Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby commanding Suhani to get her breakfast. She asks Suhani to check door. Krishna asks why, I will go. Suhani says its fine, I will go. A man gets a little girl and asks does she stay here, she is mum of this child. Suhani gets shocked seeing Baby and thinks if Baby this girl’s mum. The girl says I m Rimjhim and came to meet my mum. She runs to Baby and hugs her, calling her mumma. Baby gets shocked.

Baby asks what nonsense. The man says thank God we got you finally. Baby asks who are you. Rags asks what’s happening. Rags says I have no idea. The man Sanjay says Baby and I used to love each other while we were in college, she got pregnant. Baby says shut up. Dadi says let him say. He says Baby does not like kids and left the girl in orphanage, I got Rimjhim

by difficulty. Baby says he is lying. Suhani says she is right, how to believe her. Rags asks what, you are defending Baby. Suhani says yes, I don’t believe in blaming anyone without proof. Sanjay says I married Baby in temple but she has run away from home, I will show our pics.

He says Baby and his marriage pic. Baby and everyone get shocked. Suhani says this pic can be fake, how can we believe you. Sanjay says fine, give me 24 hours time. Dadi says we want solid evidence. He agrees. He asks Rimjhim to come along. Rimjhim refuses. Pratima says girl is insisting. Let her stay here, its matter of one night. Dadi says fine, decision depends on truth now.

Rags talks to Dadi about Baby. Rags says we should leave Baby out, if this news goes out, we will lose name. Dadi says no, we can’t make her leave, she is bahu, maybe that man is lying. Rags says if he proves he is right. Dadi says then I will kick out Baby. Baby hears them. She goes to Rimjhim.

She gives her chocolates. She asks where is your real mummy. Rimjhim says its you. Baby says you are lying, say truth, else I won’t give chocolates. Sanjay comes and argues with Baby. She asks what does he want, who is he and why is he lying. He asks for money. She asks how much, tell me. He says 4 crores. She refuses to give him anything. She thinks Sanjay’s plan will end, very soon he will be out of here.

Yuvaan is with Suhani while she makes milk shake. She says this milk is for Rimjhim. He asks Baby’s daughter, whom she left. Pratima hears Suhani talking to Yuvaan. She calls Yuvraaj and shows him Suhani talking alone. Yuvaan says sorry. Suhani says I got alone, why did you leave me. Pratima asks with whom is Suhani talking. Yuvraaj says don’t know, she says Yuvaan is around her. Pratima says son never dies for a mum, but talking this way….

Baby says I m saying true, I did not do anything. Rags says enough, prove that man wrong. Baby says I can prove, he asked me 4 crores money. Dadi says I can help you in proving him wrong. Baby meets Sanjay. Dadi and Rags sees them on camera feed. Baby says I arranged what you asked, you said if I give you what you want, you will go. Sanjay says yes. Baby gets the money bag and shows him.

She asks him to stop his drama and leave with money. He asks what are you saying. She says you said if I fulfilled your wish… He says I don’t want money, I want my wife, my daughter’s mum, you should be ashamed, you got blind in money greed, you have sold love and Mamta, you should have atleast thought for daughter. He goes. Dadi and Rags gets shocked. Baby worries and goes to them.

Dadi says its good I did not call commissioner, my respect would have gone, I did not know you will fall so low. Baby says I will prove that man wrong. Dadi asks her to shut up. Sanjay tells Suhani that the film dialogues got useful. Suhani thanks him for coming with Rimjhim. He says its fine, we are artists and earn by drama. She gives him money. Yuvraaj says thank God to old CCTV cameras Baby got trapped, she has fall on ground. She says she will fall down.

Yuvraaj hears Baby coming and tells Rimjhim. Baby comes. Rimjhim asks her to play. Yuvraaj asks what’s all this, I can’t tolerate this, go out of here, Dadi wants to see legal papers. He drops papers and goes. Baby asks the girl to go. Rimjhim asks can I take these papers to make boat. Baby asks her to do anything and go. She takes papers and sees Dadi’s will. She thinks what changes Dadi did in it. She gets shocked.

