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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Menka troubling Gauri and trying to remove her mask. Rags goes ahead to cut Gauri’s hair, while Suhani is on the way to her room. Menka throws her mask away. Suhani comes there and sees them. She says Bhabhi… Rags hides the scissor. Gauri hides behind the curtain. Suhani asks them not to come here next time. Menka says I have come to play with her. Suhani asks why did she remove her mask. Menka says I did not. Rags says we came to play, and she acted mad. Suhani asks them to leave.

Rags says you don’t need to say us and leaves. Gauri cries and hides her face. Suhani says its fine, no need to wear mask now, show me your face. Gauri asks for the mask. Suhani says your voice is so sweet, you saved me twice. Suhani gives the mask as Gauri insisted. Suhani sees

the hair fallen on the ground and worries.

Dadi waits for driver to get medicines. Menka laughs and comes to tell Dadi. Dadi asks Menka to stop this nonsense. Rags worries seeing Menka’s hair cut, and says oh God… Dadi asks Rahs to take Menka inside. Saurabh sees Menka’s haircut and laughs. Menka asks Saurabh why is he laughing on her. He says wait, you will know it. Saurabh shows Menka her haircut. Menka starts shouting and cries asking where did her hair go. Suhani says its here and shows her hair pleats cut. Dadi asks Rags to take Menka. Saurabh asks Menka to join this with glue. Menka says she will join it and runs. He laughs. Suhani talks to Dadi about Gauri, and what Rags and Menka did with her. Dadi asks did you see her face. Suhani says no, she was crying and I gave her mask a lot, Rags and Menka are troubling her, please tell them. Dadi says fine, I will tell them, I don’t want anything wrong to happen with any stranger in my home.

Krishna talks to a man and says I did not order any electronics. He sees tv, ac and new stove at home and calls Soumya to ask. He asks her did she get new mobile from credit card. She says yes. Lalita and Rakhi argue over new phone. Krishna asks Soumya to see 5 lakhs bill. Soumya says you are superstar and will get more ads. She says we will take new bungalow on rent. Krishna says I don’t know what happened to you. He says don’t dream much. Lalita asks why, welcome good days. Rakhi says yes, I m happy that we are becoming rich.

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Suhani thinks why is Gauri hiding her face, what medicines were given to her, if I can see her face, I can know why is she doing this. Dadi sees Bhavna and Sharad coming home. Bhavna says she has gone to get some imp items. Dadi asks how much did she spend. Sharad says I have paid bill. Dadi says the baby is part of Birla family, so he is our responsibility, you can ask money from me, Pratima or Suhani. She asks Bhavna to take rest. Dadi thinks she can now divert Suhani’s attention.

Suhani is about to go in Gauri’s room and Yuvraaj calls her. Suhani thinks why did Yuvraaj call her now. She goes to main door and collides with driver. Dadi worries as Gauri’s medicines have fell down. Suhani asks Dadi did she hear sound, its her mistake and she will find. The driver says no, I will find. Suhani leaves. Dadi hides medicines and takes it. Suhani looks for Yuvraaj outside. Yuvraaj hides and talks to her as Lord. He says you are doing big sin on Navratri. She asks what sin, I did not understand. He says you should be with your husband and spend romantic time, you are running away, Lord is annoyed. Suhani says please don’t get annoyed, tell me what to do. He says fine, when your husband comes infront of you, love him a lot, do something that love increases. She says fine, as you say Lord. She sees him hiding. He says then pray your husband comes infront of you soon. She says sure. She closes eyes and prays. He goes to her and smiles.

She puts water on him and says sorry Lord, I did not know you will come like this. He says I will not leave you. She runs and he runs to catch her. They have a nok jhok. He catches her and holds her close. She pushes him and runs. He sees the tree and recalls Gauri’s drawing. Suhani asks what happened, are you tired. She also sees the tree and asks whats this. He says its same drawing which Gauri made in her room. She says it means she made it here. He says Gauri is in her room since long, she did not come here. They get thinking.

Yuvraaj talks to Gauri. Ramesh asks about tree drawing and says the drawing is since many years, and Gauri has come just now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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