Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sambhav asking Saiyyam not to get in this matter, Papa will manage everything, I m glad that my son is with me. Everyone look on. Sambhav asks Saiyyam to go from here. Saiyyam says no. Sambhav says I m here, I will meet you later, you leave now. He hugs Saiyyam. Suhani asks Saiyyam not to get in this cheap man’s words. Saiyyam says I will wait for you, will you come. Sambhav says yes, you take care. Saiyyam goes. Sambhav starts laughing and claps. They look on. He says I still have acting talent, it was brilliant right. Suhani says Dadi, Rags, what did you do. Sambhav laughs.

Baby says Sambhav exposed me, now they know I knew about Sambhav, everyone will ask me now. Rags says plan was perfect Dadi. Suhani asks what. Rags says we would have shown Saiyyam his dad’s

truth. Suhani says now Saiyyam thinks Sambhav is good man. Dadi says Sambhav controlled Saiyyam. Suhani says Sambhav did what he would, did you think Sambhav will not win him, we have to tell Saiyyam that his father is bad man. Dadi says I m fed up of Saiyyam, I m worried for Yuvraaj.

Baby sees Sharad and Bhavna. Sharad says call police Bhavna. Bhavna says I called police. Baby asks why. Sharad says because your kunjumaa is Sambhav. Baby worries. She starts acting. She cries and says he has threatened me, I had no option than to agree. Sharad says I know you will not get scared. She says yes, he said he will harm Yuvaan if I don’t agree to him. Bhavna worries. Baby says how would I take this chance, if he did anything to Yuvaan. Sharad says fine, remember Baby, we will keep eyes on you. Baby says thanks, atleast by doing this, he will not threaten me.

Suhani says you think I m doing this for Saiyyam and does not want Yuvraaj to get free. Dadi says then do something. Suhani says I m doing, I request tell me plans next time, Saiyyam is Sambhav’s only weakness, when his son asks him about his doings, maybe he will tell about Yuvraaj, I worry for Yuvraaj a lot.

Sambhav stops Baby and asks what did you tell them. Baby says I told them you are threatening me. He says good, make sure Saiyyam stays in room, he should not know what I m doing tonight. Baby nods. Dadi sees them. Dadi throws Sambhav’s phone and holds his collar, asking will you detain my Yuvraaj, I will not bear anyone’s threatening, come. Baby thinks the result of all this should be good. Yuvaan stops her to talk. She worries.

Krishna comes to room. Saiyyam stops her and asks what is it, what are you going on in your mind. She asks how can you support that man. He says he is my dad. She says he killed my mum and kidnapped my dad, I will taunt you till Yuvraaj comes back. He says you will not go anywhere and stay in this house, my dad did not kidnap Yuvraaj.

Suhani looks for Yuvaan. Sharad and Bhavna ask her to stop. Yuvaan says Baby, if you lie such big things, how will I trust you. Baby says I was scared. Suhani comes and asks Yuvaan did anyone give you any watch or gift. Yuvaan says no. Suhani hugs him and says Baby said Sambhav threatened about you. Yuvaan says relax, nothing will happen to me. Suhani gets a message.

She gets shocked seeing Yuvraaj in video. She says Yuvraaj is having problem to breath. They all ask what. Suhani cries. Rags asks Dadi what are you doing. Dadi says he thinks he will threaten us and get saved. Rags says calm down, you know what we spoke to Suhani. Dadi says Saiyyam is bad blood of Sambhav. Sambhav says do anything, I will not tell where is Yuvraaj. Dadi says fine, then die, I will not let you torture me and Yuvraaj. I will find him soon.

Saiyyam comes and looks on angrily. Sambhav acts seeing Saiyyam. Dadi says no one will give food to Sambhav from today. Saiyyam shouts what do you think of yourself, how dare you do this, leave my dad. Dadi says call police, I will send you both to jail. Saiyyam says police will put you in jail first. Sambhav says promise me you will not become like them, if we were like them I would have died when Suhani tried to kill me. Saiyyam says free him. Dadi refuses. Sambhav says don’t worry, they will free me, you go please, I don’t want you see me like this. Saiyyam goes. Suhani says Dadi if police sees Sambhav alive, you know what will happen, see this video. Dadi gets shocked seeing Yuvraaj.

