Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh, Sharad and Bhavna talking about Yuvraaj and Soumya. Sharad says if they are not married then… Menka asks Rags why did she scare Soumya, do you want to get Suhani back. Rags says no, Suhani has to marry Sambhav, if Soumya married Yuvraaj then she will be under our favor. Menka says we should tell this to Dadi, so that Dadi comes back soon. Pratima, Sharad, Bhavna confront Suhani about getting hope to unite with Yuvraaj again, did she think about Yuvaan, what about Soumya. Suhani shouts and her imagination ends.

Yuvraaj comes there and says Suhani. She throws a glass. She asks him to leave her alone. He says I also got such anger. She says I did not lie to anyone about me and Sambhav. He says Soumya and I are not married, I can see your relation with Sambhav,

I have seen those pics, I sleep on the sofa and did not cross any limit, not like you and Sambhav. She says don’t blame me, enough. He says you are still a goddess of truth, its your mistake that you left me, its my mistake to get Soumya for Yuvani’s sake. She asks why did you not get me back, why did you not tell me about my daughter, this is all your mistake, and those pics, I told you about it, its on you to believe it or not. They cry.

Soumya cries and talks to Lord. She says I did all this for my daughter, I wanted a family, what wrong did I ask, why is this happening with me. Yuvani wipes her tears. Yuvani and Krishna support Soumya. Lata asks Pankaj will he support Yuvraaj now. Pankaj says I don’t think Yuvraaj did wrong. Sharad also finds Yuvraaj right. Pankaj says for me, Yuvraaj is right and Suhani wrong, so I can’t forgive Suhani. Saurabh asks Pratima to forgive Yuvraaj, he took that decision for Yuvani. Pratima says no, he has made Suhani leave this house and all this happened, he complicated the things.

Yuvaan comes and asks whats happening, why is everyone sad and crying, why is mumma and Papa doing this. Saurabh says sometimes good times and bad times come in life, but we have to be strong, bad times will pass soon. Yuvaan says fine, but I want to stay with Yuvani and Krishna. Soumya goes to Yuvraaj. He says sorry, I should have not insulted you. She says its fine, we both lied, it had to come out, I did not wish it comes out now. Sambhav comes and asks Yuvraaj did you always punish others for your mistakes. Rags talks to goons and ask them to stay outside. Soumya asks Sambhav not to talk in this matter. Sambhav says Suhani is my would be wife, she is crying, so I have to talk, I m staying here because of Suhani, Yuvraaj stopped us here. Yuvraaj asks him to leave then. Sambhav says I will go when Suhani says. Rags gives money to goons and asks them to go. Yuvraaj says I tolerate you as my son likes you, don’t make me helpless to break my son’s heart. He goes. Sambhav sees those goons and identifies them. He calls them out and asks what are you doing here. He calls out Yuvraaj and says they are those men who attacked on Suhani that day.

Yuvraaj and Sambhav beat the goons. The goons throw soil in Yuvraaj’s eyes and pushes Sambhav. The goons run away. Yuvraaj asks what happened that day. Sambhav says when we went to meet pandit, goons teased Suhani, I saved her, someone clicked our pics and sent you, you don’t understand anything in your ego. Yuvraaj says she is mother of my children, I will not leave them. Soumya looks on. Yuvraaj goes to Suhani and asks him why did she not tell him about those goons. She says I wrote in letter. He asks why letter, you should have told me directly. She says you were not ready to listen. He says I will not leave them and goes. She says if you showed this right six years ago, this would have not happened.

Soumya tells Bhavna about the fight of Suhani and Yuvraaj. Bhavna asks her not to worry. The kids say you elders always fight and will separate us, everyone is crying, we don’t like this. Sambhav asks Yuvraaj to see the result of his anger. Yuvraaj blames Sambhav for the fights. Sambhav and Yuvraaj argue. Yuvraaj says your doings make me angry. Sambhav says I just do right, Yuvraaj lives a fake life. Yuvraaj says its my personal life, you don’t need to interfere. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to stop it. Yuvraaj asks her to ask Sambhav to stop. Sambhav says she knows who is doing what. Pratima comes and says enough. She gets her bags. Suhani asks Maa are you doing anywhere. Pratima tells the kids that they don’t need to stay here, they will be in fear that they can get separated. Yuvraaj says but Maa.. Pratima asks the kids to come with her if they trust her. She says I will raise them my way with peace. Suhani stops her and says no, we will not fight, forgive us, don’t take the kids. Yuvraaj gets some call and gets shocked. He asks what hospital, fine we are coming. He tells Pratima that Dadi met with an accident, she is in hospital and she is critical. They all rush to see Dadi. Doctor says a truck has hit her car, car got damaged completely, she got much injured, we can’t say anything now.

