Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj seeing his and Suhani’s pic locket. Dadi asks him not to be annoyed now, its not easy for her to bear all this, I had Yuvani and I showered all love on her. He says please Dadi, I m busy. He goes. His locket falls down. Saiyyam comes and picks it. Yuvraaj says its mine. Saiyyam says now I have it in my hand, its mine now. Yuvraaj asks really, even if thing is not yours, and you keep hand on it, its yours right. Saiyyam says right. Yuvraaj says new generation stays in new world. Saiyyam says its in my hands, you have to follow my rule to have this, fight for your thing. Yuvraaj says I don’t fight with kids. Saiyyam says i m not your kids. Yuvraaj says if you were, you would have not spoken this way. Saiyyam says if you can’t raise hand, you can

arm wrestle. Dadi scolds Saiyyam for talking like this. Yuvraaj says I will handle. Dadi scolds Saiyyam for entering Birla family and taking rights, I have seen many like you, your father…. Saiyyam shouts don’t get my father in this. Dadi says I don’t want to get your parents in this, Yuvraaj you arm wrestle with him and show him his status. Saiyyam sits and arm wrestles with Yuvraaj. Dadi looks on.

Sharad comes and asks Yuvraaj what are you doing. Saiyyam jokes that vanvaas made Yuvraaj very weak. Yuvraaj gets angry. Suhani and Bhavna come. Suhani asks Sharad to stop Yuvraaj. Bhavna asks Dadi to say something. Dadi says Saiyyam has no manners, I have pity on her mum, who would be crying blood tears by giving him birth. Saiyyam looks on. Yuvraaj wins. Saiyyam starts leaving. Yuvraaj stops him. He says you said right, I had been on vanvaas now I have come back, so be careful, I have sworn that I will end all evil around me on this Diwali.

Pratima takes Yuvraaj to meet Suhani. He says anyone will see. Suhani makes food for Yuvraaj and says if I kept this infront of Yuvaan, he would have finished this. Pratima says I will feed my son today. Yuvraaj says yes, I want to have food by my mum’s hand. Suhani smiles. She gets sad and says Pratima had to stay away from her son for long because of me, sorry, it was because of Sambhav. Yuvraaj says yes, it was Sambhav’s mistake, not yours, you both have fought real war, I just spent time in jail, you both have taken care of children and hidden jail truth, it was not easy. Yuvaan comes and sees them. He says I went for night walk. Yuvraaj says your Dadi was making me have food. Yuvaan says I did not know you know her. Yuvraaj says no, I don’t know her, situation was such that I had to get separated from my mum, and today I recalled my mum seeing your Dadi, and your Dadi fed me food. Suhani says yes, so we were serving food. Yuvaan says its my fav salad. Yuvraaj says its my fav also, I hope you don’t mind. Yuvaan says sure, have it, I will go. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to go to Yuvaan, I m sure he has many questions in heart.

Pratima cries and says now I have to be careful to feed food to my son. Yuvraaj hugs her. She cries and says I can’t do this acting, its impossible for me. He asks her to look at him. He says I m very happy today. She says because you came home after lot time. He says no, I have seen more love for me in your eyes, more love for me than your fav Suhani. He laughs and hugs her. She says you did not change.

Suhani does champi to Yuvaan’s hair. She says atleast I don’t ask you to cut hair. He says music teacher has no mum, he did not see mum since many years, like my Papa, I don’t know him. She gets sad. He says sorry, I did not mean that, I m confused, I don’t remember anything about my Papa, show me his pic. She says there is no pic. He says I remember he was superhero Papa, I don’t remember his face, why so. She says your Papa is just like you, he was like you, he liked to have salad and going to jog.

Suhani goes to meet Yuvraaj and says Yuvaan is missing his Papa a lot and wants to know about him. He says tell him about me, my habits, he will feel good. She says he is not a kid, what will happen when he knows truth. He says we will see that when it happens, I have a plan to make you smile. He gets a chinese lantern. He asks her to come. She says sorry, since you came home I m just crying. He says yes, I was thinking the same, did you feel so bad that I came back. She says no, situation is such, I forgot to tell you one good thing, Yuvaan and Yuvani are knowing you, even if they don’t know truth. He says yes, now stop crying. She smiles and says yes. He asks her to come. Saiyyam looks at them.

