Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking the guy to deliver the parcel for Dadi to her. Dadi comes and receives it. Pratima asks what’s in it. Dadi says its office items, you won’t understand. Saiyyam says we can name her Anushi, meaning love. Bhavna says no, we will name her Digvi so that she wins always in everything she does. Suhani says name should be good to spell. Krishna says how’s Anshika, it means a small part, she is part of all of us. Saiyyam says its plain and simple, nice. Suhani says its very good name. Bhavna says your name is Anshika now. Saiyyam takes care of baby. Bhavna jokes on him. Suhani goes

Dadi checks some CD. Suhani thinks to tell name to Dadi. Suhani comes to Dadi. Dadi asks what happened. Suhani asks are you busy. Dadi says yes. Suhani asks her to come out.

Dadi says fine, I will come, you go. Dadi keeps the Cd. She goes out. Everyone tell her baby’s name. Dadi likes the name. Rags says its not fair, no one asked me, I would have given my suggestion. Saiyyam says your name is unique, and compliments her. Servant gets the envelop. Dadi scolds him and asks him to take her permission to clean her room.

Dadi says I have headache and goes. She calls someone and asks for meeting in outhouse. The baby cries at night. Saiyyam says I will handle her, wait Krishna. Krishna smiles. Saiyyam takes care of baby. Saiyyam says I did not think someone will hold my hand, my family will love me a lot, I was fav of Suhani always, now you became fav of everyone, I don’t mind. He plays with baby and talks. He sees the room light glowing and says come, mum got up. He takes baby to Suhani.

Suhani asks why is she crying. He asks her to see. She says children are such, they do such things always. She makes baby sleep. Saiyyam says you have right on baby as Krishna. Suhani says Anshika, see your Papa wants you to sleep with me. Krishna comes and says I was not getting sleep without her. He asks her to take some rest. Krishna says I don’t love sleep when it comes to take care of my child. She takes baby from Suhani and says sorry to disturb you. Suhani says its fine. Krishna goes. Saiyyam hugs Suhani and asks her to sleep. He goes.

Dadi meets the doctor and sees video of a lady taking care of a baby. Dadi says I hope you are satisfied with the money, none should know I changed Suhani’s child with a fair skin child, its Yuvraaj’s child, but no dark skin child should come in my house now. Its morning, Dadi talks to Anshika and says I wished Yuvraaj’s child was like him, that child is dark like Suhani, but I have sent that baby away, I got you here and made you princess, I wish Yuvraaj did not marry Suhani, I wish he married Soumya, now Suhani does not need to stay here, I have done everything right, I m not scared of anyone. Krishna comes to her and thanks her for supporting Suhani. Dadi says I did a lot for you, that’s why your daughter is looking so pretty, I have fed saffron milk to Suhani, if daughter was like Suhani, everyone would have known you adopted her. Krishna says no problem, I adopted her. Dadi says she would have heard taunts, I m saying by my experience, be thankful its a fair child, if face is not pretty, life looks incomplete. Dadi goes.

Krishna says nature matters more than beauty, Dadi is saying wrong. Bhavna goes to Suhani. She stops Saiyyam and asks for password to enter the room. Saiyyam asks her what is she doing. He asks for shampoo for baby, come and help Krishna. Bhavna says fine, go, I m coming. She sends him. Suhani shows the surprise. Bhavna says its much cute.

Rags says we are feeling so good to get stress free. Dadi says if Anshika was dark skin, everyone would have taunted Krishna. Servant tells about his sister finding a home, just permit her to stay here for some days, she has little daughter, my sister and her husband will work here and help you. Dadi agrees.

Krishna takes Anshika for bath. Sshe says we will add this soap. Suhani comes and asks her to use curd and besan for giving bath to baby, wipe the baby with this towel. Krishna says I got towel for her, let me use it. Suhani asks her to focus on baby, not towel. Krishna and Suhani make the baby bath.

Dadi asks servant’s sister to come inside. The lady stumbles. Suhani helps her and holds the little baby. Dadi worries seeing Suhani’s daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Same rubbish… Yuvani ka dimaag karab kar di buddhi ne aur abh choti YuvAni kid ka b… What wrong with this budiya….????

  2. Suhani kid is not that much dark… Even suhani is not that much dark…. This stupid dadi liked killer black baby as DIL for yuvan n yuvraj…. So what is problem with suhani…???

  3. guys ,
    Saiyyam is nominated as favourite naya sadasya in star parivaar awards. lets make him win by voting.we can vote using multiple facebook and gmail ids.
    the link is given below.

  4. I think suhani will get to know it is her baby. Suhani will keep her baby and Krishna will keep the adopted baby. I like this ending.

    1. No that won’t happen because the adopted baby has a legitimate family. That baby has a real family a mother and a father so the birlas won’t be able to keep her. They will probably keep their child and the other child will go with her real family.

  5. Abrupt end to baby’s track and now again this rubbish track. Was thinking that now that they are going to end the serial they will show something for which the audience will remember the serial but all that they are doing is that everyone wishes that instead of the 21st may; serial ends today itself. Anyway, this production house and starplus has cured me of serial bug and so no more serials for me especially starplus serials.

    1. Completely agree wid u.

  6. i wish soon suhani shud find her baby.. even the baby s yuvraj’s.. why s dadi doing tis? without yuvraj feeling so sad for suhani..

  7. Yuvani

    Dadi is too much…… I really want her to turn blind, so that she don’t have a chance to judge people by their face and will be able judge them by their heart

  8. Yes sanjana saiyyam is nominate favourite sadyasya maine to vote kar diya and all kriyam fan please vote for kj i want kj won this award

  9. So cute saiyyam krishna kitne ache lag rahe hain baby ko kholane main so cute parents i hate dadi if kriyam se ye child chin gai to kriyam ko kitna bura lagega unhe kyoki she is not suhani child

  10. Saiyyam’s scenes were too cute today?

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