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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the haldi ceremony going on. Yuvani applies haldi to Yuvaan. Yuvraaj coughs and says he is fine. Dadi asks him to take rest, they will do rasam later. Suhani looks on. Yuvraaj coughs a lot and goes. Suhani sees him bleeding. Pratima sees him and gets shocked. She asks him about the bleeding. He lies its kumkum and asks Suhani to say the same. Suhani says yes. Pratima hugs Yuvraaj. Suhani cries and goes to Saiyyam. Bhavna asks Suhani to get ready fast, they have to make Krishna ready also. Suhani says I will talk to you later. She thinks of Saiyyam’s words. She applies haldi to Saiyyam and announces that Krishna will marry Saiyyam, not Yuvaan. Everyone get shocked. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what are you saying. Pratima asks what happened to you.

Krishna asks Suhani.

Bhavna asks Suhani to stop joking, there is much work to do. She asks Krishna not to take tension, Suhani used to joke like this along Soumya. Suhani says I m talking about my son’s life, you don’t talk in between. Pratima asks why are you talking like this with Bhavna. Yuvraaj says I m sure Saiyyam did this. Sharad says right and goes to beat Saiyyam. Suhani says don’t touch my son, he is my son, if anyone says anything to him, none will be worse than me. Yuvraaj asks what. Suhani says I have realized, Baby loves Yuvaan so Baby will marry Yuvaan. Dadi and Yuvani smile.

Krishna says but Yuvaan and I…. Suhani says I did not finish, Saiyyam did wrong with Krishna, he has to rectify his mistake and marry Krishna. Bhavna asks Pratima to see Suhani, she is saying nonsense. Pratima asks Suhani why is she punishing Krishna. Suhani says we know, we got Krishna’s pics and dupatta from Saiyyam’s room, he loves Krishna a lot, his way to express was wrong. Dadi says Suhani is right. Suhani says Saiyyam will stay with us, I will teach him to respect Krishna, she will get love. Yuvraaj asks what about Krishna. Suhani says she will love Saiyyam, as you loved me, don’t worry, I will make Saiyyam deserving of Krishna’s love.

She asks Yuvaan does he have any objection with her decision. Yuvaan sees Krishna and says no, I m with you, Krishna gets shocked and cries. Yuvaan says this is for everyone’s good. Suhani says the marriage will happen today. Dadi smiles. Saiyyam takes Suhani’s blessings. He says trust me, you will never regret for this decision. He acts and smiles.

Bhavna goes to Suhani and asks are you mad, why are you doing this. Suhani says leave it. Bhavna asks why did you take decision now. Suhani says I took decision, Krishna does not know whats right for her in life, Baby is right for Yuvaan. Krishna asks Yuvaan how did he agree to Suhani so easily, you don’t like Baby, else how would you agree to marry me, we were happy, what happened now. He thinks I m happy now, how to explain her. Baby comes and asks Krishna to leave. Krishna asks her not to talk in between. Baby asks did you not hear what Suhani said. Yuvaan says I agreed to Maa.

Krishna says its about our lives, how can you stay happy with Baby, she does not love you. He says I can’t refuse to Maa. Saiyyam comes and asks Krishna to learn from Yuvaan. He asks Krishna to agree to Suhani like Yuvaan agreed. Krishna runs crying. Saiyyam leaves. Baby smiles and hugs Yuvaan. She says don’t know how this happened, I m really happy. He thanks her for saving him from Krishna. She says I will save you from everyone.

Suhani says Saiyyam will love Krishna, he will change. Bhavna asks are you comparing Saiyyam with Yuvraaj. Suhani says why don’t we give a chance to Saiyyam. Pratima says maybe we came on wrong time to talk to you and leaves. Saiyyam stops Krishna. Krishna says I will talk to Suhani. He stops her. Bhavna comes and scolds Saiyyam. She says I don’t know why Suhani is doing this, stay away from Krishna. He says Krishna is going to become my wife and goes. Krishna cries.

Baby asks how did this happen. Yuvani says its good. Baby says I have to get ready for marriage, I have no clothes and makeup. Dadi asks Yuvani to give her things to Baby. Yuvani gives jewelry and makeup. Dadi says I like you like to look beautiful, unlike Krishna. She helps Baby.Yuvani thinks Baby is better than Krishna. Suhani takes care of Yuvraaj. He asks about her decision. She says I have to change Saiyyam’s life and make him good. He says fine, but you can’t sacrifice Krishna, Saiyyam is like Sambhav, you can’t make Krishna marry him, what is the matter, did he tell anything, is he doing things like Sambhav, swear on me, tell me, I will help you, please. Saiyyam comes and I just need a chance, I want to change. Suhani says Yuvaan likes Baby, trust me, I will not let anything wrong happen. Yuvraaj says I trust you. Saiyyam smiles.

