Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna and Yuvani showing their truth. Bhavna says Yuvani saw you stealing jewelry, we decided to make you realize that you did wrong, we have done this and kept your passport, else no agent would have given you passport. Yuvani says I don’t think you know it was dangerous what you were going to do. Rags asks what. Bhavna says you were asked to deliver the bag, it had drugs, we replaced it with toys bags. Rags says I got saved, it means police would have put me in jail that day, Suhani actually I took a job to pay them money. Dadi scolds Rags.

Pratima says she accepted her mistake, we all did mistake. Dadi goes. Rags hugs Bhavna and Yuvani, and thanks them. Suhani tells Pratima that its mistake of all of them. Pratima says I have loved Suhani the most among my three

bahus, Rags is like my daughter, she can do mistake, but how did I do mistake. Suhani asks Bhavna how did they go alone to drug dealer. Bhavna says Yuvani and I were together, I told Yuvani not to tell you anything before.

Rags apologizes to Dadi. Dadi scolds her. Rags says I m fed up fulfilling your expectations, you just want to show down Suhani, but I have a life too, I want to live my life, I don’t care about Suhani’s life, even you should stop this now, you know life has no guarantee, anything can happen with anyone, why do we send our life in hatred, look at them, Bhavna, Suhani, they stay happy always, why can’t we stay happy, today when problem came on me, they supported me, I will never forget this, they are nice people. Dadi pushes her and asks her to stay with them.

Bhavna says I have seen Yuvani saying Rags is beautiful, but did wrong work, Yuvani was proud of her nature, she has grown up. Pratima says Yuvani said this. Suhani says now I have no work, what will I do when everyone change. They laugh. Suhani says I know Dadi loves Riddhi and is not able to accept this.

Prratima goes to Rags and says I will feed you food today. Rags apologizes. Pratima says I promise I will focus on you, I felt you did not like me, but I should have spoken to you about this. Rags says I m also sorry, I know I never gave you respect which I should have not, even then you defended me, when I was wrong.

Suhani gets sweets and asks them to have it. She feeds sweets to everyone. Saiyyam sings Aaja re aaja re…..and dances with everyone. Dadi comes and hugs Rags. Everyone smile. With a leap of few years, Anshika and Riddhi are shown celebrating their birthdays. Riddhi gives cake to Dadi. Dadi does not eat. Suhani eats cake by Riddhi’s hand. Baaton me ho khubsurti….plays…..

Its morning, everyone pray and do aarti. Riddhi gives prasad to Dadi. Dadi goes. Suhani sees Riddhi sad and asks her to leave everything to fate. Krishna says Dadi used to behave such with me, I will not see this happening with my daughter. Suhani tells Pratima that Dadi sees me in Riddhi, not Yuvraaj, I can’t see this affecting Riddhi. Pratima asks her to have courage. Suhani says I m living this life because of my mum and dad, they taught me color does not affect life, Dadi always treated Krishna badly, Dadi never accepted her, and now she is doing this with Riddhi, its not Riddhi’s mistake, why is she getting punished. Pratima says being wheatish is not a crime, what are you thinking, will you make Riddhi away. Suhani says no, I will send her to my parents’ house, I will also stay there. Pratima says its good. Suhani says I know you always supported me.

Suhani says I want you to support me in this, I want Riddhi to stay with you, I will also stay here. Pankaj looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jab dekho dance krte rehte h..Char din se nach rhe h ssel wale??

  2. teo episode left and gonna miss saiyaam and rags ??????????????????????????

  3. Yuvani

    Nice to see Pankaj back, I remember reading a comment where someone said only in the end dadi will change, I think CVs took it seriously. Happy to see change in rags. I hope they show a glimpse of the whole show in the end

  4. It took 3 generations for this blo*dy Dadi to change her views. I wonder how many more generations she and her wig will live on for. ??

  5. Happy to see change in rags

  6. leap again… suhani shud hav gone to her house long back when yuvraj s nt with her.. tis dadi s goin to change nly in last episode.. nly two epis left goin to miss ssel a lot…

  7. leap again… suhani shud hav gone to her house long back when yuvraj s nt with her.. tis dadi s goin to change nly in last episode.. nly two epis left goin to miss ssel a lot… am very happy tat atleast they dont end with death of suhani or else tis show wud hav been a disaster with always suffering.. gud job cvs at the end..

  8. I have one small question for viewers who comment here

    She tried to kill Suhani , killed Yuvan and Yuvraj , killed krishnas baby.

    Sambhav kills soumya and molests Suhani. For killing such criminal Yuvraj is sent to jail for 15 yrs.

    Baby has committed so many crimes and what did the law do with baby.

    Ssel director has proved himself as senseless director of the decade

  9. Srilakshmi-Sri

    two days to air off the show what to say i’ll very badly miss yuvraj and suhani. i love them to core and always do.

  10. Yes true became crazy fan of two…. Missing badly….

  11. Baby is devika right so none can punish her. Anyway director left hands of baby wen then show was declared to end. Coz baby dint help him to continue the show even after giving 90 percent of screen space for baby.. director is doing pashchatap tat he shud not have blind trust on baby… If other actors were given chance may be show would continue

  12. I remember the episode when Suhani got to know about her marriage’s truth, it was also dadi’s birthday, and i think that she was getting 70 years old. after that they was the first 7 years leap, so after it, dadi should have been 77 and after, the 20 years leap, so at the begginning of the second leap, she must have been 97 years old, and now third leap of maybe 5-6 years, so in this episode dadi must be 103 years old!
    103 years old and she still got all her teeth! :-p
    Still trying to find some logical in this show!!!

  13. Jazzmaan

    badly missing u rags and bhavna, yuvani, sayiam and krishna,, and pratima dadi…but hate bdi dadi..but episode was awesome and special my favt.. title song of ssel..and mitwa song superb

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