me do any work well. Menka says Rags this Soumya is getting clever. Suhani says we have to do anything soon. Yuvraaj says I hope he understands us, and hope he is more sensible than Soumya.

Suhani messages Yuvraaj to come, she is waiting. Yuvraaj gets stuck with family. Suhani waits for him. Dadi says she is waiting for someone, she will say why did she call them once he comes. Menka asks Ramesh to call Suhani. Rags says shut up Menka, sit quiet. The pandit ji comes and Dadi asks him for the mahurat. He says its after 7 days. Pratima says so well. Dadi says no, its fine. Soumya smiles and thanks Dadi. She hugs Dadi. Yuvraaj gets tensed and see as Suhani comes there and hears everything. Dadi asks pandit to leave. He leaves.

Dadi says its good that you heard it yourself, and you can know you have to leave after 7 days, as Soumya has given divorce to Krishna and your divorce with Yuvraaj is almost done, I don’t want this marriage to get late, I want the marriage to happen soon. Menka laughs and jokes on Suhani’s life. Pratima asks her to stop it and not hurt anyone. Saurabh says leave it. Dadi asks them to help in marriage arrangements. She asks Yuvraaj and Soumya to come along. Dadi asks Soumya not to worry, she will do everything. Soumya says I want it to be memorable. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, your wish will come true.

Pratima cries and apologizes to Suhani, and feels helpless. Suhani says no, its not your mistake, don’t cry. She hugs Suhani and they cry.

Suhani tells Soumya that Krishna moved on and is remarrying. Soumya says what and is shocked. Yuvraaj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is she so shocked that Krishna is remarrying! If she can “move on” then why can’t he?? Stupid Souumya! Whenever Soumya is the slightest bit of upset I get happy and immense joy!

    1. sowmya doesnot deserve yuvraj as husband and suhani as firend. she is an evil….always snatching things of others………hate you sowmya…….

  2. suhani nd yuvraaj rocks……

  3. Even I feel d same …
    Whenever that idiot sowmya got hurt Il b d happiest person…..

  4. Thanx amena for d fastest update… Keep gng

  5. yy sowmya always blames suhani 4 everything.she did a mistake bt scolding suhani.i feld bad for suhani

  6. my full name suchitra

  7. i hate sowmya ,she is very selfish

  8. I am too happy when sowmya is sad or getting hurt or joked by someone ….she deserves it…

  9. Yeppy,it’s on track…

  10. she doesnt know how to accept her own mistakes! ridiculous woman

  11. suhani gave correct answer to sowya.sowmya deserves it.she vil nt satisfy what she vil hav

  12. wow! suhani won! bt so sad suhani alwys hurts n yuvraj juz watching all tis didn’t protect her when she was insulted. tis s nt fair

  13. Plz …. Get out of this show godamn soumya and u are such a bullshit somu and u don’t deserve this happiness it belongs to someone u cant snatch this from suhani and plz…. Don’t smile

  14. How can soumya smile hearing about her 2nd marrige with her friend’s husband?Gather some smile 4 ur marrige,u shameless lady.

    1. Its nice to hear soumya shameless lady what a rhyming word do u want to hear some more see this ragz rotten eggs menka monkey dadi donkey and soumya shit of any animals ……………

  15. I like ur comment and I’m from Mumbai I like ur comment it’s good bye….. APARNA

  16. Wat she is shock for wat reason if she can remarry so can krishna she should be happy

  17. What wrong with souyma it look like she get a electric shock as soon as she hear Krishna is getting married if she can do what she wants then Krishna can do what he feel is right
    And she claim she love yuvraj and she will alway n forever love him then why she get so hyper hearing that piece of news she should go and be a whore because she jumping from man to man

  18. Soumya doesn’t love yuvraj she loves only his money and that’s why she’s so shocked hearing about krishnas remarriage

  19. soumya is a devil who is after money. Krishna is a driver’s son. even, she managed 2 live that life. but some interfering struck her mind n thus she changed

  20. How cruel r u soumya

  21. yuvraj is what u call a napunsak. eveyday he just sees his mother and wife being insulted by dadi and saumya.

  22. Wer is 21st April’s upadate… its 7:06… update it fast…

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