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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi leaving. Ramesh and Sharad see her. Ramesh asks shall I remove few juice glasses. Rags and Menka come out and leave. Menka is annoyed that Suhani left her, even when she is educated. Rmaesh offers them juice to keep their mind cool. Rags says I don’t want. Menka asks her to have it, as she is business head now. Sharad says yes, give party to me now. Rags says just up and leaves.

Ramesh brings juice for everyone. Saurabh says Suhani took risk by making Rags business head. Yuvraaj says we thought well. Sharad says Rags is angry. Suhani says we did this to make our company stable again, if we show each other down, then.. Yuvraaj says we can’t go ahead. Anuj says Rags and Menka can spoil anything. Suhani says we will see them. Pratima says yes, Saurabh is right,

you are inviting trouble by making Rags a part of company. Suhani says we need her, she knows about beauty products. Yuvraaj says if she comes office, she will not fuel Menka. Suhani says we should use her talent. They smile and call them good partners with friendship and love.

Saurabh says Dadi will not let Rags work. Suhani says we have to convince Rags, not Dadi. Soumya says she applied many places and did not get job. He says even I have to see good job. Radhe says he has to talk. Lalita asks what. Radhe says we will spend simmer holidays here. Soumya asks what is it related to us. Radhe says Lalita will tech Rakhi to cook and also give good food to me. Lalita says fine. Krishna says he has to find good job. Soumya jokes and they smile. She gets a call and shows him the phone.

Dadi asks Menka for water. Menka drinks water and says she wants it mopre badly. Rags says I will give you water. Dadi says let it be. Rags says we can’t let Suhani win. Dadi says yes, she wants to divide us. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she is not dividing anyone. He says you want to inspire them, but will Rags agree. She says we have to convince her, else she will do our company loss to fail me. He asks what should we do. She sees the cycle and says what would Dada ji do in this situation. Dadi says resign and asks Rags to show you will not work. Menka says she should not work.

Dadi says we have to show we are not weak, that she can break easily. Suhani says Rags can represent our company well, she knows about cosmetics well, I never used and will not use, but Rags knows it. They think Rags will come and resign. Rags hears this and says Suhani knows me well, and says she has conditions with this post, she wants secretary. Suhani says fine. Dadi asks her to become secretary. Suhani says I need to see finance, but I will get someone. Rags says fine, and leaves. Suhani says I said our plan will work. He says yes. She says her partner is right. They worry for the secretary, whom will they keep. Sharad rads the joke on phone and Rags gets angry on him. He asks what did he do. Rags asks him to talk with manners, and scolds him. Menka looks on.

Menka complains about Rags to Dadi. Rags says they were forcing her a lot, she has to go office to control Saurabh and Anuj. Ramesh says Suhani is calling you. Dadi asks is she her boss. Rags says maybe new secretary came, so she called me. Suhani asks Rags to sign on the papers, only then the company will get the work started. Rags gets glad and signs. Everyone smile. Suhani says your secretary will come in some time. The door bell rings. Rags tells Ramesh to stop, she will see, she is business head and she will do as she likes.

Rags opens the door and sees Krishna. Rags turn and does not see Soumya. Suhani says Krishna is new manager of our company. Rags asks about her new secretary. She turns and sees Soumya. She asks what, is she my secretary. Soumya says I don’t think it will be right. Rags says yes, get out. Krishna says we will get in and talk. Dadi stops them at the door. Dadi scolds Suhani. Suhani says she is taking this decision for the company’s good. Dadi asks whats good in Krishna. Saurabh and Yuvraaj defend Krishna, that he is honest and efficient. Soumya asks Dadi to forget everything, like Suhani is helping them forgetting everything. Dadi scolds Soumya. Krishna stops Soumya. Daid asks Soumya not to advice her and leaves. Yuvraaj welcomes Krishna and takes him. They see Soumya sad. Suhani says I will talk to Soumya.

Saurabh tells Rags that she can order Soumya, its good chance to take revenge. Sharad comes to know about Krishna joining them and hugs him. Rags says she will keep an eye on Krishna. Sharad says its not so easy and jokes on Rags. Rags and Sharad start arguing. Rags asks him to say sorry. He asks why, I m not talking to you. She says you made fun of me in morning too. He says no, I was doing my work and you were hiding and listening. She scolds him and he taunts her for ruining everyone’s life by her plans. Pratima slaps Sharad.

Rags says as business head, I want to fire this girl from this job, else I will resign. Suhani looks at Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. so bad…they made it so interesting n now making it a borring one…plz…stop this and bring smthng interesting

  2. what’s gotten into dadi always crushing Suhani even for her own benefit, oooh my its shame

  3. bt dadi shd nt scold suhani

  4. suhani nd yuvraj gd pair

  5. This is so stupid now the show was going so good now it’s stupid and why did pratima slap sharad that was not a good idea to do and I feel bad for yuvraj bechara two girls ki beech mein phaas gaya I hope he realizes his feelings for suhani soon that’ll be so much fun to watch then

  6. yesssss ramchin di

  7. Precap isn’t clear…to whom is Rags talking Soumya or Suhani???

  8. What if rags resign when soumya is there she also know well about cosmetics

  9. which is yuvani song..sme Kind of saaware…..

  10. Yeah who is she talking about

    1. during yuvraj n suhani moments there is a tune na…some Kind of saware…do U knw which Song is that..

  11. Interesting Episode.

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