Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Yuvraaj to leave Suhani. Yuvraaj asks her to move away. Pratima, Bhavna and Sharad come and worry. Pratima asks Dadi to let him take Suhani. Yuvraaj takes Suhani and goes. Dadi says why did you let him go. Pratima says Suhani is ill, he has to take her. Dadi says when Amma mai gets conscious, she will get angry. Pratima says she will not get angry, this is not time to talk. She goes. Baby comes to Dadi and says Suresh is from my village, I think he is eyeing Amma mai badly. Dadi asks what do you mean. Baby says I think he wants her necklace. Dadi says I will not let that happen. Baby asks who will become head of family after Amma mai, you or Babu ji.

Yuvraaj talks to doctor about Suhani’s checkup. Doctor goes. Dadi scolds Yuvraaj and asks do you

think you are heir of the house, how did you learn english. Yuvraaj says its nothing like that, Amma mai used to pay my school fees. Dadi says don’t lie, Amma mai never liked studies. Sharad says what’s your problem, we don’t know english, if this guy asked doctor, its good. Dadi says I don’t trust this guy, I m firing him, Amma mai has risk from him, I will decide as Amma mai is sick. She asks Yuvraaj to leave. Sharad says you can’t make him leave. Dadi says he can’t stay here, his sight is bad, I have seen him, he always stays around Amma mai. Yuvraaj says because I m servant. She says then stay as servant, what do you want. Bhavna says no, he is simple innocent guy, don’t fire him. Dadi asks why do you care for him, what’s your relation with him.

Baby lies and says Bhavna is Suresh’s fiancee, Amma mai was going to get them married. They all get shocked. Dadi says fine, puja will end in few hours, if Suresh has to stay here, he has to marry his fiancee. They all stare at Baby. Sharad says not now, let Amma mai get fine first. Dadi says I can take decisions in her absence, I will manage this, don’t worry.

Krishna and Baby have an argument. Krishna asks her why did she lie about Bhavna and Yuvraaj. Baby asks her not to dare to talk this way. Krishna asks what about the problem you created for Yuvraaj. Baby asks her why is she trying to become head of family. Krishna says there is no need to become head to talk about problems. They argue. Krishna asks her to accept her mistake, you spoiled everything. Baby says you are forgetting you are talking to elder bahu, infact you are not even Birla, you have no right to talk in between.

Pratima comes and says Baby is right Krishna, Baby is elder bahu of this house, Krishna is this house’s daughter, daughter’s right is first in this house, bahu has to win her right by winning inlaws’ heart, not by creating problems. Baby says but I did not wish to do so. Pratima says but you did that, remember when Dadi talks to us, you don’t talk in between. They go. Baby says Krishna did not do this right, I promise I will get Krishna punished.

Suhani asks what will we do now Yuvraaj. Bhavna says why did Baby say this. Sharad says any other problem would have come. Pratima says we have to avoid this marriage any way, we will see things later. Suhani asks what will we do. Dadi asks Krishna to get havan and puja lists. Krishna agrees. Baby looks on. Suhani says this idea is good, maybe our plan works. Bhavna says who will do this work. Saiyyam comes and says I will do it. Pratima says fine, then this plan will not fail. They smile.

Yuvaan sees wounds on his body and thinks what’s happening with me, how did I get hurt. He holds his head. He says is this happening because of drugs. He asks Baby what’s happening, why does he not remember anything. She says once medicines end, everything will be fine, just go and relax. He goes. She says sorry I have no time to explain you today. She gets something and says I will explain Krishna today, I don’t leave the person who comes in my way.

Krishna falls down and the sticks fall down. A stick hits Saiyyam and mangalsutra falls down from his hand. He shouts who fool… and turns to see Krishna fallen. He goes to Krishna. She gives her hand. He pats her hand with a stick and says you deserve this. She says I m asking help, you are beating me. She says you have thrown stick at me.