Its morning, Krishna makes rangoli and tells Bhavna that it will spoil by adding many colors. Bhavna says so what, you can make it again. Yuvaan says she won’t try, she is tragedy queen. Bhavna says Golu feels he is Einsten and no one is smarter than him. Suhani takes Golu’s side. She likes Krishna’s rangoli and goes to make garlands. Yuvani says she is going to meet friend. Suhani asks Yuvani to help in Diwali arrangements and spend time with them. Yuvani agrees. Suhani asks her to make rangoli. Yuvani says I can’t spoil my nail art. Bhavna asks her to help Suhani. Yuvraaj greets them. Yuvani says Sir good you came, I had to ask you, which music do you teach.

Yuvani asks Yuvraaj to sing and show, I m also a singer and will learn something, what is your name. Yuvraaj worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So again yuvraj blame suhani for saiyyam I think
    Yuvraj didn’t went to jail bcz he loves suhani its only a guilt
    Sambav truly loved suhani in the starting and subhav became more popular than yuvani so that’s why CVS made sambav a criminal and rapist

    1. You are absolutely RIGHT. There nothing for me to add here, everything that you have said, is what I am thinking. If sorry for saiyyam as well, what kind of mother is suhani if she doesn’t support her son. I don’t like Yuvraj character, I never did. He damaged his mother, sister, daughter, wife and son. All because Yuvraj LOVES DADI. You might dislike what I am going say Anu, yuvraj has that right to love dadi. I just wish that everyone that watch this show would understand this. That Yuvraj is biggest evil in this show.

      1. @mo i agree Yes now a days iam getting more angry on suhani how can she leave a small baby in an orphanage she deserves punishment

    2. You forgot Mo, yuvraj also damage Krishna and soumay.

      Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It doesn’t have to be s*xualized.

      What I mean by this is, for example:
      I love my mother more than my father. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care for my father. I can’t explain this, once there was a minor earthquake.
      I was screaming ma, ma, ma. My father got my mother out quickly. No one was hurt.
      I went to my mother and asked her if she was okay, I didn’t think of my father.
      My father knows that I Love my mother more than him. Because he is my papa he accepted it, and also understand as well.
      My mother asked me once, what if she was like Yuvraj Dadi. Since we both know that Yuvraj loves dadi more than rest of the Birla Family.
      I told my mother, I would leave you ma, and I would never let you hurt anyone, because it is wrong. If you didn’t teach me from what is wrong and right. Papa would have teach me that.

      Yuvraj had that right to love dadi, but he has no right to cause casualty a long the way. Yes I love my mother more, but I am a compassionate person. Because I am compassionate person, I would not have done what Yuvraj is doing.

      Look it, as not been one day since his returned. Yuvraj already forgiven Dadi.
      Yuvraj is a Despicable man, not even jail couldn’t fix him.

      At least my friend and family know that I love my mother more. No else would come second for me. This is how I feel. People say to me, when you have children, your children well come first. I tell them I don’t know, because I don’t know how I would feel.
      But I would be honest. I would tell my kids, that my mother comes first.
      Knowing my mother, she wouldn’t wanted me to put her first, because she told.
      All that casualty, after casualty, Yuvraj should admit it that he loves dadi more. It is unfair on his rest of his family. Yuvraj own blood!
      despicable man, DESPICABLE YUVRAJ BIRLA. I HATE HIM!

    3. Yes I am also upset what suhani did. When her baby boy needed her the most, how could she. But I am more angry at CVS.
      They are trying to prove a point. It is best to Be with your first husband, even if he treated you like shit!

      Never even think of trying to move on with another man, because you might end up being raped.

      Well it is far more better to be by yourself, than be with evil MEN!

