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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka acting sweet to Suhani and saying what will happen now. Suhani gets upset and leaves. Sharad taunts her. Rags asks Ramesh to get the cow out as the dung is all over the place. Rags’ dupatta falls in the dung and she does not see it. Suhani cries and Pratima pacifies her. She gets Soumya’s café. Soumya says she is busy in café, and asks her to come over to meet. Suhani says I have much work at home, it will be tough to come. Pratima asks Suhani to go and meet Soumya, she will be glad. Suhani says she will come. Menka says where is this bad smell coming from. Rags says yes, I will take a shower. Menka stops her.

Suhani comes to Soumya and hugs her. Soumya asks her to sit and she will come. She says when I told manager that Suhani Birla is coming to meet

me, he gave me 30mins break, think of the benefits being a Birla bahu. Suhani says no benefits, its just tension. She gets upset. Rags says why is this smell coming, and from where. Menka says leave it, hear my plan, Dadi knows Yuvraaj loves Soumya, shall I tell her that Pratima did this big mistake. Suhani tells Soumya that Dadi never gets happy with her. Soumya says but she stays happy with me. Suhani says she likes you and hates my face.

She says I don’t know how to win Dadi’s heart. Soumya says this will be done, smile now, I don’t like sad Suhani. They smile. Suhani says I can’t change my face, but can change Dadi’s thinking, she will accept me how I m. Rags asks Menka not to say this to Dadi, as she wants proof. She is already annoyed with us, that we knew this, she will kick us out. She says we need proof first and goes. Suhani comes home and Sharad talks to her. He makes her smile telling about Bhai Dooj. She says she remembers, she wanted to give him surprise. They smile and he says see I made you smile.

Dadi asks why is this bad smell coming here, and taunts Suhani for this. Suhani says no, I also smelled this now. Dadi scolds her and says show your slipper, did you get any dung on it. Suhani shows her slippers and its clean. Suhani gets upset and asks shall I go now. Dadi says go. Yuvraaj says one min Dadi, Suhani did not get this bad smell, lets find who got this in the house. Sharad sees the cow dung marks in the hall and says I think bad smell is coming from it. Yuvraaj says where is the mark going and they see.

They all go to Rags room and Dadi scolds her for getting cow dung in home. Yuvraaj laughs and asks how did Rags get this dung. Saurabh says its her habit, that she always makes things dung. Suhani says I will ask Ramesh to clean this, then bad smell will go. They leave. Dadi scolds Rags and asks why did she get dung at home. Rags says it happened by mistake. Dadi says don’t repeat this again. She leaves. Rags gets her friend’s call who invites her for card party, and says a fortune teller is coming and everyone’s secrets will be out. Rags gets happy and asks the details. She smiles.

Suhani thanks Yuvraaj and asks him to talk to her. Yuvraaj has ear plugs in his ears and does not hear her. She says listen to me. He removes and says why, is Soumya not free, she is important for you, not me. She says no, you are also imp for me. He laughs and says you don’t know how to show the imp by hands. She says yes, but you keep smiling, and your happiness matters to me and its my happiness. They smile.

Rakhi does tilak to Krishna and they celebrate Bhai Dooj. Rakhi asks for the gift. Krishna says I don’t have anything now and can’t give you anything. Soumya comes and gives a gift to Rakhi. Krishna says only brother gives the gift. Soumya says why, is it any rule, I m her Bhabhi. Krishna’s mum supports Soumya. Rakhi says I will see whats in it. Krishna takes it and says when I earn, then I will give you good gift. He scolds Soumya for showing him down doing these things. Krishna’s mum scolds him. Krishna says now even my mum and sister are insulting me. Soumya says do what you want, I m going. He shouts Soumya and throws the gift on her head in anger. She bends down and the gift hits the wall and breaks. Rakhi sees the make up box broken.

Krishna says you ruined my life. She says I did not ruin, your life got better by marrying me, else you don’t deserve me. He says then leave me and go. She says stop your nonsense. Suhani does tilak to Sharad and does Bhai Dooj rituals. She prays that he gets a good girl soon. He says no, I m fine alone. Sharad gifts Suhani. Suhani opens it and sees the house model. He says he prays that this house gets happiness and you always stay here. Pratima smiles. Dadi sees them and comes to scold Suhani once again. He calls Sharad a stranger and living here free of cost. Pratima says Suhani is Yuvraaj’s wife.

Dadi says you all did mistake and I was not here, and why just tika to Sharad, why not Ramesh, as he is also your brother, and all the servants, call everyone. Suhani says they work here, so I call them Bhaiya to give them respect, but I regard Sharad Bhaiya by heart. Dadi says you got a big family and you chose this stranger to make brother. Yuvraaj comes there and hears them. Dadi says why not, if you are not a part of this family….. Yuvraaj asks who is not part of this family?

Rags gets the fortune teller. She asks Pratima did she make any mistake in Yuvraaj’s marriage. Rags and Menka smile. Dadi asks Pratima did she choose Suhani over Soumya. Pratima gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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