He says it was by mistake. They call each other Lord’s mistake. He holds her and helps. Pandit comes and asks Baby to out woods in havan stick. Baby agrees. She puts the gun powder in the woods. She sees Krishna going and thinks none can save Krishna today, this is last day for Krishna in this house.

Bhavna says I m tensed, if Saiyyam could not do work then. Suhani says Saiyyam will do it. Krishna gets saree and says Dadi has sent this for Bhavna. Sharad says I thought no problem will come, and this happened. Yuvraaj says this problem is bigger. Sharad says don’t worry, I m sure this won’t happen. Yuvraaj says yes. Pratima asks Dadi is everything fine. Dadi says yes, call everyone. Baby thinks what happened to everyone, why are they silent, do they have any plan.

Yuvraaj takes broken mangalsutra. Pandit says this is big abshagun, marriage can’t happen. Dadi says we will get them married by sindoor ceremony.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the fast update; but I have a question why is baby doing all this evil planning; I don’t understand, is she trying to become the head of the house by using dadi???

  2. dadi is irritating but kriyam is awesome jab baby krishna par chillati hain bhaut bura lagta hain

    1. This is a bastard show written by bastard.why stupider are still watching???

  3. How much longer this track going to continue. Dadi still ruling BH. When is this baby going to get exposed?

  4. ittu sa tha kriyam scene always kriyam scene nice

  5. Dat dadi is so dumb cant she see the mangalsutra and sindoor in bhavanas forehead. Cvs has gone crazy.

    1. Yaa exactly… they r fooling us

  6. hello friends arshi aarti rockstr esther and mystery and all kriyam fans a good news for kriyam ssel makers disided to focus on kriyam story main to chati hoo ki phir ssel ki trp high ho jaye jisse makers kriyam ka track khatam n kare

    1. Rockstr

      Wow..dats great news..cant wait

    2. that news made my day.thanx.

    3. thnx soo much for the news…im grinning sooo much right now 😀

    4. Mystery

      Wow…great news

    5. Wow such a grt news ?? koi iss daadi ka patta kat do bass..automatically the serial will have high trps

    6. Aarti32

      Hi dear..N ya jis track se trp mile usko khatam hi nhi krte..Maza aa jaega agar Kriyyam track nvr ending chale

  7. guys i missed today’s episode.waiting to watch it online.i have read written updated.but can not give any comments before watching it….guys yuvaan is trying to kill is the link of OLV

      1. Wiooooow thanks a lot for the link

    1. you saw how Yuvaan fainted after doing that? I think he did under the drugs’ influence…baby mmust have told him too…loved krishna in the scene though…and the fighting was intense!!!!

      1. yes he is under the influence of drugs.otherwise he wouldn’t even think of killing is the master mind behind to see the reaction of krishna.she she is fighting against yuvaan to save sayyam.she is very much tense and not leaving sayyam for a second.any wife will react like that when someone tries to harm her husband.good thought of cv’s.i think we will see that tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

    2. Aarti32

      Thanx for d link..Good to see Krishna fighting Yuvaan for Saiyyam..But poor Yuvaan..Bina matlab thappad pad gya usko..uska to galti bhi nhi tha

  8. pl anyone throw stones on baby. becoz of her suhani, yuvraj, yuvaan, almost everyone r suffering even krishna. what did krishna do to her, always behind her n suhani… kriyam scene was nice… tis dadi will never leave anythng n yuvraj is the doll nw… where s yuvani? suddenly disappeared… wow! saiym s helpng his mom.. superb!

  9. Crazy dadi. Only sayyam and krishnas scene is awesome.

  10. Aarti32

    Hey how was d Kriyyam scene guys?? Actually I missed it..Was partying hard??

  11. Laavanya

    Kriyam scene was adorable <3. Pratima gave a good reply to Baby.

