Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with fake Dadi telling Chandrakala about the house breaking. She tells what happened in her absence and now no one wants to live together. Pratima says don’t worry about us, everything will be fine as before. Fake Dadi asks what about Yuvraaj and Suhani’s relation, Yuvani won’t get her real mum now, and your beloved Yuvraaj will be alone all his life, because I got his love married to someone else. Yuvraaj recalls the goons kidnapping him and says it means you kidnapped me. Everyone get shocked. Suhani recalls her marriage. Pratima asks were you kidnapped. Yuvraaj says yes. Bhavna says it means you did not leave Suhani.

Yuvraaj says I could not think so, I did not say as it was too late. Sambhav thinks fake Dadi can take my name, I will be ruined. Dadi says

fine you won, what will happen now, you will be always alone, you don’t have to do anything with this family, get out. Rags asks fake Dadi to get out. Menka says shoo, we don’t want to see your face. Suhani cries and sees Yuvraaj.

Pratima asks Dadi to rest. Soumya gets juice for Dadi. Dadi says sorry, you all had to bear so much because of me, did you not realize I m not that woman. Pratima says we did mistake, we could not know, take rest and forget everything. Saurabh tells Sharad that its not easy to find difference between Dadi and her identical twin, when she acted strange, I felt its because of medicines. Bhavna says she took my help to get Yuvraaj and Suhani married, we should have understood. Sharad says how could we doubt Yuvraaj. Saurabh says I never misunderstood him. Rags says I will not be quiet, Menka we will go and tell Dadi how Soumya troubled us with fake Dadi.

Soumya tells Dadi that she tried to make things fine, but your sister spoiled everything. Dadi says don’t blame her, you spoiled things and could not save this house, go now. Rags and Menka come and tell Dadi that house keys are in wrong hands. Saurabh says Yuvraaj was excited for marriage, when he said he was kidnapped, I believed him, I hired private detective, but that fake Dadi was clever and did not let us reach her truth. Sharad regrets and says I could not stand by Yuvraaj.

Dadi asks who has the house keys. Soumya says I have it. Rags says fake Dadi gave her keys. Dadi scolds them and asks did you not realize she is fake, I won’t give keys to anyone. She asks Soumya to give back keys. Soumya says I will manage everything, I gave holiday to servants. Dadi asks what, will you make Birlas work now, give me keys. Soumya gives the keys. Rags and Menka smile.

Kids ask Yuvraaj about the other Dadi. He says she was Dadi’s twin sister, we were playing game to find Dadi. Yuvaan asks why don’t we look same. Krishna says you and Yuvani are brother and sister. Yuvraaj says we won because of Suhani. Pratima says no, we have won because there was a good partner with Suhani, a good partner is necessary, Yuvraaj is that partner for Suhani. She sends kids to meet Dadi. Yuvraaj asks Pratima not to say anything. Pratima says I left you alone when you needed me the most.

Yuvraaj says forget everything. She asks how did I feel you cheated, why did I not trust my son. He says maybe I did not do anything to win your trust. She says no and hugs him.

Sambhav goes to meet fake Dadi and asks what do you want now. She says talk with manners, no need to show smartness. Rags gives toy keys to Soumya and asks her to just keep this. Menka gives toy trunk. They both taunt Soumya. Fake Dadi says I would have taken you along and sunk. Sambhav asks how, you stayed there for long time because of me, whats my fault if Suhani is so smart. She asks will you not be with me now. He says yes, I m not in your plan now, when I win, Yuvraaj will lose and Birla family will get a shock, I will go, everyone is having pity on Yuvraaj after knowing kidnapping truth, I will make them realize Suhani married me.

Suhani packs her bag. Yuvaan asks when will we come back. Suhani asks him to come back anytime, its his house. Bhavna asks who will have kheer. Yuvaan says I will have and rushes to call other kids. Bhavna tells Suhani that she will miss her. Suhani says I m going to Papa’s house, you can come anytime. They hug. Yuvraaj comes and Bhavna leaves. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to fold hands before packing. She says whats the difference, I will go and arrange in cupboard, if you have problem, you fold them. He says I don’t believe this, it gives feeling like junk. She says I m not cleanliness lover like you, clothes will feel like junk again after I arrange them. He arranges her clothes in the bag. He sees the bag dirty and asks is this neat. She says yes, you argue a lot. He says whom will I argue after you leave, I mean its good Sambhav is not crazy like me. She says its okay, I m sorry, I did not trust you. He says there is no use to tell that now, don’t feel burden on heart, that had to happen, I noticed Yuvaan is happy with Sambhav, so it happened good, I think we should forget everything and give a new start to our friendship.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani whats this. She says friendship band from my side, this will protect you. She makes him wear the kada. Sambhav looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Will we get reunion or not … cv please don’t hurt us by not uniting yuvani…

  2. Aqsxxh

    My heart is hurting for the last bit of this epi

  3. I think that suhani and yuvraj will be reunited at the End of the show! Just thinking doe!????

  4. Ruksy

    yuvraj and suhani are so cute together if they dont get reunited then there’s no point in watching ssel

  5. Now how long will it take to identify Sambhav . At least happy that one culprit is out.

  6. Asap throw sambhav out of yuvanis life he is so irritating and sowmya too

  7. Costdbms

    I think now dadi will plan for somraj marriage as suhani is married to sambhav

    1. Ruksy

      suhani will be her favourite daughter-in-law and she will try to reunite yuvani.

      1. Ruksy

        i read it on serial gossip

  8. Costdbms

    Please all that we don’t want soumya and yuvraj remarriage before it is too late

  9. Sambhav n soumya should be exposed fast …please cv we want reunion of yuvani … it’s high tym u hear us please .. don’t hurt us cv it’s a request from all the viewers of SSEL …please show us a ray of hope

  10. Yuvraj ne shadi ke time jo cd soumya ke liye record ki thi uske baare mein kisi ne nahi poochha.kya tha?kyu kaha tha? Kiske liye tha?????? ….aadhi adhuri story dikhate hai ye log .kuchh bhi clear nahi kiya …… mana asli dadi mil gai,but usne aaj tak jitne galat kaam kiye,yuvraj suhani ko alag karne ke liye itne kaand kiye ,unka hisaab kab hoga …..I really irritated… i didn’t watch ssel last some days……..soumya ko fir bacha liya ,dekhne ka man hi nahi karta…….

    1. Yaa.. what about that CD..?
      Kisi ne to puchhna chahiye tha na..?
      I was also waiting for that ki CD ke baare me kab bolenge..

  11. Is ssel going off air?? Does anyone know??

  12. One down n one to go get out sambhav

  13. No,hak ssel are’t going off air .you can see new promo …….I have read that dadi suhani ko fav. Bahu maan legi and yuvraj suhani ko reuite karne ke liye situation create karegi……let’s see what happened next.

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