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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani doing Gauri and Aditya’s aarti. She asks Gauri to take care. She asks Aditya to always support Gauri. Dadi hugs Gauri. Gauri cries. Dadi asks Aditya to call her if he needs anything. Aditya thanks her and takes her blessings. Saurabh asks Gauri to take care and hugs her. Anuj acts to be happy. She apologizes to him for sharing his love, but now she is going and everyone will love him now, she will not trouble her. Gauri hugs Anuj. Anuj says we will miss you a lot, come back soon. Gauri hugs Yuvraaj. He wipes her tears and whistles to cheer her. The brothers hug her. They send Gauri and Aditya in the car.

Lata and Pankaj come home. Lata does their aarti and grah pravesh. Pankaj welcomes them. Lata says yes, Gauri has equal right as our children. They bless

Gauri and Aditya. Pankaj asks Aditya to take Gauri to her room.

Saurabh gets sad and misses Gauri. Yuvraaj comes there and asks is he missing Gauri. Saurabh makes excuse of headache. Yuvraaj gives him medicines, and asks him to say it if he is really missing Gauri. Saurabh asks why are you hiding then, you also miss Gauri. Anuj comes there to Gauri’s room and turns seeing them. Yuvraaj stops him and asks his reason to come. Anuj says I was just passing by. Saurabh calls him inside and they all hug. Yuvraaj asks Anuj to make better excuses. They all miss Gauri and sit talking about her.

Yuvraaj says we did not even know her. Anuj takes the brush and says I m thinking to start painting again. Saurabh says you can just do body building, and they tease him. They hug and laugh.

Krishna asks Soumya about his watch. He asks why is she crying. She asks what is she doing, did she give his watch to Sandeep as well, why did she not realize what is she doing. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry. She says I m scared of myself, I don’t know what I give to him, you don’t know what I m going through. He pacifies her and says we will do something. He hugs her and consoles her. She says there is a way, but its risky. He asks what is it?

Suhani sits sad. Yuvraaj asks her is she also missing Gauri. She nods. He hugs her and says even I miss her, we did not we have any sister, today we feel we were together all these years. Suhani says I just wish Aditya always keeps Gauri happy, but Aditya… He asks what happened to Aditya? Aditya looks at his room and asks Gauri to see the room, its good. He says I wish to see tv. She says but there is no tv, buy it. He says I can’t afford tv and want to use salary in home expenses. She says fine, Daid is there and smiles. He asks what.

Gauri calls Dadi and asks for a tv. Dadi says I will send tv to you soon. Aditya tells about the new tv offer. Dadi says I will send it. Gauri thanks her and hugs Aditya. Soumya wears a spy locket and says this will record everything whats happening with me. Krishna says yes, I will be with you as shadow. He apologizes to her for doubting her and not understand anything. She smiles and says its okay. They hug.

Dadi checks her wrinkles. Menka and Rags come and Dadi gets disturbed. Dadi gets angry. Menka gives electronics shop number. Rags asks Dadi why did she need it. Dadi asks them to go. Dadi orders a tv and AC. Rags and Menka stop and hear her. Dadi says order will go on Aditya’s name and gives address. Dadi asks them to leave.

Menka talks to Rags against Gauri. Dadi comes and scolds them. She gives Menka’s phone and leaves. Rags says I can never understand Dadi, Dadi was treating Gauri like animals and now she is loving her and scolding us. Menka fools Rags and laughs. Rags asks her to behave herself.

Pankaj scolds Aditya for asking his inlaws for things and asks him to buy with his earnings. Suhani asks Aditya not to be seen around Birla house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Komal mittal

    Slow n boring

  2. Day by day so boring

  3. Ths shw s lagng ya…
    Realy a borng shw.
    I stopd watchn it. Nw i only read d updtz… Plz end ds trd and shw smtng intrstng

  4. Boring no offence

  5. Took boring yaar end this gauri chapter yaar I just hate her very much she is very ugly creepy f**k asswhole blo*dy shit**&**************

    1. Yaa I too agree with u Aparna I don’t know what the hell is going on….this serial is getting dump day by day just end this gauri chapter yuck ? I just hate her…..she a blo*dy hell f**k dr***k

  6. Meghna where are you. I had posted a comment on 9th episode pls go through it and if possible continue ur story. Thanks

  7. Hey Meghna I was reading yeah hai mohabbate update and there I came to know that till 4th Jan no moderation of comments and no fan fiction will be shown so don’t worry after 4th you can post the next episode.

  8. I think lata will find out wat aditya did

  9. Ihate gauri ,first of all she is cheap,stupid ass hole ,mannerless and her family too ,how come they put aditya on that problem ,rubbish story ,,,boaring doesn’t make sense .is good if adiya will use her through bilah family to teach them a lesson blood hell

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