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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj and Suhani arguing for not being able to tell the truth to children. Bhavna comes and asks them to just stop it. She says kids are better than you. Suhani says Yuvraaj was fighting with me. Yuvraaj says you compared me with Yuvaan. Bhavna says tell the truth to kids, without fighting, you will regret if they know truth from someone else.

The kids play. Yuvaan feels sleepy. Yuvani says I wish there was a house where we all could live together. Bhavna makes food for Golu and asks him to come. She asks Krishna will she help Golu in his maths homework. Krishna says yes. Yuvraaj and Suhani come. Yuvraaj says Krishna is good in maths. Bhavna signs Yuvraaj and Suhani to talk to Yuvaan and Yuvani. Suhani asks them to come and hear a story from them.


tells them about a parents’ story, who did not know about having another child. Yuvraaj says mom used to stay with her prince and dad used to stay with his princess. Suhani says they did mistake that they did not tell the kids. Yuvraaj says even dad would have told them. Suhani says its fine that everything got fine now. She cries and says dad got to know about his prince. She tells Yuvaan that he is his prince, and his Papa is Yuvraaj uncle. She promises Yuvaan that Yuvraaj will get everything for you. Yuvraaj says yes, and Yuvani you know you are world’s luckiest girl as Suhani is your mum. He cries and says you are like Lord Krishna, you have two mums. They see the kids slept.

Yuvraaj says don’t worry, I will drop Yuvaan to outhouse. Suhani says I will take him. He says I wanted to lift Yuvaan and take him. She nods. He takes Yuvaan and goes. Suhani cries seeing Yuvani and says if I knew you are here, I would have got you before. Soumya looks on.

Bhavna and everyone talk about party. Rags says there is tension and Bhavna wants to party. Sharad says we want to party to get rid of tension. Saurabh agrees. Soumya thinks to do something soon. Yuvraaj talks to them and goes. Soumya says Yuvraaj did not celebrate birthday since 6 years, he did not agree. Bhavna says this time, we will convince him. Saurabh says Yuvaan is here this year. Rags asks them to try.

Suhani asks Yuvaan to write happy birthday on the card. Yuvaan asks how do you know. She says Sharad told me, gift given by heart is best. She tells the spelling and says write Papa now. Yuvaan asks her why did she call Yuvraaj as her Papa. Soumya asks Yuvraaj to sleep on bed today, kids will come to wish him early morning, she can’t take any chance. He says fine and sleeps on the bed. Soumya gets thinking. Suhani thinks to tell Yuvaan the truth. She thinks to Yuvaan tomorrow on Yuvraaj’s birthday. Yuvaan makes the card and says I will write your name too. She says just write your name. He asks her to gift something to Yuvraaj. She agrees.

Its morning, Krishna asks Yuvani to wake up, they have to wish Yuvraaj. Soumya asks Krishna to go and hug Yuvraaj, I will wake up Yuvani. She thinks Krishna has to make Yuvraaj realize that she loves him. Yuvaan pulls the blanket and teases Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani to stop it and pulls her. He sees Yuvaan and smiles. Sharad comes and says what a pose, great and takes their pic. Yuvaan wishes him happy birthday and gives the card. He kisses Yuvraaj. Krishna and Yuvani come and give cards to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj asks Yuvaan who told you about my birthday. Yuvaan says mumma told me. Soumya gets angry. Sharad says we should celebrate. Krishna says we got late because of Yuvani. Yuvani and Krishna act as Big B to surprise Yuvraaj and says Suhani taught us.

Yuvaan says my mumma is big fan on Big B. Yuvraaj says I know. Yuvaan asks how. Soumya says you just said. Bhavna wishes Yuvraaj and says I made suji halwa, have it. Yuvraaj says I did not brush. Bhavna feeds him halwa and says Soumya told us that you did not celebrate birthday since 6 years, break this thing this year. He says I respect your emotions, but…. Bhavna says Yuvaan will feel glad. The kids convince Yuvraaj for the party. Yuvraaj smiles and agrees. Sharad says so its decided, we will party. Soumya asks kids to go and get ready. She asks Krishna why did she take Yuvani along. Krishna asks how does it matter if I took Yuvani with me. Rags sends her and asks Soumya about her plan.