Sambhav smiles and asks them to open ropes. He says Suhani is right Dadi. He gets free and asks Dadi not to get angry, else how will she play next game. Suhani says we don’t have to play any game. Dadi asks Sambhav how did he get another phone. He says backup phone, why do you forget my name is Sambhav, check this. He shows Yuvraaj’s video and says Yuvraaj’s oxygen level is just 40% now, come out in an hour. He goes. Dadi says I should have controlled my anger. Suhani prays for Yuvraaj. Rags says I know you are agreeing to Sambhav to save Yuvraaj, don’t you think we should tell truth to Saiyyam. Suhani says no, Sambhav will hurt Yuvraaj. Bhavna says we should tell Saiyyam how Sambhav is controlling us. Suhani says no, let Saiyyam know all truth on his own, I know very well, none can stop truth from coming out, we should focus on saving Yuvraaj. Sambhav sings. They all hear him.

Sambhav says Yuvraaj needs oxygen, Suhani you have to light diyas, Yuvraaj will get one percent oxygen per diya, let the game begin. Suhani lights diya and wind blows off the diya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. even on new year v hav to see these shit. stupid cvs n there stupid sambhav.. no peace…

    1. Ya… Can’t tolerate saiyaam sambhav… Stupidity …. In sambhav track, there is no good… Only evilness… Let saiyaam the evil deeds of his father… All the family member is aware of sambhav now… Only this saiyaam…

      1. Therz no need of saiyyam help here…what will he do…if suhani got brains lyk before she can simply end this shit…i dont think sayyam will kill sambhav even after knowing d truth…its not easy for a son to kill his father even though hez a monster…birlas along with suhani seemed ultimate losers today….y cant they record and show it to sayyam….useless ppl and useless show

      2. Agree with u @bhargavi…. This show is about Suhani n her life… From the starting of this show we r watching suhani used too solve the problem but after the leap…. She help dadi by throwing out evil dadi but she can’t helped herself from the clutches of sambhav.. n now y saiyaam need to help Suhani… Can’t she help herself..
        Y writers r doing like this… If they want leap then they must show interesting….
        Instead of taking leap they would have started new season of “saiyaam sa ek ladka” instead of showing this shit

      3. s it is better to name it like tat n nly sambhav n saiyyam will act becoz they r the main leads right?. what is the need to show suhani yuvaraj n their so called children n others. these cvs will never grow…

  2. Amalina

    Suhani is the root of all of this. Rags and dadi should make their own plan and free yurvraj. This suhani is only focusing on saiyyam and sambhav, not yuvraj! Suhani is now starting to irritate me. Baby is even more irritating than Barbie!

    Suhani asking yuvan whether he got a watch or gift from someone was hilarious!????? For the first suhani made me laugh!?

  3. Well all I got to say is Suhani is so selfish. She is only worried about Yuvraaj, she never ever at least for once she felt Saiyyam is her son and she needs to guide him to the correct path and protect him from Sambhav. All she wants is Yuvraaj. I haven’t seen such a woman at all.

  4. Krishna & Sayyam

    Exactly suhani so selfish . I hope something romantic happens in tmws episode between Krishna and sayyam

  5. you are right rana and krishna s sayyam suhani is so selfish use saiyyam ki bilkul fikar nahi hain yuvraj yuvraj kar rahi hain saiyyam is her son and suhani ko saiyyam ko sambhav se bachane ki koshis nahi kar rahi hain suhani samaj rahi hain ki sambhav saiyyam ko chata hain sambhav saiyyam ko nuksaan nahi pahucayega lekin sambhav kisi ko nahi chata hain yadi saiyyam sambhav ke khilaf ho gaya to wo saiyyam ko bhi nahi chodega suhani ko saiyyam ko sach bata dena chaiye saiyyam ki jaan khatre main daal rahi hain kesi maa hain bilhkul yaar nahi karti apne bete se

  6. aaj ka episode pata hi nahi chala kab suru hua kab khatam hua otherwise kriyam scene so nice i miss kriyam lots

  7. divya ayyangar

    Very boring

  8. I heard romor that Sahil is quitted. I think cvs chahte hai ki Suhani se sab tang aa jaye ki they can continue drama widout original leads. Sab ko pata hai unko zyada pyar to dadi aur villians se hai so they will keep them. Bahut time se Pratimaa ka naam nhi dekha update me, is she left?

  9. OMG, this show is totally sick. Please don’t ruin New Year with this BS

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