Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuj calling Pankaj, and talking in girl’s voice. Sharad makes him wear dupatta to get girls feel. Anuj says I m Anuj, Anuja from Mahilas Uddhar, and asks about his daughters. He asks are your daughters safe. Pankaj says no, come here with your Id, my daughters are not safe, their inlaws are bad. He ends call angrily. Sharad says you are useless, why did you say about Mahilas Uddhar. Suhani asks whose call was it. Pankaj says strange voice woman asking about Mahilas uddhar. Soumya gets thinking, and says we will call my mom and invite her, our Sunday will get complete. They all agree. Soumya calls her mom and invites her to come here. She asks her to talk to Suhani.

Suhani takes the call and asks aunty how are you. Yuvraaj says hello uncle, I miss you. Suhani

drops the phone. Bhavna signs Soumya and asks Yuvraaj…. Soumya nods. Suhani and Yuvraaj talk indirectly. He says everyone is trying to sort out things, I m not annoyed, you did right to support your dad. Suhani says thank God, atleast Sadu.. aunty ji and changes words. Yuvraaj says wow, you make a good story, if I say I really miss you, I want to meet you, meet me out anyway. She smiles and says even I miss you a lot aunty. He says not bad, say I love you to me infront of everyone. She gets up to go. Lata asks her to finish food and talk here. Yuvraaj insists to hear I love you, and Suhani says I will make you talk to Bhavna. She hears and says I love you. Soumya and Bhavna smile. Yuvraaj says I love you too but why shall I talk to Bhavna. Sharad says Bhavna is my wife, she meant I should talk to Bhavna and takes call. Bhavna talks to Sharad and says aunty ji, I have to see Golu, I will talk later. Sharad says listen and call ends. Soumya, Bhavna and Suhani smile.

Dadi asks Anuj about next product launch. Anuj asks Menka to see that no one disturbs him in his room. He goes. Dadi asks Menka to call Saurabh. Dadi asks Ramesh to make something. Menka says Saurabh and Anuj are working in room, they said no one should disturb them. Dadi says I will talk to Yuvraaj. Rags says no use, I think they are acting to avoid talking to you. Dadi says I don’t care, lets have lunch, come. Ramesh says I will bring food in some time. Dadi says where are others, will they not have food, fine, I m also stubborn like them. She asks how is this laughing sound coming. Rags says we will go and see. Sharad comes to meet Golu. Suhani says Bhavna has gone out, and gives Golu. She asks Sharad did he get upset as Bhavna is not here. Lata asks will he have food. Sharad says no, uncle will get angry. Lata says he went out with Bhavna, you have food.

Pratima serves food to her sons, and they all talk and laugh recalling Suhani. Dadi looks on. They all see Dadi and avoid her. Saurabh asks Ramesh not to put this chair, our family is complete now. Dadi asks them not to do this drama, I agreed to get Suhani back, so you all are avoiding me, Saurabh and Anuj did not come. Anuj says we are still busy. Dadi says do anything, I will not agree, Ramesh, my friends are coming in evening party, make arrangements.

Menka gets angry and asks Ramesh to open the door. Anuj stops Ramesh. Menka says I have to do all work here and opens the door. Dadi’s friends come. The ladies ask why is she doing servant’s work, where is Chandrakala. Menka says I will call Dadi. Dadi greets her friends and asks them to sit. She asks Menka to tell Ramesh to get green tea for them. A lady says I want coconut water. Rags meets them and they compliment Rags on her dress. Rags says I bought this dress from London, and Dadi gifted me this diamond bangles. Menka signs Rags. She tells Dadi that Ramesh did not make anything, he is missing.

Yuvraaj asks Ramesh not to worry, and stay here. Dadi asks Rags and Menka to cook something. Rags and Menka says we don’t know, how shall we cook. Dadi asks them to tell Pratima. Anuj comes out and Dadi asks him t greet her friends. Anuj says sorry Dadi, I m getting late for meeting. Dadi asks about Pratima. He says she is unwell, and resting, don’t disturb her. Rags says Dadi, I ordered snacks. The lady says its fine, we would have not come if we wanted to have food outside in hotel, can’t your bahu cook snacks, and can’t Pratima come to meet. They leave. Dadi asks Rags could she not cook food. Rags says how can we cook in less time. Dadi shouts Ramesh. Yuvraaj leaves Ramesh. Dadi asks why did you not make food. Ramesh says Yuvraaj told me to oil massage Pratima’s feet. Dadi asks why did you not say. Yuvraaj comes and sends Ramesh to Pratima. Dadi says it means you wanted to get me insulted, why should I get Suhani back. He says Suhani left because of you, I did not get you insulted, if you feel so, I m sorry, I m not ashamed to say sorry after doing mistake. She says fine, I will get that girl back.

Suhani says Golu is playing with Sharad. Pankaj and Bhavna come home, and see Sharad. Pankaj asks what are you doing here. Sharad says I came to meet Golu. Suhani says we can’t stop him from meeting Golu. Lata asks Bhavna to go to room with Sharad and Golu. Pankaj says this is not right. Suhani says like you love your children, Sharad also loves Golu, he did not let Golu miss his father. Lata says Sharad never insulted Bhavna. Dadi comes there. Pankaj says don’t take Dadi’s name, I get angry hearing her name. Suhani says calm down. Pankaj says no need to take her side. Dadi says I don’t need anyone to take my side. He asks why did you come here. Dadi says I came to take Bhavna and this girl. He says this girl’s name is Suhani, you want to take her and insult her again. Lata says calm down and makes Dadi sit. Dadi asks Suhani will she stay in this hut by leaving Birla house, stop, don’t give me lecture. She asks Lata not to give her juice with ordinary water, I just have mineral water. Pankaj gets angry and says yes, my daughters like to stay here, they get love here, you will not understand this. Dadi says I will not beg to you, send your daughters if you want, else keep them. Pankaj says don’t worry, I won’t send them even if you beg. She says enough, I m not interested to hear your lecture. She leaves. Lata asks Pankaj why is he fighting with Dadi. He says she was talking so badly, I won’t let her take my daughters and insult them again. Suhani looks on.

Dadi comes home and lies to Yuvraaj that she went to Pankaj to bring Suhani and Bhavna home, and he said he will end these relations. Sharad says Pankaj did not say such thing, and Dadi did not request him. Dadi asks how can you say this, were you there. Sharad says yes Dadi, I was there. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb episode. ……..

  2. The episode was amazing and full of romance

  3. nice episode

  4. A very superb episode after a very long time I just love it…..

  5. well done Pankaj,,,why can’t dadi call suhani by her name dadi,,ye ladki,vo ladki bla bla,,nice precap,,,Sharad went there on right tym

  6. love Sharad!! hope they will make sharad and bhavna’s wedding track!!

  7. You are right saaya. Pankaj was right. Super episode.

  8. Ahh…?yuvani scene ? loved it??

  9. Precap: Still this idiot Yuvraj believes Dadi when she says she went to Pankaj’s home to bring both. Can’t he think his Dadi is the biggest culprit to split him and Suhani. Some one should slap this blo*dy Menka and arrogant Rags. Don’t they have parents and they never visit them and get insult by Dadi

  10. I wish pankraj dont send them n let see wat yuvraj will do now n good for dadi she get caught lying

  11. People should stoop to Dadi’s level and start calling her hey budhiya!!!


  13. Dadis acting and dialogues are pain in the neck

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