Krishna asks Suhani why are you making me marry Saiyyam. She takes a knife to commit suicide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Krishna n suhani…. Suhani is coming in words of stupid saiyyam n poor Krishna is goat which to sacrifice …

    I stopped watching this nonsense after knowing the sambhav’s return in ssel

    1. What !!! Really??? Sambhav is coming back???

      1 minut

      Agar sambhav jinda he to yuvraj kis crime ki saza itne saalo se jail me kaat raha tha????

      Lol.. court ne bina sambhav ki laash dekhehi faisla suna diya kya…???

      I think writer khuud likhi hui story bhul raha he….

    2. I don’t think it is shambhav but may be his twin brother who raised saiyaam and made him hate his mother and idolise his father. Shambhav was brunt infront of everyone he can’t survive.

  2. Suhani is a bad mother like everybody is been saying here

  3. What krishan is waiting for running away from birla house , Suhani left her side, yuvaan treat her like a virus, dadi-yuvani hate her. I only liked bhavna today she really acted like a mother .

    1. I agree with you. Bhavna acted like a mother today. Also it is better that Krishna runs away what is she going to get by marrying Saiyyam

      1. Tomorrow she will try commit suicide , how sad when soumya died she said to suhani : “don’t let her have the same fate as us”

  4. precap super n awesome epi. yuvaraj trust suhani thats it i need . krishna shud open her mouth then nly she can survive. yuvaan, yuvani are nt like their parents, completely diffrnt

  5. Precap supr

  6. can any1 tell me why Saiyyam wants 2 marry w8 Krishna???????

    1. During the mehendi function he heard a conversation between dadi and suhani where suhani warned dadi to not hurt krishna because krishna is everything to her and if anyone wants to hurts her he/she has to go through her. He wants krishna so he can hurt suhani through her

      1. Thanks a lot

  7. If there is nothing to show it is better to stop this nonsense….

  8. Why are you people inducing negative views and showing that negative people are happy and if we are good we cannot live in this society

  9. nonsense and utter nonsense……f*** director and story 6 years younger brother is marrying a grl of his sister age chheeeeeee stop this drama

  10. This is weird. How can suhani just announce like this? But I like the pairing now Krishna and Saiyyam Yuvaan and Baby. How can Dadi accept Baby cuz after all she is dark skinned like Suhani? So simply juts because she hates suhani and Krishna, she wants to get rid of Krishna so Dadi is ready to ruin Yuvaan’s life. Awesome.

  11. Guys cvs saying that sambam is back??? I think the bride going to exchange and Krishna going to married yuvaan and baby saiyyam that’s why suhani say double wedding!!!!

  12. Baby only want money yuvaan going to see hell with her and he look for that….I think saiyyam going to save Krishna I love how they are fighting just like yuvaani when they first met…bavaana rock today super!!

  13. sarah waseem

    rubbish cvs are u mad sayyam must be atleast 10 years younger thans krishna yuvani and yuvan so how come pl have sense

  14. These writers come up with d shittiest story line even though they r a few good tracks they can show provided if they really have brain…always spreading negativity that too till infinity…on d whole what i understood was dadi belongs lo different species….shez an alien …never seen such cheap character..

  15. But how can krishna n saiyam marry
    Saiyam is younger then krishna

  16. Wat the hell is wrong with Suhani y is she letting saiyyam do this to her n I hope yuvraaj find some clue berfore they marry

  17. krishna ?Sayyam

    I really hope the brides don’t get exchanged or anything . I seriously want Krishna and Sayyam to be married

    1. satie singh Jee

      same here Saiyyam and Krishna looks awesome together Kaiyam rocks

  18. This show is dumb because all it takes is the truth about the past. So simple but yet everyone is keeping quiet and accusing each other but inaccurate accusations. Not sure why they think they are protecting the kids…it’s not like they are young and can’t handled what happened…it’s the 21st Century…they know about molestation etc….get with the program people.

  19. i like this episode

  20. Suhani’s character is slowly loosening strength. Rather than facing saiyyam she is gonna make krishna’s life hell.plz writers end this crap for god sake.

  21. This show has taken a turn for stupidity. Wow can’t get any worse than this folks.

  22. I think they need to pay the writers a little more so they can concentrate on what they are writing for this show my god its got to be so damn ridiculous. I think a 12 year old can do a better job than this. Well I guess that’s what happens when you have writers that are under payed and working their asses off each and everyday.

  23. what if its soumya comes back

  24. Maybe Suhani will switch the brides….

  25. Siniha

    It is totally foolish to do this.. Saiyyam is like younger brothee to krishna.. what the writers think of us. I think we look like mad to the writers….

  26. It is sambhav….. Can’t believe but have to believe….. He is sambhav…..

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