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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhani and Bhavna having a talk in kitchen. Bhavna goes. Yuvraaj comes and asks Bhavna for juice. Suhani says she just left, I will make juice. He says no thanks. She says let me make it, I want to thank you. She makes the juice and gives him, thanking him for saving her. He says I had to save you. She says else what would you answer Yuvani. He says I did it for Yuvaan. He drinks juice. Sambhav sees them. The kids talk. Krishna asks Suhani can’t Yuvaan stay here, we want to play. Suhani says we can’t live without Yuvaan. Pratima asks can’t he stay here for one day more. Sambhav says I hope Suhani agrees. Dadi says Suhani can’t say no to Pratima. Suhani agrees. Kids get glad.

Suhani tells Bhavna that Yuvaan forgot me for videogames. Bhavna says that’s why

I wanted a daughter. Suhani says its not late, you have daughter now. Bhavna asks her to stop it and Suhani teases her. Sambhav is angry that Suhani often comes to Birla house. Pratima asks Suhani to take care. Sambhav says Suhani’s fate is linked to mine now, I will stop her, but how. Suhani walks down stairs. He sees her legs and says these legs that come here again and again, if anything happens to her legs then….

Suhani reaches home and talks to Yuvani. Yuvani complains about Yuvaan and says he does not say sorry after doing mistake. Suhani says I will tell him to say sorry and get many icecreams for you. Yuvani ends call. Sambhav looks on and thinks I promise Suhani, you can’t go there again.

Bhavna gives milk to Yuvaan. He says I stopped Golu from getting scolded by Yuvani. Suhani calls and asks for Yuvaan. Bhavna keeps phone on speaker. Suhani asks Yuvaan did he eat icecream alone. Bhavna says Yuvaan said Golu ate icecream. Yuvaan says there was one icecream. Suhani says he should have eaten half. Yuvaan says but I m a boy. Suhani says so what, you should share things.

Saurabh tells Yuvraaj that its tough to catch goons. Yuvraaj asks shall I accept defeat. Saurabh says for some days till the goon is alert, we will not forget, but we have to wait, everything has a time, let right time come, everything will get right. Yuvraaj goes. Saurabh sees Menka and Rags. Rags gives money to Menka and asks her to do all work today. Sharad comes and asks what happened. Saurabh says we will do something.

Saurabh takes glass pieces to keep in Suhani’s slippers. Lata comes there and he stops. Saurabh asks Menka who did torture on you. Menka says Rags is making me work. He asks her not to work. She calls him good. He asks her to go and leave all work. She goes. Sharad and Saurabh smile. Sharad sends Snoopi to go and do his work now.

Lata asks Sambhav what is he doing here, whats in your hand. Sambhav says I need your help, I got these new shoes for Suhani to surprise her. She asks him to keep it there. He says stop Suhani from coming here. She asks him to go out with Suhani and spend time, Yuvaan is not here, Suhani can wear these new shoes too. Sambhav says that’s a good idea. She goes. He adds glass piece in the shoes and says I know I m the best, I was prepared for such situation.

Snoopi spoils the floor. Saurabh says Soumya has come and asks Sharad to come fast. They rush. Soumya calls out Rags and asks whats this bad floor, you did not clean floor, how can you digest food without working. She goes. Rags calls Menka and asks whats all this, I gave you money, you can’t do anything well. She goes. Menka says I do all work and become bad for everyone. Saurabh and Sharad laugh seeing this.

Lata tells Suhani that they will go out for dinner. Suhani refuses. Lata asks her to come for Sambhav, as she does a lot for them. Dadi tells Yuvani that this is your house and Yuvaan is just a guest, how can he eat icecream. Yuvani says yes, I will not play with Yuvaan till he says sorry. Sambhav asks Lata to come on date with him. Suhani says fine, we will go. She goes. Lata asks Sambhav how will Suhani wear that shoes. Sambhav says by adding water in all her other shoes. Lata goes. Sambhav smiles.

Yuvaan says sorry to Yuvani as Suhani explained him, and gives her icecream. Yuvani thanks him. Dadi sees this and gets angry. Soumya talks to Bhavna and says I don’t have problem with you, I know you manage well. Bhavna says I don’t move back from doing any work in this house, you just know to make Suhani lose, nothing else, I just want Suhani to be happy. Soumya asks why are you angry, I did this for Krishna. Bhavna says you could not find happiness and wanted more always, you had problem that Suhani had more, you got money 6 years before, you did not get happiness, tell me what happened now, you have house keys now, happiness is not got by money, you will never understand this. Soumya asks are you not saying much. Bhavna asks so what, will you punish me and make me clean bathroom. Bhavna goes. Soumya says I came to convince you. Dadi comes and tells Soumya that when no one agreed to her, she used to scare everyone and became head of this house.