      1. U r right…. but we can’t blame any characters…. as they r just doing their job….. it was suhani who left yuvraj n she was the 1 who excited 2 move on….. we all yuvraj character he is very temper…. N the only frustration he can show is his wife… N suhani now very well…. but no she was 1 married 2 sambhav as her wish…. so we can’t blame yuvraj…. nd it not easy 2 take blame of others nd that too murder…. according 2 me, it is not characters fault but writers fault…. they r showing garbage…. aisa kaha b nai hota…. nonsense crap…. just offair this serial…. this show doesn’t desire good viewers

  2. I feel pity for saiyyam but not for yuvraj
    Cause he spend his entire life alone but he is good at heart I hope suhani support him when the truth come out

  3. Dadi again indirectly taunt Suhani as she knows she’s saiyyams mother.

    1. Bcoz, dadi know when saiyyam weakness is suhani…. Though he hate his mother very much…. But he has soft corner 4 her not like yuvani… Guys , have u noticed…. When suhani was about 2 fall… Saiyyam lift her without harming… And on the other side yuvani ko aisa lagra tha ki woh kaha faas gayi n quickly went from the room … Coz she thinks her mother is responsible 4 not letting party

      1. Ruksy

        I think that’s so cute of saiyyam to do that. It’s true that he is better than yuvani. Saiyyam stayed without a mother all his life so he realised how important it is to have a mother. But yuvani has a mother and abuses her all the time.

  4. Yaar, literally boring…. First YuvAni scenes must heart touching but nowadays it is 50 50…. Y CVS wanted 2 take leap…. They made garbage…. They would have shown 3rd child of yuvani…. Instead of Subhav….. Really can’t understand but though yuvraj is there but really missing starting days of ssel … The awkwardness , jealousy, open hatred n hidden love, the old emotions n feeling were real… Their acting was fab… Now they ruined ssel … It’s my opinion…. Y yuvan want his choti… Like a naryal ka jaad… N yuvani loves rags more than suhani… Krishna is coward… In childhood she was 1 brave among kids…. Saiyyam no caption 4 him… But I think subhav marriage was waste… N know his son…. They literally ruined good ssel into bad ssel… In this serial lead actors r the victims

  5. i love today’s epi so much specially yuvraaj emotional dialogues in kitchen scene those dialogur made me cry ….i love yuvani forever…

  6. I don’t support sambhav. He lived with Suhani with selfish motives. I really feel bad for yuvraj. Even being with his kids he is unable to tell them that he is their dad.

  7. I really feel bad for saiyyam….he loves his mom a lot…but d anger in him against is a bit more…dont know why…i feel lyk saiyyam is expressing d love hidden in him for his mother…i lyk him more than krishna n yuvani

    1. Same here…. He has hatred for his mother…. But he can’t show hate coz when his mother slap… Without saying anything he went off… But yuvani nowadays is over actor n yuvan ko koyi paisa do, to trim his hair n shave is beard…In young , yuvraj was handsome… N they can show yuvan handsome too… Thoda producer n director ko dimaag do 2 appeal the actors

      1. Ya thats what…yuvraj is handsome than yuvaan now….he requires a makeover….even saiyyam is handsome

  8. Siniha

    I really love saiyyam character alot.. Really a character which posses all emotions.. After leap a character worth to be watched. ?Karan Jotwani ?doing a great job of bringing out two extreme feelings of unrealized love to his mom and revenge..

  9. Wonder when truth will come about saiyyam and will it be through dadi? Also truth about yuvraj. Will yuvraj blame dadi for hiding truth or Suhani? Hope saiyyam realises the truth about his dad soon.

  10. Why don’t the kids remember their dads face? They weren’t that young when he left. Or even Krishna. That is one pre-leap part that’s not been shown.

  11. How old is Saiyyam. He was born when Yuvan Yuvani and Krishna were 6. The show took a 15 year leap. Hence Yuvan Yuvani and Krishna are 21. And Saiyyam is 15!!!
    Now tell me, from which angle does Saiyyam look younger than the other 3 children and ever more so, from which angle does he look 15????

    Totally not realistic!!!!

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