  12. Hi everyone this is my first cmment but i alwyes read all comment . today episode awesome kriyyam wala .
    kaal mere exam hain or plz pray for me taake mere exam sahi se hoo

    1. Laavanya

      Welcome Mukta n best of luck for ur exams 🙂

      1. Best of luck mukta do well in exams?

    2. Aarti32

      Welcome mukta.. Comment more n more..But after xams..All d best for your xams

  13. caring one can hate like the same time, no one can love like sayyam.suhani is lucky to have a son like much love and day krishna will understand that she is lucky to have a loving and caring husband like sayyam…..bad baby.sayyam got saved.yuvaan trapped.poor yuvaan.

    1. Mystery

      Yuvaan deserve it…he is idiot…huh….n yah Krishna is really lucky…kriyyam are made for eo

    2. Aarti32

      I agree wid each n every word of your comment..N Kriyyam were destined to be each other’s…Otherwise Krishna wud hv been wid dat Yuvaan nonsense..N Baby wud hv hung in Saiyyam’s neck.. Complete mis-match????

  14. good luck to your exam mukta arshi

  15. plz end this

  16. yes swetha krishna trying to saved saiyyam and she call everyone dedu suhani etc ne saiyyam ko yuvaan se bachaya

  17. Pagal dadi…. Pls end dadis character not able to tolerate and baby too….

  18. kriyam rocks

    Sayyam is definitely warming up to Krishna…he is head over heels in love with her…she called him god’s biggest mistake and even though he should have gotten really angry or walked away “Sayyam-style” he helped her up AND picked up the sticks for her…love them both…he could have looked a little more sad during that scene though…but it was awesome….excited for Kriyam!!!

    1. ha ..ha like ‘ gangnam style’ ‘sayyam style’. love that term.good one

  19. Read in spoiler that yuvani will try to expose baby over yuvaan’s medication.


    Finally, saiyaam is realising his love for Krishna. But he still believes Krishna does not love him.

    1. Aarti32

      WOW!! Luvly news.. Made my day..

  21. Love KRIYAM and i also want some scene with suhani and saiyyam. Want their mother son bonding

  22. Mystery

    Yuvaan should be jailed…but no suhani will never put him behind bars as he is her fav son

  23. Thanks guys Thank you Laavanya and kriyam fan

  24. farina hossain

    kriyam serial gossip it’s not a reliable source.If this article true , I will very happy

  25. How does baby get all these things to plot? Hope nothing happens to Krishna or anyone else tomorrow. Again no one sees,hears anything.

  26. They said that the creators of the show are wrapping it up.So it might go off air.

    1. Where did you heard this from?

      1. I searched if suhani si ed ladki was going off air because of a previous comment yesterday that it will go off air in July.

    2. That’s a lie because anyone can write anything on Wikipedia

  27. farina hossain

    Coco who said this? this show is not going to off air. so be positive and enjoy this show

    1. are u like pschyic or something?

      1. Rockstr

        It was confirmed by two actors of the show..kabirvaka yuvan and karan ska sayyam that the show is nt going off chill..

  28. Syedul

    Wow I just love kriyam but I can’t wait till more kriyam

  29. sarita sharma

    ssel end hoga to may ke baad hoga bcs may m ssel 1000 epi complete karega or 1000 epi se pahle maker ssel ko end nhi karenge chápe trp kitni hi kam aaye.or may tak to kriyam ki love story v puri ho relax and enjoy ssel.

  30. you saw a youtube par likhiye suhani si ek ladki replace aapko yeh news youtube par dikhjayigi ki makers focus kriyam

    1. Laavanya

      Hey, that news channel is fake. They always provide wrong news.

  31. ya i agree sarita sharma

  32. it is not a fake news lavanya YouTube par nahi to ssel ka spoiler read karo it is true news

    1. The actors have confirmed that the SHOW IS NOT ENDING so stop believing in fake news

  33. yes i agree farina hossain and rockstr ssel not off air

  34. the most stupid serial i hv ever seen.

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