Soumya calls someone and says thanks, you are coming on my invitation, its very imp. Soumya tells Rags that they are coming. Rags says Krishna’s gift should be good. She shows a photo frame and says this gift will only from Krishna. Soumya says I will write ‘for my father’ on this. Rags says perfect.

Suhani thinks of Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj imagines an old moment of Suhani and him. She gifts him Big B songs cassette. He says its my birthday and you are gifting your fav songs. Yuvraaj gets sad and says like your every promise Suhani, we broke this promise too. Suhani says I did not forget this since 6 years, how shall I break my promise.

Yuvraaj asks Pankaj to meet someone. Pankaj asks Pratima who is this boy. Pratima says this is Yuvaan, Suhani’s son. Pankaj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. friendship n marriage is become joke in this soap what is the point of delaying n conspiracy insecurity atleast. Show healthy relationship a bit

  2. Wow so soumya and rags decided to bring suhani’s parents so that she can leave. Why can’t soumya leave and technically soumya is still the second wife of yuvraj!!! Wait no actually she’s just a bharwali because she and yuvraj aren’t even married so technically she is a bharwali!! Why can’t soumya leave them alone and go to ur mothers house. She is rich I mean she can give a good upbringing to her daughter and suhani should say u are a bharwali not even kidding??

    1. Exactlyyy….I too hv the same questn since the leap…Soumya is frm a rich family.. she dnt hv any siblings…So Krishna’s future is safe….why she is after Suhani…….

    2. I don’t think soumya has called them.. Shez surely planning something else..

      1. yea…that’s true,,,she z upto smthng

  3. Boring precap.. I wanted YuvAni or SuBhav scene.. But we are not getting even a glimpse of sambhav.. And whom did soumya call? Is it Sambhav??

    1. Maybe she called Pankaj

  4. so Suhani’s parents are alive…..Strange that neither Suhani nor Bhavna thought to meet their parents….

  5. Why should an old woman so strong and a young woman so weak ???…..why should the writer show like this and what should be taken into consideration… be good ??? Or to be bad and cunning ????

  6. idiot sowmya….. suhani wont leave her daughter.. if u felt insecure na.. soo.. suhani leaves with both childrens u happy with ur daughter b****y rascal

  7. Tis is reallly borin y tis muc Tim to reveall the truth to the kidss it’s reallly lik testing patience

  8. In this daily soap they r showing very bad about friendship….please try to unite suhani and yurvarj because of soumya…

  9. stopwatchingtv

    Actually soumya is only concerned for herself and Krishna. She even wanted Krishna to wish yuvraaj without yuvani. And yes. Why she doesn’t go to her mother? It was shown that she accepted her marriage with Krishna ND she is rich as Krishna was soumya’s driver’s son. Selfish and idiot. Enemies would be better than such friends

    1. I don’t think that soumya, is thinking for Krishna, I think she is in love with Yuvraj. She just doesn’t know it yet. Think about it, a widowed woman with a child, alone, scared. She spent 6 years with Yuvraj. It was the only time her life that she was actually happy. Krishna her first husband, couldn’t give her what she wanted in life, so he did what he did. Anyway It is Yuvraj fault that he bought Soumya into the Birla house, you must remember Soumya did tell him that they should tell the children the truth, but Yuvraj said NO. Yuvraj is a cowered, a weak man, he puppet to Dadi, and so is Soumya. So they deserve each other.

