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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna telling Suhani that Soumya’s delivery is close. Suhani says make me have video chat with her. Bhavna gives the book to Suhani and says its gifted by Rags. Rags comes and says I wanted to give this myself. Its book on parenting, I found on net. Sajan comes to do Suhani’s foot massage. Rags puts something in the book. Rags collides with him to make oil fall down. Rags argues and scolds him. Yuvraaj sees Suhani stepping on the oily lep and stops her. He scolds Sajan and says if Suhani fell because of your carelessness, then…. He sends Sajan and says you have pity on him, that’s why you kept him on work. She says no, I saw him working hard. He says he always makes things fall down. Sajan cleans floor and says sorry. He goes.

Yuvraaj asks why did Rags

come here. Suhani smiles. Rags says that God, Sajan came in between. Yuvraaj checks the book. Pratima says I will read the book for Suhani. He says good, I will be busy in other things. Suhani asks what. Ramesh brings something. Yuvraaj says I have to make a baby crib. Pratima says we would have got it from market. Suhani says we have to make a big cradle which has have both the kids together. He says once children come, then I will see Suhani, I m doing all the work now. Pratima says we will challenge, we will make this crib and you read our stories to her. He says challenge accepted.

Yuvraaj says why is this book sticky. Suhani smiles and jokes asking him to open the page. He says its really strange, don’t know why is this book like this, its new. She asks him to lick finger and turn the page over. She laughs. Yuvraaj does so, and smiles as her idea works. He reads the book, about Raja Janak and his Rajya Janakpuri. He starts coughing. Suhani and Pratima worry seeing his mouth bleeding. They call the doctor. Bhavna asks how did this happen. Pratima says don’t know, he was reading book and coughed blood. Doctor says I think its chemical poison. Dadi asks Sharad to call Saurabh. Rags worries and says if Yuvraaj doubts on me that I did this, if he tells everyone then….

Doctor says I gave medicines, he will be fine, let him take rest. Rags says if I get nervous , they will doubt on me. Suhani tells Bhavna that Saurabh messaged that Yuvraaj did not go to lab, he has came home, he did not eat anything, he did not touch anything except that book. She goes and checks that book. She smells the book and asks Bhavna to smell it. They get the foul smell and get worried.

Bhavna says we will pack the book and keep it, wash hands well, if this book has poison, it should not affect you. Suhani says who can do this. Bhavna says I have idea to find about this. She asks Suhani to do what she tells her to do. She gives her besan laddoos. Suhani says I won’t eat this, Yuvraaj is unwell. Bhavna asks her to have it, as her children want to eat it. she says we will send book for testing tomorrow to know whats in it. Suhani says thanks. Sajan comes and Suhani makes him eat the laddoos. Sajan says I will make methi laddoos for you tomorrow. Suhani says no. Bhavna laughs.

Rags talks on phone and Dadi is thinking about Yuvraaj. Rags asks Dadi to sign on some papers. Dadi asks what chemical doctor said, do you think something did this purposely. Rags says I don’t know. Dadi says I don’t trust anyone now. Rags says its food poisoning, maybe Yuvraaj has eaten something outside, leave all this, you sign. Ramesh comes and says Yuvraaj got conscious. Dadi tells Rags that I will sign later on papers, I will see Yuvraaj and goes.

Its morning, Suhani is glad to have besan laddoos and talks to her children. Bhavna smiles. Yuvraaj asks whats all this, who talks with oneself. Suhani says I m talking to my children. He says I m not mad like others. She asks him to touch her stomach, when his babies kick him, he will know. He says I don’t want to. Pratima comes and asks him is he fine, he looks tired. He says yes, I could not sleep at night. Suhani says even I did not sleep. Yuvraaj says our room AC is not working, and Suhani was talking to children all night. Suhani says yes, the babies were kicking me so I had to talk. He teases her. She says they understand everything. Bhavna says Suhani is saying right, babies hear us. He says everyone got mad. Pratima says its true. Suhani says one of the twin is like Yuvraaj, I think he will be born with AC, I m feeling heat. Yuvraaj says don’t worry, I will get cooler fixed soon. He goes. Pratima asks Suhani to eat methi laddoos, its healthy and good for babies. Radhe comes there and greets Suhani. Suhani says Radhe came to meet Golu. Radhe sees Sajan and says I was like this in childhood, I will first have breakfast. Bhavna and Suhani take Radhe. Rags asks Pratima why did Radhe come here. Pratima says he came to meet Golu. Rags asks what.

Radhe says who mixed poison in the book. Suhani says don’t know, we want to get this book tested once. Radhe says I know the chemist, we will ask him. Bhavna says no one should know at home. Radhe says don’t worry. Suhani says call me or Bhavna when you know anything, don’t call anyone else. Someone looks on. Sharad comes and Radhe hides the book.

Rags spoils the cooler and says I won’t let Suhani get cool air. Sajan comes and Rags gets away from cooler.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG is rags doing what Barbie did, asking dadi to sign on property papers. I really hope Suhani or bhavna or even dadi find out that it was rags who put chemical in book.

  2. Wow such loser directors first they copied ye hai mohabbatein with sarogesy then sathiya with pratimas kidnapping and now there going to copy diya aur bati hum somya is going to havdm a miscarrige and the suhani will give one of her babies to somya

    1. He is not copying that’s because the writers of saathiya and suhani are same and don’t tell that he copy yeh hai mohabatein no surrogacy in this track it just lie

    2. What soumya ka miscarriage ho gaya kya plz someone tell me

  3. Wow suhani is going to give birth to twins

  4. Why is rags feeling so jealous? I mean she got so good when barbie was here now she’s back with her plotting!! Why rags!! Who thinks rags is doing wrong with suhani and who knows why she’s doing this! Can someone please tell me

  5. how cruel rag was

  6. Rags thirunthve thirunthaathunu theriyum aana ivlo mosama iruppaanganu ninaikkala Baby porakrathukkulla suhaniya oru valiyaakidum polarukku yaarume itha kandupudikka maattaangala yepdiyo aarambichu yepdiyo poguthu intha serial innum baby vache intha story line ah ilukka poraanga athu mattum nalla theriyuthu

  7. Really omg such copy caters

  8. Ama ama..apdi dhan nadakum pola

  9. But it is nice to watch

  10. Rags ko chodo ye yuvraj kya kar rahe ho.use pehle bada karo.wo maturedly behave nahi kar raha hai.usko bache ke ane khushi nahi.use krishna se kutch seekna chahiye.

  11. the writters,producers and director are not creative,india seasonal movies is dull,uninteresting and not worth my time yaar,duh!

    1. such a time wasting serial …not interesting, not worth watching at all
      It should be more interesting, romantic rather than this surrogacy, kidnapping, chemicals … these incidents give a bad impression for the people who watch and might follow this which is really harmful

  12. Wat does rags really want to do she need a life

  13. I really dont think that rags is doing all this….may be something else may be barbie plan..

  14. S maybe that tinguji is working for barbie. …omg don’t like to see that venamous snake again.
    They hv totally messed up with the tracks after remarriage . Bhavans husbands death ,Sharad getting married to bhavana, Guari’s entry, barbie’s entry &now bringing in total negativity.

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