Suhani says we should wait for Baby. Dadi says no, start having food. Yuvraaj comes and signs Suhani. Sanjay joins them. Baby thinks what did Dadi do, Yuvraaj and I can never unite, its impossible, it means I won’t get the property, the will said Baby’s child will get the property, yes…. She goes back and checks will again. She smiles and says according to will, Baby’s child will get property, its not mentioned that Yuvraaj should be father of the child.

Baby says Dadi, Sanjay is my husband, he is not lying. Baby slaps her for breaking trust and ruining Yuvraaj’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh. My. God!!!!! Finally!!!! Suhani brought that man here so its obvious he and Baby have no real connection…YAAAAASSSS!!!!
    Operation ‘Reveal Baby’s Truth’ was ?

    Hope Pratima doesn’t believe that Suhani has gone mad…otherwise I’ll be the one going mad here?

    Also, I’m gonna say this calmly…WHERE WAS KRIYAM TODAY!!!??

    Call me selfish, but I really want some intense romance?…not just scenes of them consoling each other

    1. Laavanya

      Me too want some s*xy romance between them. ? Btw KJ was on leave, he went to Pune.

      1. ??True…Idk why cv’s cut down on Kriyam screen space…they’re so hot together (that night-wala scene set the screen on fire)????

        Can’t wait for KJ to get back though…they didn’t show us Krishna today either…?

    2. Laavanya

      Krishna was shown today but with 1 line dialogue only.

  2. Lol ? in ur face baby u for the first time dado did the right thing hahahaha being over greedy always ends up ruinin u

  3. Laavanya

    I guessed it right, it was Yuvraj’s plan, through Suhani was also part of a plan was a suprise element. I wish with this track, it ends Baby’s chapter. And, Yuvaan is not seems to be ghost, he maybe just illusion. Ghost do not change their clothes.

    PS – I doubt that Baby chapter is going to end. CVs loves antagonist.

  4. I think Yuvaan comeback in the show..
    bcoz he play suhani ill..utn character..
    producer ko payment to kerni hi perti hogi..
    muje legta h death scene k baad Yuvaan leave p gya hoga..

  5. gud tat yuvraj suhani started their plan bt its the same story where barbie also had same. bw suhani yuvaan scenes are awesome bt pl bring yuvaan back n even yuvani.. today no saiyyam, yuvaan nt real n lost yuvani what r they doing to children if they introduced leap.. atleast they hav to be shown with their parents

  6. For how many more episodes we are gonna miss saiyyam…..????

  7. I agree with you sana????????????

  8. Laavanya…..i have a question…as we all want a proper kriyam track to start…right…but what will they show to us…i mean except a confession,i dont think there could be anything else

    1. Laavanya

      Hey Neha, Ikr there are very less chances of showing any intimate scene. But I am just hoping for any such scene.

  9. Yuvaan is also dead so we also cant expect a love triangle wala track…do you all think the same???

    1. I think when baby’s gone (IF baby goes), then Yuvaan might try to separate Kriyam in his ghost-avatar…just a thought?

  10. do any1 saw baby in indias next top model? she looking better nw! bt 1 thing true that she ws drama queen ther too. anyway m started following kj frm ssel, n just damn liked him. any1 knw is he single?

    1. ??Yeah, he might be single…he doesn’t really showcase his love life…?

    2. Laavanya

      He is currently single. He had an ex girlfriend.

    3. Swetha7

      yes as sana said he never talk about his love life….but it is hard to believe that he has no girlfriend.i mean he is damn hot and sweet person.he might have some one in his life that he is not yet ready to expose.

  11. Yuvani

    seeing suhani sad, i wish if yuvan could be back, where is yuvani…? i just hope they end this baby track soon

  12. Aarti32

    Yuvaan is jobless or wat!! All d time he’s chilling wid Suhani..

    1. Laavanya

      Khandani effects…

  13. actually to show luv triangle they cn hv new entry! after leap they must focus on their children. focussing on them doesnt mean sidelinin leads. as in yhm the leads hv love track bt also focussing on their kids.

  14. I miss Yuvan

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