Soumya worries as if anything happens to Dadi, who will support her. Pankaj and Lata come there. Doctor tells Yuvraaj that Dadi is fine, but we had to cut her hair because of head injury, I tried that she does not get paralyzed, but there is big change in her, she has back injury. Yuvraaj asks what change. Menka and Rags tell the kids that Dadi will walk like an old weak lady, no one will laugh seeing Dadi. Menka laughs. Sharad scolds Menka. Sambhav asks Sharad did anyone tell Dadi about her state. Sharad says no, Yuvraaj will tell her, just he can manage Dadi.

Everyone meet Dadi in the ward. Suhani says we thought we lost you, you came back by fighting with death, we are glad. Dadi says I want to go home. Saurabh says we will take you home soon. Yuvraaj says its big thing that you got saved after big complications. Dadi asks what happened, what are you saying.

Dadi comes walking with the help of a stick. Sambhav greets Dadi. She asks who is thus guy. Menka asks did she lose memory.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi…. I think it’s dadi’s twin. i was waiting for this moment. Dadi’s twin will support Suhani and not not somya. looks like the things are getting back to the place where it belongs to .

    1. Amina2000

      i hope so finally someone will help suhani and not the evil soumya

  2. Wow dadi is back its in interesting news. Now she vil take suhani side nd she vil unite yv nd suhani. Nice change in the serial

  3. Actually dats not dadi she is now playing the twin sister role nd she is impressed by suhani attitude.

  4. Aqsxxh

    Dadi’s Twin! This episode was very complicated to read… But I liked it…

  5. I hope dadi will reunite our yuvani…

  6. suprb.I want to see that dadi.

  7. i think dadi acting has a memory loss again… she came to trouble suhani again and she seprate our yuvani..
    sowmya still to selfish .. she didnt recoginse her mistk till … stil sowmya worries fr herself oly.. its ridiculous…

  8. she is doing drama. just to get yuvraaj and soumya marry.

  9. Jenny_moon

    Today’s episode was fabulous……

  10. Hmmmm,,,,,Dadi’s twin??????!!

  11. This SHOW IS DISGUSTING. It is so bad, it is NOT on the top ten indian drama list.
    To me it feel like that this show is for people’s that are completely idiot’s.
    Therefore I have stop watching.
    It has gone backwards, and it is repeating itself.
    The show represent that all women should be abused.
    It also however open my eyes that there are women that like to be abused by MEN.
    It is sad, but also true, so what can I say.
    All that I can for all whom watching this show. GET HELP for yourself.

    1. Nithu

      We love ssel n bcause ssel is nt in top ten list we wnt stp watching it….

      1. Exactly Nithu.. (y)

  12. Nice episode… Chalo goons ki wajah se pics wali baat ka khulasa hua…it’s really difficult to understand that dadi support suhani or soumya???
    Karwachauth wala episode kab aayega it would take new interesting turn in story ..I think sooo ….today’s episode made hope that soon yuvani will unite……

  13. I hope t

  14. I hope the old bag have a change of heart toward suhani

  15. It’s dadi’s twin confirmed

  16. If sources are correct then Dadi has been kidnapped and isolated by her twin sister. She pretends to be the real dadi and has a motive apparently.

  17. Brilliant acting by Suhani showing so much emotion when she was arguing
    with Yuvraaj

    1. Yea,,,they all are great actors,,,,

  18. Great epi,,,all misunderstandings cleared in one epi

  19. Great epi,,,,,!

  20. Thank god,,Yuvi came to knw the truth,,,,soon evrythng will be revealed

  21. Superb episode. Worst sowmya still she is very selfish to use Yuvani. I dont like Sowmya she is very worst and selfish rediculous. We want Dadi will support suhani and reunite yuvraj and suhani. Then serial is superb

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