  10. i thnk she called dadi.. Hey guys i m a silent reader and plz chat wid me 2…

    1. That can’t be right because soumya said ‘he’ not she!

    2. hai..teju it can’t be dadi…she z planning smthng big

  11. i am sure that Soumya have called Sambhav.. And guys whay do you all say Dumbraj… Soumya was Yuvraj’s first love.. When Suhani had left Yuvraj could have accepted Soumya as his wife but he didn’t..infact he did not marry Soumya and he is still in love with Suhani but just he can’t show it..

  12. what is bharwali

  13. I think pratima will tell pankraj everything about suhani n yuvraj

  14. Though the episode is good it’s quite confusing too. ……..In yesterday’s epi suhani was soo angry at yuvraj fr taking away yuvan frm her but the very next moment what made her think that the kids should know the real parents? What was all that drama for?
    Today yuvani was so cute with the positive attitude. ……Whilst yuvraj looked like a patient when the kids were greeting him &soumya toh as usual a cheapster. No of casettes in yuvrajs hand. ……surprising. ……

    1. I loved todays episode, especially what Yuv and Suh said about each other to their kids 😀 really happy… And Hopefully Suhani gives Yuv’s the Casettes…That is true they were both angry at each other… but they both love each other too

      1. Yes. ….. I too luved that scene &even the 1 where yuvi wanted to carry yuvan. …….

    2. yea Sushma…I thought they are going to start a fight track…bt smthng else happened …dnt knw what they are upto

      1. S roz. ….don’t know what the writers r up to most of the things r half done.

  15. precap was super waiting for next episode and a humble request to writers don’t drag it and make the children realise who is their actual parents

  16. I have somany questions yaar.

  17. I have somany questions yaar.savb kutch ghoom kar suhani par sure.dard jelna suhani ki bas ki baath hai.Mujhe yyvraj ke behaviour se nahi.soumya ke liye bhura lag raha hai.wo itna swarthi hogayi wo suhani ko saath dene ke liye bhi nahi aathi.Bachpan ki dosthi. itna hi hai.qwriter u r showing wrost friendship in the world.soumya ko bhura lagna chahiye na tho kya mathlab hai is story ka.suhani hamesha sahathi ho.koi nahi uski saath na behan bhai even yuvaan.plz ek rishtha uskeliye sahi a scene. in which yuvaan ready to do anything for his mum.He loves suhani morethan anythung.kam se kam itna thasalli hogi. yuvaan . hi sahi koi jo use itna pyar karthe jo.

  18. Yes,l also think .suhani ne birla house ke liye itna kuchh kiya ,yuvraj ki khushi ke liye kitni bar ghar bhi chhoda but kisi ko koi fark nahi padta.uski life to kharab ho gai.kam se kam yuvraj ko samajhdar dikhao…..l feel very bad …this is not right….to iska matlab kisi ki help karna, pyar karna, sacrifice, honesty ka koi matlab nahi hai…soumya ki tarah selfish,greedy dhokhe baaz hona chahiye…i can’t understand why writers confusing viewers.

  19. Soumya and Dadi are both self centred ugly selfish women..and their puppet is dumraj..Please show some positive thinking in this serial.Wrong doers will be punished.Forget about lazy uglies Rags and Menka..they should be taught a Big lesson that they can’t be planning ill fate of the family..perhaps major incident??? Stop all the blame on Suhani..a person can only take so much..leading her to mental breakdown.Yuvraj to have some brains and bring about positive attitude towards Suhani..if they LOVE eachother otherwise make Suhani strong and let her leave Birla house with dignity and make her more powerful than Birlas…dumraj to become Yuvraj and let him realise the mistake was his also of letting go of Suhani and bringing her best friend into HIS bedroom..what was the need..there was the outhouse.??Would he be forgiving if Suhani shared the bedroom with Rohan..remember him?So either bring them together..or make Sambhav the love rival…please don’t use him..Sharad to share with him and bring some dramabaz…than Dumraj to realise his own blo*dy mistakes of always sideing up will evil dadi and loose Suhani forever..Come on writers bring about some common sense now.

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