Suhani gets the got pakodas. Sambhav has put oil on the floor to make her fall and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Saheli Ghosh

    Ssel is not even in top 20 shows on forum Chaska meter feelings very bad

    1. Can you plzz say which show is on the top

      1. Saheli Ghosh

        Kuch rang pyaar ke is on the top Juhu

    2. Oh.. Thank you

  2. Saheli Ghosh

    I want to see soumily dadi punished not ragini Menka..

    1. Wrong them 4 have to get punished cuz when dadi and somaya are not doing wrong rags and menka are doing it and they never learn I’m waiting for the day that they all get caught.

  3. Sarayumane

    guys, please read my article on the mother-daughter relationship, it is saath nibhana serial page.

  4. Guys please tweet and message in social media and gautam hedge that soumya should be punished and should make an exit from yuvani life at any cost at the end of this track.she should not be forgiven and that dumb suhani and yuvraj should not justify her.otherwise everyone will quit the serial.

  5. Please guys I request everyone to tweet and messaging in all the forms of social media and gautam hedge and lata Instagram that soumya should be punished at the end of this track and she should not be forgiven at any cost and that dumb suhani and yuvraj should not justify her.
    We all know that sambhav and fake dadi will get punishment once their deeds are exposed but the CVS always justify soumya and she will be Scott free.please guys if we message in all social forms of media CVS will definitely listen.evil soumya should get punishment and we should send this message to them at any cost.

  6. Plz amu ,tell me who is Gautam hegde. I think every viewers want soumya should get punished……pata nahi kyu har baar wo bach jati hai…..menka ,rags se pahle soumya ko punishment milni chahiye….

  7. Gautam hedge is director of ssel if you are in forum tell all the people about soumya punishment oshi

  8. Backwas kar diya hai serial ko pata nahi sumbhav kahan se aa gaya aur yeh dadi kya soumya ki side leti rehti hai suhani ko tou bilkul side per kar diya hai plz is track ko jaldi change karo its getting so much boring

  9. De worst serial ever…before somedays i was watching dis serial den i git fed up nd used to read written updates. Bt nw i cant digest dese bulshits,wats wrong wid dese writters. Iam gonna stop following dis idiotic serial.

  10. I hope yu raj catches sambhav n dadi n soumya get punish for what they doing

  11. Soumya’s acting is far better than Suhani’s
    Suhani’s marriage to Sambhav has affected her acting and viewers ratings.
    In the pasr i did not like Soumyas character but now she has asserted herself as a strong women unlike Suhani who follows the sheep,
    Keep up the good acting Soumya
    Soon it will be called Soumya si ek ladkhi
    I think even Yuvraaj (Sahil) prefers to act with Soumya
    Disappointed in Suhanis new relationship with Sambhav which has paved the way for an opportunity for Soumya (Neha) to showcase her talent

  12. Disgusting Witch Dadi, Saumya and most disgusting dirty sambhav. Writers ney sambhav ko show mein lia kaisey hai usko toh villian ki acting tak nahi aati..Shee sambhav yak you look like Shee. Kick him out as soon as possible writers.

  13. sabbko hello. somya talent, very funny. wat talent, muje to nhi dikha, pr koi nhi, har ik ki apni choice. yes, I also read sahil not want to do close scene much wid Rajshri, dats y dis track is so on and on. Dis is reason ki sab ko andha, behra aur stupid banaya, villain ke siwa. the dadi ki tang khrab hai but everywhere she doing taakjhaak. too much bore serial now

    1. Agree to you..

  14. Yes birla house mein privacy naam ki koi cheez nahi hai.Har room ke door ya windows ke peechhe daadi,soumya hoti hai .stupidity ki hadd hai.if there is any problem between leading actors then it’s not good for their chemistry.fatafat solve kar lena chahiye.maine bhi pada tha koi problem hai Rajshri ko shaadi mein bhi nahi bulaya tha……….story slow chal rahi hai isse interest khatam ho jata hai.

    1. Really who gng to watch if leads not unite…

  15. Ya, air aajkal Sharad-Yuvraj sceen bhi kum hai, kyuki Shahil Gaurav ke saath bhi best term PE nahi hai. First Yuvraj-Shrad Jo sceen hote thhe, an Yuvraj Saurabh hai. Sharad ka koi khaas kaam nahi, but I like his charecter. Kal ye khyal aaya ki ye sab Sharad ki vajah SE ho raha. Why he bring Yuvan to BH.

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